Sunday, February 21

Instant gratification

I just love the way everyone dressess up these $1 pillars, I needed a quick gift, so this was how I embellished mine. I collect reglious post cards & think this one is lovely.

Please use it if you like, I printed it onto vellum & it looked so pretty.

Then I picked up some different lavender soaps (her favorite) & fluffed them all up.
Karla's Cottage did a Valentine decorating post showing how she pretties up those ugly pump soaps. It kind of inspired me.
For this one I just photo copied a cabinet card photo & covered with vellum. 

Secured with striaght pins, hope some unknowing guest doesn't really try to use this! Ouch!
I love instant gratification!
Friday night my art group got together to make up for last weeks snow storm. Boy did we have fun! I am not sure we accomplished a whole lot, but we laughed, shared ideas & talked about new projects. What fun to spend time with 10 highly creative & talented friends.
Lori, show your pretty face!
Parnters in crime; Joanne, Me, PatLori, Cami, Cindy

Our sweet hostess Joanna!
I'm behind on my giveaways, but they are so wonderful I need to show them.

Donna at Brynwood Needleworks is celebrating 300 posts!! (I wish I could make it to 100)

I kind of wanted to keep this one to myself, lol. You have till the 28th to sign up for French Charmings giveaway.

My dear friend Karen at My Dessert Cottage is gifting some lucky person with one of her amazing hat boxes filled with the coolest stuff!


Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Great ideas.....I have so many soaps~(goatmilk) that I ordered from Ebay....she doubled my order because I did not get it in time.

I will use some of your ideas.....for myself and to sell some soaps at the flea market.

The candle is lovely too....I would love to use your graphic :)

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Lisa, Thank you for sharing those wonderful ideas for a quick gift! I have to keep those in mind!
Have a wonderful afternoon!

BellaRosa said...

Lisa amor, I LOVE your candle, it came out soo beautiful...I will "borrow" That lovely image thank you! I also love how your soaps I know how to decorate some plain yet yummy smelling soaps I bought, what pretty gifts these will make :) ps...I love lilis of the valley and lilacs...just fyi :) Besos, Rose

Grace said...

What fabulous ideas Lisa. I love the image so pretty, thank you so much for let us use it. The soap idea is just darling also. Great idea for sprucing up a bathroom. Grace xoxox

Peridots Garden Blog said...

So beautiful! What a wonderful gift idea!

Thank you for sharing!


Tami said...

Charming old post card!! Love the adorable way you decorated the soap....what a wonderful idea for the guest bath! ;o)

Thanks for the sweet comment you left about my hanging....I just can't seem to get enough of ruffles.

Have a lovely day!

Lynn said...

Our tastes seem to run in the same realm! I LIKE that in a person! :)

weazy1 said...

I love those candles too! where do you get the vellum? At a craft store like Hobby Lobby?

Elfchen said...

So beautyful things. I love your style :o)
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Everything you made is beautiful!!!!
Thank you for sharing the picture! You are SO BLESSED to have an art group!!

TinyBear said...

Love your gifts ideas - they are all so lovely
Thanks for sharing.

Lori said...

beautiful ideas Lisa...your soaps and candle look gorgeous...thanks for the image, it is gorgeous, and i am going to save it for future lucky are you, to have an art group to play with...that sounds wonderful to me!!!

DeeDee said...

I just love your style....wish it woudl wear off on me.....

lovely stuff...

Dorthe said...

Hi dear Lisa,

So wonderfull ideas you have given us, I think I will borrow the one with the photo and wellum wrapped soap,for some soaps here in my shop, they will look lovely on a silverplate together with some unwraped.
I love the emage on the candle too,makes it look like something real special. thanks so much for the gift, sweetie.

Have a lovely evening !
love and hugs Dorthe

Linda said...

Lisa, thanks so much for sharing all these beautiful ideas!! It REALLY is very inspiring- makes me want to try some of these fun projects!!

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Lisa! It's so wonderful to see your pretty face! Sometimes we can go forever without being able to picture the person we are talking to.
I love the soaps! So pretty. I also have a ton of those candles that I bought at a garage sale. Someday. maybe I'll have time to make something with them. Have a great Sunday.

My Desert Cottage

Mimi Sue said...

Wonderful ideas for a cute little gift. I need them all the time. (I have 4 friends with birthdays in Feb.)! Thank you. Mimi


The candle has such a beautiful quality with your adornments. And the soaps are so very pretty! Thank you for the image and for such a fun time with the arties! ~ Angela

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Oh such beautiful things!!! Thanks for sharing.
Daphne said...

My package arrived, and how wonderful and thoughtful it was!! I can't wait to make something fairy-ish with that great sheet music! Heck, that cover is so pretty, I should frame it as is...

Thank you!!!


veterankindergartenteacher said...

You have such a great blog! How about a giveaway on helping newbies improve theirs? hint hint

Great gift idea!

Debra said...

What beautiful eye candy! I love to visit your blog!!

June said...

Lisa you have the most creative mind. I love those soaps. What a beautiful way to dress them up for gift giving.
It was so fun to see all you artists having a great time together and making your awesome stuff. I'm sure it is a wonderful outlet too

Cheryl Carey Bass said...

Hey, Lisa, it looks like y'all had a great time at Friday night craft night. I wonder what I'd have to bribe Joanna with to get her to invite me next time! Fun fun fun! It's so nice to have so many talented artists right here in our community. Loved your "dressed" soaps. What a lovely vignette they make (and wonderful gift idea!)

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Love your gifts. Thats the cutest way I've ever seen soap displayed. So romantic!! Thanks for the pics. Had a great time with you and the girls Fri. night and thank you again for the calendar. I love it. You are so sweet!
Hugs, Pat

Kelly said...

Love the Mary candles. Beautiful. Looks like lots of fun at the art group!

T's Daily Treasures said...

I'm always amazed when I see such creativity -- taking the simplest of things and turning them into something spectacular. Such wonderful ideas. Those soaps are so elegant now and way too pretty to use. Many blessings for a happy day! Tammy

Charlene said...

We were a MOTLEY CREW that night. Gimmeny we all look like we'd had a hard week. But, we did have fun didn't we. And my goodness the sugar overload from the desert table was a high for a week. Glad Pat brought some chips to have the salt help cut the sugar. Let's get together soon I want to see your new studio. And let's go to Anthropoligy. What's you week like? I still need to be gone from the house a lot. Can't stand the quiet! HUGS! Charlene

glimpse of my world said...

Love it all... thanks for sharing

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

You made those soaps for me? And the candle???
Oh Lisa, you shouldn't have!
you didn't...
Well, okay then.
Seriously, they are gorgeous!

Plus, you get to craft with the coolest girls. I wish I lived in Texas...that's where all the cool stuff is!

I'll be seeing Joanna in April in Savannah...she's such a sweetie. I only met her briefly at the airport in November but I am honored to have some of her work in my Silver Bella swaps.

Thanks for sharing the religious image~

Anonymous said...

Wow - what a joy-filled post, Lisa!!! LOVE the candle & soaps - gorgeous. And what a fun group to get together with! YaY!!!

all kinds of everything said...

I follow your beautiful blog for a
while,only today I read your profile.......I am wife and stay at home mom to triplets too!

Have a wonderful day,Suzanne

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Lisa!
I really enjoyed seeing all those smiling faces. You looked like you were all having a great time.
Thanks also for the beautiful image! I do something a little different with candles, and appreciate that you're letting us use it. I may just do a tutorial...and will credit the picture to you!
Love what you did with your candle. It's really beautiful.
See you again soon!

The Feathered Nest said...

I just love the candle and soaps Lisa!!! Isn't it amazing how just a little thing here or there can totally transform an ordinary thing??! I always love seeing what you come up with sweetie, hugs and love, Dawn

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Hi Lisa,

It's been a few posts since I stopped by and boy do you have created all these little bits of beauty and nostalgia. I look forward to seeing where you go next.

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Art group was soo much fun Lisa! I'm already looking forwrad to the next one!

LOVE your Easter basket! How clever & creative!!!! And your tag is soo the glass charm you used. I'm interested in learning that technique. *off to google*

Diane said...

I just discovered your blog--beautiful amazing art--thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Your art group is very fortunate to have you as a member.

peggy gatto said...

thanks for the candle photo and idea!!!

Domemma said...


je passe souvent faire un tour sur votre blog ; il est superbe; j'aime beaucoup ce que vous créez avec de l'ancien; bravo.
j'habite en France.