Thursday, October 22

Sneak Peek for Saturday

Okay, it's the day before Collected Treasures Trade Days and I'm still distressing and staining. I ended up catching a cold from my darling children. So with achy bones and sore throat I'm in the garage sanding away up until the last minute. I really wanted to show you what I've been
working on, hopefully luring you to our sale. I didn't get the glass back in the cabinet doors yet, and the cute table is still being stained but this will give you an idea.
I saved those antique robins egg handles for just the right project, and this was it. I have 4 cottage chairs and used 2 different Cath Kidston patterns. Both have the same robins egg color. Are you seeing a theme here?
Cute little patchwork footstool and a covered dish. I love making these dishes, people really like them. And the adorable pint sized floral chair has been sitting in my collection for too long.
Stacks of great pillows to go on the bed that isn't ready. Oh, so much to finish tomorrow. I don't know how you guys who do the 'big' shows do it. I am burned out!!!!!!!!!!!!
Long on tables this time. Chippy, rusty and white.
I made a couple of EAT signs for match the hutch, table and chairs. One is vintagey...
The other is more mod.

I did not stray from my black and neutrals. I have 6 suitcase and a child's humpback trunk(not pictured). I stenciled the numbers on the seats myself.
I love this chair, I used a darker stain to tone it down and the fabric is great.
The funky manni will hold some mixed media supplies I have for sale, and she will also be wearing a price tag.

I couldn't leave out the white. White baby slips, little white jugs, buttons galore (the good kind too), I think I'll have enough White Wednesday pics for a month.
I've been collecting salt & pepper shakers to fill with German glass glitter since I saw it in Stampington last year.
I'm sure I will have some leftover for our Christmas Open House.
Don't know how this slipped in here but check out the dishes, don't you love that pattern?
Pretty little nest of tiny white jugs sitting atop white plates.

White slips, buttons and plates. Pretty.
This is a child's Fire King cup and saucer I filled with white buttons, what a beautiful presentation that would be as a gift.

My friends have been busy too. Here are a few of
Jana's projects, check out her blog Collected Treasures to see more.

And my sweet friend Carolyn has been knee deep in glitter for a month making these amazing Christmas cottages. She will also be selling her one of a kind pillows and other goodies. Check her out at Then and Now to see more of what she's been doing.
We have 30 dealers in all, really good stuff. No socks, sunglasses or travel size toiletries! Also check out Charlene at My Hearts Ease and Pat at My Tattered Elegance for more sneak peeks.
That's it for now, I'm taking my Nyquil and going to bed.


Barb said...

This all looks wonderful!!

Hope all goes well.

barbara jean

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Wow, I see a hundred things I absolutely love! Your furniture is awesome, love your chairs and suitcases. Wish I lived close-by, I'd be your biggest customer!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Your work looks fantastic. Good luck with your show. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

Dorthe said...

Og my, you did a fantastic job, understand you are tired now, and I know you don`t want to hear this----but ,take care dear.
So many wonderfull things,
have a great sale Lisa.
Hugs, Dorthe

Katies Rose Cottage said...

Wooowwww !!! What beautiful treasures Lisa ~ You have been so busy girl ! I am dying that we are not going to be home ~ I keep trying to make every excuse in the book to stay home so I can go but hubby is not going for it ~
You will do awesome !

the wild raspberry said...

love it all....those blue edged plates are so romantic.

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh sweetie, I hope you get to feeling better quick!!!! I love all your stuff Lisa, I'm sure you'll do great ~ that little chair in the cabinet is precious!!! Take good care of yourself ~ hugs and love, Dawn

Rita said...

hi Lisa,
this is my first visit to your lovely blog. Wow, I've missed a great deal by hot visiting earlier. but the good part of blogs is that you can scroll down the pages and have it all there!!
Good luck on your Collectd Treasures Trade Days. You have so many treasures I'm sure youl'll just sparkle!!
Too Italy isn't exactly round the corner otherwise I'd be one of your biggest customers: love those white chipped rusty tables, those stashed cushios, those white pitchers but those gorgeous china plates and teacup with the rosey decor ar absolutely my fave. I'd buy them all with no hesitation.
When you are done with your trade days, come and visit my blog at
I'll be glad to show you around.

Ticking and Toile said...

wow ~ what a ton of work you are doing!!!! I can't believe how much you are doing in such a short amount of time! I always wonder how people get so much done.....

Thanks so much for coming by my blog! And yes the brown packing paper would be perfect for the brown bag wallpaper project!

Let us know how your show goes!


Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

This is a most tempting post. I love your style, I want everything.

I wanted to visit you and thank you so much for your comment on my blog about my daughter. You must have twins. I love it! I appreciate comments like yours, they lift me to a hier ground.

love you

Into Vintage said...

Hi Lisa,
I found your blog via Sweet Cottage Dreams and just want to tell you I *love* those chairs with the stenciled number seats!

Have an awesome sale! -amy

Debbie @ said...

Hi Lisa, I hope all goes well for you. It should you look like you have wonderful stuff to sell. I love those shutters...I get weak in the knees at shutters! hahaha....really enjoyed looking through your blog...and I clicked on to follow!
Have a blessed weekend.

Janean said...

So much eye candy! The stencil is a "wowzer." Great blog!

Katies Rose Cottage said...

I am so glad that I got to go today and see everyone's pretties ~
You had just wonderful treasures as always Lisa !!
Lori said...

What beauties! I'll bet you did great!

Liz said...

SOOOO Much UBER Cuteness! I wish you were closer.

I adore that Homer Laughlin in the little hutch....