Tuesday, December 1

Holiday House Tour 2009

Better late than never right? The kids are STILL sickly, but I just shot around them.

I love to decorate for Christmas, I put them up the weekend of Thanksgiving and take them down  New Years.  I have some really wonderful old ornaments inherited from family including a 1940 Lionel train set. I am waiting another couple of years to bring them out, I believe Christmas is for my children and I want our home to be their own special wonderland.  So this is our kids decorating party.

Our entry hall, I bought the tall santa last year.

These little elf boots are one of my very favorite things.

Frosty leads the way into our living room.

I love my vintage Santa collection, I am always on the lookout for ones that I can afford. It doesn't happen very often!

Our tree, with my Wal-Mart Santa watching for good behavior.

This is such a 'kid' tree. All of the ornaments are bushy bears, birds, leaves and a growing collection of the children's own ornaments.

Favorite thing #2, my thick felted cut-out skirt from Anthro. Purchased 2 years ago for 50% off! Yeah

Little white chair holding my great holiday pillows, 2 are from one of my favorite ebayer's, Vintage Home.

Favorite thing #3, this redwork quilt that my MIL won for me at a church bazar.

My little angels.

My big brick fireplace cira 80's, do you think Santa might build me a new one?

Just some light Christmas reading.

Favorite thing #4, my old popcorn can. I found it at a garage sale for $1

I couldn't resist bringing out some of the oldies? They are in their 'safe' place on the mantel.

My kitchen has very little counter space so I find little spots to decorate where ever I can.

Even the top of the fridge is valuable real estate.

My favorite Christmas picture, they were 2 years old.

Our side patio.

In honor of this holiday house party it snowed here in Fort Worth! It might be a white Christmas after all.
Thank you Tracey for organizing this awesome tour, I have read her blog for so long. I've followed her through homes, businessess, weddings, & now the new adventure.  Good luck girl, everything you do is amazing!


Karen said...

Love your pictures! Christmas with children. It's the best. Wish my grandchildren were going to be around. It would decorating so much more fun.
Thanks for sharing.
Ladybug Creek

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

It all looks wonderful. So warm and cozy - hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
Hope the little ones get to feeling better soon!
Love all the red & vintage goodies you have put out. Such a happy, fun home for Christmas!

T said...

It all looks so awesome! Your home is darling and I'm lovin your vintage santa collection, super cute!!! Thanks for letting us into your home!

Stacey said...

Hello! I found your blog through Tracey's tour post. What an inspiration your blog is!! I will be visiting quite often. You have such beautiful Christmas decorations.

The Feathered Nest said...

Lisa...your home is so beautiful!!! I love each and every photo ~ your touches are just wonderful. I hope the babies are feeling so much better today, hugs and love, Dawn

Cathy Miller said...

I love your vintage themos bottles! How cool is that..something else for me to think about collecting! LOL. Beautiful home..hope the babies feel better soon. Thanks for sharing!

Dorthe said...

Lisa hi,
Oh you have been bussy already, here is barely a decoration, but after the weekend I will take revange. It looks very sweet and cosy in your place, so real oldfaschioned christmas tide.
Lisa I think I will love to buy one of the angels, if you will have the trouble to send it. Could you please tell me if it is possibly and how much it will be, they looks so fantastic, I can pay via Pay Pal.

Hugs from me.

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Your home looks beautiful Lisa, all the pretty decorations and the awsome way you displayed them. Looks like Christmas will be wonderful there. Hope the little ones are feeling better.
Hugs, Pat

philben5 said...

Everything else looks so great!


It's all so comfy, cozy and warm, but the babes...they match beautifully and take center stage! Precious x 3. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home. ~ Angela

Susan said...

Your home is filled with holiday spirit! Hope the little chillems are feeling better!

ceekay said...

Your home looks lovely. Looks like you have some wonderful vintage itmes. I LOVE the sled and skates!!

Halo Hill said...

Poor little angel babies, I'm sorry they are sick! Your house looks darling!


Rue said...

Your home looks so cozy! I love all the red accents everywhere :)


Anonymous said...

Lisa, The house looks great. Can't wait to see it in person! What great memories you are making for the kids! Love ya, Sandy & Ted

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

I didn't notice all your picnic stuff too! I saw your Christmas tree bowl. I have a whole set of dishes in that pattern - from Target many years ago. Do you have more? Your side porch is fun. I enjoy your style!

Charlene said...

I've seen that BIG jar before minus the ornaments. :) Love all your decor. So cute!!!! It was so good to see you today. I've missed you! So happy with the treasures I bought. HUGS