Monday, December 7

Christmas Crafting

Michaels 50% off coupon....

$4.00 Gingerbread house.......

one hour activity....


There was some SERIOUS crafting going on at our house this weekend. I had some Etsy orders to finish so I kept the kids busy with some Christmas fun.  After they finished their gingerbread masterpiece, I taught them to make felt garlands.  I've seen these very cool garlands everywhere & have been dying to make some.  Lily caught on quickly  in fact, I couldn't get the circles cut fast enough.

Then I made some holiday banners & more silhouettes.



'Ho Ho Ho'



So my orders got shipped, & I even listed a few items in my etsy shop.
All in all, it was quite a productive weekend.


junkdreams said...

Those gingerbread houses are REALLY the most priceless things EVER. We do the same ones every Christmas Eve at our house. Ever since they were little my boys have done them....they are now teenagers and they and their friends still LOVE doing them. Christmas wouldn't be the same without them!
Your banners are gorgeous!
Happy day.

sissie said...

Your banners are so pretty.
The gingerbread house is a great way to keep the kids busy for awhile, what a great idea. Also, the garland crafts help stimulate their creativity and Mom's sanity!

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Your banners and the silhouettes are soooo pretty. Your teaching those little ones early, they are going to be real artists one day. Hope you did good Sat. Everything looked so good.
Hugs, Pat

T said...

Oh my, you have no idea how excited I am to get those banners! They look great!
Your kids are just darling. I love making the gingerbread houses too with my boys. It's a great tradition that we all look forward to!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Your banners are just gorgeous. I am definitely going to make one of those silhouettes. My daughter and I always make some of those houses. This year we're including two cousins in the action. Should be fun!

Charlene said...

Great Job on the banners!!!!! They are all beautiful! The gingerbread houses turned out so CUTE! What kind of a mess did you have to clean up afterwards? I would guess the mess may not have been worth the banner making time. But, that's just my thoughts of 3 cooks in the kitchen. HUGS!


It's all so pretty. The gingerbread house is just the cutest. Love how your little elves are so happily crafting ~ such joy! ~ Angela

Dorthe said...

oh how I love your banners, they are so very beautifull, dear, do you have the :JOY still?
By the way you never answered me, if I could buy one of the plaster angels? They looks so wonderfull too, please tell me if it is possibly.

Karen Valentine said...

I absolutely love your banners. They are very special. Have a wonderful week!

My Desert Cottage

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Just gorgeous...and what fun for the kiddos! LOVE your banners. cherry

T's Daily Treasures said...

I can't believe you got a gingerbread house kit for only $4. That is fantastic. Your kids look like they are intent on all the fun! Love, love, love your banners that glisten from vintage papers. Beautiful! :) Blessings for your day, Tammy

Liz said...

Love your Christmas! Those banners are perfect! Sweet!


the wild raspberry said...

love your holiday of the prettiest i've seen!
happy holidays~

Halo Hill said...

To -die- for!! I adore your banners! Love 'em! So classy! The kids look so cute! I'm trying to imagine me crafting with my Grandson, only there being THREE of him! Good grief!


Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Triplets, I think I read that before, but I forgot. Their sooooo darling. Has it been hard? I bet you love it.

I am so amazed at you work. I'd love to learn some things from you.

Where do you get your music???????


luverlie said...

Love the blog! Very creative. Flowers are fab. Banners are awesome. Looked for info on Flatwood blog for the tags but couldn't find. Would like to know more. And yes, Where do you get all your music?
It so rare to find any that I'm very stingy in using what I do have, which is very, very little.

granddad said...

The "PRAISE" banner was a big hit as an early Christmas present for Bertie. She absolutely loves it and when she isn't reading, watching her shows, cooking, or tidying up, she just relaxes and enjoys her room an wall hangings. The banner is a great addition for our 97 year old mom and grandmother.
Thank you Lisa. You are awesome.