Wednesday, March 24

Swaps & sharing

I got my book of Alice tags last week, Karla did such a great job with this swap.  This was my initiation into swapping, & now I'm spoiled. My little packet came wrapped in vintage Alice pages, along with a tiny bottle to attach to the book.

Love all the little charms & ribbons dangling around.

The little 'drink me' tag is from junk-girl studio & the sepia toned with the sweet blue button is from my pen-pal Beth.

This one is from the divine Miss K herself!

A very cool, but anonymous Mad Hatter.  Whoever did it....I LOVE him!  I have a bad feeling that I forgot to sign my tags too. I was so worried about getting them sent on time.  If anyone got a crazy chicken tag, I made it.

Kathy of A Spectacular Mess used black, white & grey with lots of stitching. I love how this one looks amongst the bright colors of the others.

Even the back looks great. Thank you Karla for all of the hard work! I hope we didn't wear out your sewing arm too much.  I want you to host another swap sometime soon.
Speaking of swaps, I'm hard at work getting my Petite Inspiration Boxes ready to mail.  I'm having a blast gathering goodies for this one.  I asked Michelle Palmer to make some special little treats for each box.

Boy, did she ever.  Aren't they wonderful?

And this isn't a swap, but I had to show you what Lori made for my sweet Lily's Easter treat.

It is the teeniest, sweetest thing I've ever seen! She will scream when she sees this bunny sitting on the top of her basket.
While digging through my studio looking for treasures to put in my inspiration boxes, I found these images.

I found this ages ago, a blank Western Union sheet just for Easter!

This is my very favorite Easter card ever.  I just love the colors, so springy.  I've use it for everything from banners to pillows, hope you can find use for it in one of your projects.

I'm using this page for my swap & thought you might like it too.

I know this seems unthinkable but..... I am getting rid of some sacred back issues.  I know, I know, how can I??? It's just gotten to a point where my mag collection is taking over the house. I swear I need a storage unit to house them all.  Like the Library of Congress. Half price books will not pay anything for them, so before I donate I'm offering them to you.  If anyone wants them they are yours if you pay the media mail postage.  I have a bunch more too.  BH&G Special Interest like Do It Yourself, Creative Home etc. Let me know magazine hoarders!


Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Yeah, I was thinking I wasn't going to be able to wait much longer to post about the Alice tag book swap too. :o( I guess I'll just add your's when I get it. I am still getting a tag from you aren't I? ;o)

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous, fab items! The itsy bunny is super sweet and the Alice items are Kool! Just saw the movie - Ka Pow! I use magazine pics for all my card making and then share them with others who use them for their crafty stuff - just a fyi - clipping away Jennifer jennsthreegraces

Lori said...

thank you for posting the bunny Lisa:) you are so sweet...i have
been seeing a lot of the Alice tags, and everyone has done such a beautiful job on them, it must have been a lot of fun to open that package up and see how the girls interpreted the theme...i LOVE the postcard that you shared, it is gorgeous...i went to my local shop last week hoping to score a few Easter themed postcards, and they didn't have any...i couldn't believe it...paper is the one thing i know i can always count on finding there...i was bummed...

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Lisa, I love the tags. It looks like everyone did a fabulous job. What a fun swap! Oh, and those eggs on the square of fabric-beautiful. laurie

Booklinks said...

Lovely Alice tags,especially the rabbit hole tag.At the moment I am
painting rabbits.(very ispired by Alice.)

Debby said...

I love your Alice tags, what a fun swap!!! Love the sweet bunny for your daughter and those beautiful little egg snippets for your swaps, awesome. Thanks for sharing your beautiful cards with us!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous swap goodies, and I'm in love with Lori's bunnies!
I got rid of my magazines years ago and do not purchase more. Instead, I visit great blogs - like yours, Lisa!

Tami said...

What a cute swap...I have yet to do one. Maybe once we have moved and are all settled in there will be another to do. Love the images, so adorable!!

Have a great week!

BellaRosa said...

Lisa amor, I am loving everything...I forgot you took part in the Alice talented lucky duck!!!! Lily is going to LOVE her lil bunny...Lori makes them so adorably gorgeous! You know...if I ever get to your are gonna have to flip me upside down as I leave and see what treasures I have stuffed in my pockets...and my leopard ovenite bags...oh wait...did I just type that out loud? lol Dang I am like my youngest...tattling on myself...just forget you ever read that when we meet and turn a blind eye as I fill my lil bags with our goodies :) now sorry...but cause I have to start planning dinner...this will not be an ALAROSE post lol that is cute by the way...I guess much nicer than what I call it...another one of my long assed comments or post :) Besos, Rose

Inspired-Simplicity said...

Hey Sis,
Well I'm going to have to try some tags. Those turned out great. Thanks for the new images. I swear I think you get a treat in the mail everyday.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

What a fun, fun post! Love the Alice great. Lidy

Janet Ghio said...

Love the Alice tags! and that tiny bunny for the easter basket is adorable!!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

I just love it when I see you have a new post and I can't wait to hurry over to see what you up to.

You received some lovely tags and your sweet little postacard is precious.

I bet your little daughter is going to love her easter basket.


June said...

Lisa that tag swap was awesome. I was just at another blog that posted them and they were so wonderful. What a treat it must be for all of you to get your package of tags.

Seeing Lori's bunny made my day. Your little one will be delighted with it. Doesn't Lori create the pretties things. I love her sweet heart too.
It was so funny to see that you too are getting rid of magazines. I just took 300 issues up to the 'shack in the hills' on Sat. I have an old cupboard up there that had nothing in it, so I figured I would take them up there for when I go stay the night this Summer I will have something to do besides listen to the coyotes sing. lol Dale thought I was nuts. He tried to get me to toss them, but how could I? I still have at least that many more in a cupboard here in the house. Hey I can't take them all up there, cause what will you read when you come to stay???

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness!! My Favorite magazine is Romantic Homes AND I'm a magazine-a-holic!

If they are still available I'd love to pay for shipping!!!


Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Love your blog today, all the neat things and talented artists. And I enjoyed yesterday sooo much. Thank you again for the beautiful picture. I hung it in my hall. I got the hearts apart today. They are sooo pretty. Talk to you soon.
Hugs, Pat

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Lisa ~
I am so excited that you posted about the Alice swap because I have been dying to see the finished book ~
I adore Lori's little bunny ~ it is darling and as precious as can be ~

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

So many fun items- there is a lot of creativity out there to inspire us all! Thanks for sharing!

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

I'm glad you received such pretty tags, dear Lisa! The Petit Inspiration Boxes swap sounds like a lot of fun too. I love the sweet nests and eggs by Michelle. Lori has done a great job with that cute little bunny.
Have a good night and lovely dreams!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, everything looks so much FUN!!

Don't throw away the magazines....YET!! When my piles get too big to keep, I spend an evening cutting out my favorite pictures and I tape them into scrapbooks for future inspiration! I have about 20 scrapbooks now in lieu of 100s of magazines and the scrapbooks are much easier to thumb through for ideas because all my faves are together - no ads and superfluous articles to flip past.

I buy the cheap lined notebooks with the spiral edges for my scrapbooks. Nothing fancy. But they're lined in case I want to write something with the pictures.

I just use magic tape and don't try to make pretty - it's just my way of saving pretty pictures.

All the tags just look like everyone involved had a blast! And our sweet Michelle Palmer's little sketches are so darling!



Kathy said...

You got my grey/black & white tag! That was my favorite and I'm so glad you received it. This swap was such fun! Love that bunny telegram. Cute, cute, cute! Thanks for stopping and visiting my blog. Have a great day! - Kathy

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Lisa, your little girl is going to love the bunny basket that talented Diane made. Infact, there is so much talent on this post, I am just blown away. LOVE it all.

Have fun with your swap! How much fun is that! I need to join in sometime.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

oopsies....I meant to say LORI's basket! Duh! I saw them on her blog yesterday and fell in love with them.


Evelyn said...

Oh gosh, the Mad Hatter tag is the one I made! I'm so excited that you like him. I worried so much about the tags that I sent ... I did sign the back, but on the dark paper it probably isn't too visible. The books are AMAZING! Karla did such a fantastic job putting them together. I will cherish this swap book forever.

Dumpster Decorators said...

Your right that little bunny is precious. Those tags ar so detailed too.

Beth Leintz said...

Got my tag book and by special request, your tag was in there-LOVE IT! I got the mushroom tag- I'm still trying to figure how you did that! (you did sign your name, but even if you didn't I would have known it was yours)

Madison said...

Oh my goodness! Those Alice In Wonderland tags are ADORABLE!!!! I loooovvveee them! And the felted bunny is soooo cute!

Michelle Palmer said...

You are so very sweet! I just LOVE all of your posts! Your photographs are beautiful~
Hope your day is wonderful!