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Wednesday, October 5

Fear of Flying

October 6 is my our 15 year wedding anniversary!
(wow, that's a long time)
Kevin surprised me with a trip to Boston.
He arranged everything, even farmed the kids out.
There's only one problem.......
fear of flying!
Thank goodness for Valium.
I've tried to keep my mind off things by staying busy.

Remember these?
The cover & pages Beth made for our round robin,
'Her Life in Stitches'.

Aren't they beautiful?
I spent almost a month staring at them & deciding how I would continue 'her' story.

My jump off point was this card I've been saving for just the right project.
My page is about a girl named May, she is a dressmaker.
The little crocheted bag has been in my collection awhile too.

I think Beth will like this old velvet button.

I adore the silhouette Beth made for the cover.

I imagine this is May as young girl, perhaps the picture used for the silhouette.

Because May is a dressmaker, I used a piece from an old doll skirt as the base of the page.

All done in Beth's 'low color' style.
This project is so fun, I can't wait to see my book when it's done!

 Last week I got some great news.
I won Diane Knotts give-away!

Diane's hand work is perfection!
I had to examine my wonderful pincushion heart up close, under a magnifying glass.

 Such lovely detail.

I didn't expect so many goodies along with my prize.

My favorite are the Diane Knotts originals for my collection!
(she really is a star)

Love these cool pod thingies.

A bundle of sweet laces.

And some vintage papers.

Thank you for spoiling me sweet friend!
All of it will be put to good use, I promise.

I finished up a project for a new class.

Playing with beeswax.

I experimented with some stenciling, & used some cool fabric designed by Tracie Lynn Huskamp.
You can find them in her on-line shop here.

Well, please pray for good weather & a smooth flight for me!

Thursday, May 5


Karla's art event was absolutely amazing!
It's been days & I'm still coming down off my Kansas high!

 I was in awe of her ability to not only entertain & host 30 women, but to enjoy herself at the same time.

Her laid back attitude set the tone for the weekend.
(yes, her attitude & these slippers)
Everything was over the top awesome.
the food,

the atmosphere,
but especially the community of beautiful, generous women.

It was a little spooky staying in Karla's Cottage after reading about it for so many years.
I got to walk the fairy trail & see the disco ball in the garden.
Karla's home has just right balance of frill & whimsy.
There is a man cave upstairs, complete with pool table & humongous TV.
Here is the future home of the Nathan B&B!
OMG, her studio...........
Jammed packed with so much great stuff!
Just in case you wondered, there are 84 hats in here.

I forgot to ask how many rolls of wallpaper.
No detail was left undone.
  From the hand sketched table cloths,
to the bird themed desserts.

It was very cool meeting & teaching alongside Carol,& Debbie.
I think the girls loved the varitey of classes.

Everyone's project was truly unique.

 So many talented ladies!

I took part in Beth's Nature Journal swap.

Each page is a gorgeous reflection of the artist who created it.

I brought back so many wonderful gifts & 
But the greatest gift of all was the friendship & memories.

It was so fun seeing old friends again, & meeting some new ones!
I can't wait till next month when Beth, Karla, Sherry, Kana, Marie, Cami & a few others will reunite at Paper Cowgirls!
So Karla, when's Birdsong 2?
Happy Birthday !