Wednesday, December 16

Dirty Little Secret

There is a fine line between having really cool collections for crafting & being a hoarder.

I think I may have crossed it.

Okay, so it's a little worse with all of the Christmas stuff going on....but still.

I think my husband is planning some sort of intervention. ' A&E' showed up on the phone caller ID.
(Don't you love the hanging drawer pull?)

The first step in recovery in admitting you have a problem, so I asked Santa for some help.   He's going to assist me in a studio re-do & I can't wait! I spend so much time looking for supplies, that by the time I get ready to sit down & work it's dinner time.  It's exhausting! I looked at all of the wonderful studios so many shared during Karen's party, 'Where Bloggers Create'.  How do you do it? They were all so pretty & clean!

I found this at the bookstore yesterday, perfect timing! I am a big fan of Lynne Perrella's art. It's a really beautiful book, filled with insight into some amazing artists their studios & how they create. So maybe, if I'm lucky & stick with my program I can participate in WBC Part 2!


Karen said...

Well, if you think there will be an intervention over your craft room... I hate to think what would happen to me. I love your "mess". Cute posting!
Ladybug Creek

T said...

I think your work space is awesome, but can't wait to see the makeover!
The banners look so good in my store! People are loving them! Thanks too for the paper you threw in for me, that was super sweet!
Have a great day!

The Vintage Attic said...

I have felt your pain, my problem was no matter how many shelves I had or cabinets to put things in, my space was just to small for all that I have collected. I had to let things go, it was one of the hardest things I had to do, but now I'm finding my self crafting more because I can find my stuff.
Can't wait to see your redo!
Merry Christmas,

Collected Treasures said...

I don't see the problem??? :))))) When you figure out how to create AND keep it clean, let me know.....the two since don't seem to go together....xojana

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Can SO identify with you...I keep delegating things to the garage..need MORE shelves out there now.
Our dining room table is loaded...( we never use the dining room anyway)...and now my kitchen table is starting to show signs of "overload".
Bless my husband, he seems to completly understand my need for this "delightul clutter" I really do use a lot of it in my Still Life I DO have an excuse ( not a REASON ) you understand.
I admire YOUR clutter too..we artists just need not be bothered with such things as organization...(laughing).



Silly goose. Your space looks fine, but I understand the desire for order and pretty! And who would have thought that you didn't plan the dangling drawer handle? An artist's space really shouldn't be perfectly tidy, as that would indicate a lack of production and inspiration. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it! ~ Angela

Anonymous said...


It happens to all of us. That inspirational running-amuck crafting thingy hits, and when we step back and look at the beautiful thing we've just created, we also notice that the room was hit hard.

Looking forward to seeing the makeover!


Crowsnest Pass Primitive Folk Art said...

The more space you have...the more things you will get to fill it...My studio looks a lot like yours> Susan

Into Vintage said...

Thank you for this! I work in a very similar creative environment although not nearly as large so my stuff reaches to the ceiling. And the dining room. I've accepted it because it doesn't ever seem to change. Thank goodness there's a door I can close! :-) -amy

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

I think I crossed that line years ago. You saw all my junk scattered around in the house and barns. It really is an addiction. But I think a good one. Anyway I think your space looks great and who could complain with all the great treasures you turn out there. Let us see how the makeover goes.
Hugs, Pat

melissadc76 said...

Oh, I love your white table! I want it in my craft room!

And my man always looks at me suspiciously when the show "Hoarders" comes on, so don't feel bad.

Can't wait to see the makeover!


Dorthe said...

Lisa, dear me----you should have a look at my room, --yours looks great comparing with the mess I for the moment being ,are having.
And yes, the time to find the special goodies one wants to use, is far to long, this way.
Well I think ,it is not realy possibly for me to change much.
Your room looks so very great.
Wish you a very merry christmas dear.
thanks so much for this year, and a very quiet, and wonderfull new year to you and your family.

Hugs, Dorthe

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Are you sure you didn't come over and take pictures of my craft room? That mess looks familiar. Can't wait to see the changes!

Rachel Knoblich said...

I'm sorry to tell you, but everyone's craft room looks like that. I have to share my room with my 8 month there isn't much room. Stuff all over the floor...everytime I go in there with him I scold him for having such a messy room and tell him to clean it up. He just doesn't listen. LOL

Charlene said...

AMEN SISTER!!!!!!!! I am in the same boat!!!! I know I had it but, where is it????? Or I really love this one... Oh look I already had one (no maybe 2 or 3) of these. I knew I liked them. Do you think we could do a 12 step program? I miss you!!! HUGS! said...

My studio has crossed over the line too! But isn't it fun that way? So much to play with!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

I love your "mess" should see all your little vintage touches. What a fun place to play! Nope haven't gotten anything yet. I will be sending yours out tomorrow! Sorry for the delay, my son has been sick. He went back today though feeling better.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

P.S. I don't have a craft my dining room and kitchen table serve as it most of the time.

Question...when you were just at my said you COLLECT old script and such from book cover, etc.....what do you do with it aftewards ?

Hugs, Rose

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

I think I can make you ALL feel better...come on over and take a look at my post about my PROP ROOM.


manon 21 said...

j'aime beaucoup cet atelier!!!


T's Daily Treasures said...

How fortunate you are to have a space to create! I can never find anything as it is stuffed from one corner to the next, in cupboards and drawers, trunks and dressers. I know I have stuff, but can never find it. Ugh! I want to get organized. I know that you will do just that and your new studio is gonna be the creative space you are looking for. Holidays blessings :) Tammy

Rue said...

Hi Lisa :)

Your workspace is fantastic! I work at the kitchen table, so I'm a little jealous ;)

Have a Merry Christmas!


Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

Found you over at Cherry's Jubilee. Well, I always look at January as "the organizing month." I guess because the magazines seem to focus on that. So look toward January to create a new look for your studio. I live in East Texas, by the way.

Charmingdesigns said...

Great Post. Your room looks great compared to mine. lol

Calamity Anne said...

I think I may have to get that book for myself. My craft room is a disaster area! I've even got stuff on the floor blocking me getting to the shelves! Ay carumba!

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Oh Lisa, I'm not worried about you coming up with a wonderful craft you. Just decide on a color skeem and take off. Your so creative

Have a very Merry Christmas and have fun with that craft room.


laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I just came over from Cherry's Jubilee, because I absolutely LOVE those silhouettes on sheet music. If you are that creative in this work space, you might not need to change anything! I am going over to your Etsy now, but I'll be visiting your blog often. laurie

BellaRosa said...

Lisa amor, I know this is one of your older posts...but I couldn't help it...I tend to peruse blogs to the beginning when I really enjoy them :) Now this post really hit the spot with me...why??? Well as I sit here with my head hanging and smiling...well maybe I should be standing and saying..Hello, My name is Rose and I think (know?) I am a hoarder lol...Ohhh but looking at you and all these other ladies I smile because now I know I am in such wonderful and creative company! Personally I love your studio!! I love every litte thing that I could see when I blew up each and every picture :) I was oohing and have the old drafting chair that I was looking for :) I finally found one that I plan on painting an antique gold and redoing the seat and back cushion with leopard print material..hows that for gaudy :) but I see it in my minds eye and I love it! You have some wonderful treaures :) Besos, Rose

ps..I would offer to help you hide some of your stuff, in my studio..but I don't think I could fit it in with all my crap (treasures) :)