Thursday, April 15

for the love of birds

I received my first package from Speckled Egg's petite inspiration box swap.  My swap partners were Melissa from Abigail's Pocatello, our hostess Heather, & this talented girl.

Michelle from Petite Michelle Louise, here's her awesome blog!

The box she sent was packed full of the coolest treats, all revolving around the swap theme, birds.

Love this!  I'm always on the look-out for metal findings.
She used a lot of transparency, image transferred onto cloth,  stitching, stamping,

& vellum. Very cool!

The best thing about swaps is the new people it brings into my life. The minute I saw Michelle's blog, I knew we'd be very good friends!

  The holiday issue of Life Beautiful featured the works of the most Amazing Artist, David Arms.  It's no secret, I'm a lover of Art..all Art. But when I opened this magazine & saw David's work for the first time, it really took my breath away!

(picture courtsey of Life Beautiful)
His use of birds, nests, eggs & other symbols provide the viewer a chance at introspection.  David uses these symbols & others as a message of hope, faith & renewal.

I borrowed this image off his website  
Please go visit & see his wondrous work for yourself.  I think my favorite is a piece titled The Last Supper', I'm not going to tell you anything about it, just see for yourself!

It's been very difficult for me to post & visit blogs the past couple of weeks. My babies are suffering so much with allergies due to all of the pollen around.  Is it terrible were you are?  They start with just allergy symptoms, but then it has turned into sinus & ear infections.  Nothing hurts worse than the sound of your child crying in pain.  Pharmaceuticals & Mommy's love is slowly working it's magic, so hopefully I'll be skipping through blogland soon!


Anonymous said...

I love anything birds.real birds I have one parakeet, bird items, jewlery etc.Bird cages.My favorite of them lol.

Have a nice day!

Tracy Suzanne said...

OMG Lisa. What beautiful goodies you received. I adore the burlap bird box. And everything is to die for. I can't even imagine what you amazingly creative mind will do with it all.

Hugs...Tracy :)

Debby said...

WOW!!! Love all the goodies you received in the swap, beautiful. I had to run over and checkout the blog, yikes...a girl could get in trouble yah know. Hope the kiddies are feeling better, poor little sweeties. Too early here for pollen but it will kick in soon enough. Thanks for David's link off to check it out.

Storybook Woods said...

I tell you, you get the coolest stuff, lucky duck Isn’t David Arms amazing. I want one of his paintings. Xoxoxo Clarice

BellaRosa said...

Lisa amor, what beautiful gifts you received...I can only imagine the beauties you sent out in return too :) I will go visit David's site and see some beauty for myself :) I am sorry your bebes aren't feeling well, the pollen is up here too...I can tell when I wake up with a headache and my head feels like it weighs 30 lbs...and my eyes are all swollen and I keep sneezin and wheezin...well you get the picture lol I hope your bebes feel better amor, and that they are able to play and enjoy themselves without the hassles that come with the pollen :) Have a beautiful day with your lil ones amor, talk soon! Besos, Rose

A Cottage Muse said...

Everything is just lovely! Michelle is a sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

Hope your little ones feel better soon, Lisa!
I read about David Arms months ago - he does beautiful work!
And I too love Petite Michelle Louise - lovely, lovely, lovely!!!

DeeDee said...

What a lovely swap partner...she has sent some awesome things to you..I can see her style meshing wel with your style...I can totally relate to the texas allergies. I went on vacation to Iowa no problems...return to texas and all come back..poor little ones I hope it is over soon for them , it is no fun

Rebecca said...

Hi Lisa
Loved talking with you today, and I am so glad your little ones are doing better. Ear aches are the worst... I always felt so helpless.
I am going to go check out this website that you recommended now. I am having lunch so I can blog a bit :)

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

What a bunch of goodies!

My grands are suffering from the pollen terribly too. My daughter took Caralyn into the Dr Monday evening & her oxygen count was so low that they took her to Cook's in an ambulance! Scared me half to death but Caralyn is back home now & is doing better, thank God.

TinyBear said...

Love everything with birds too - all those goodies you have received are so lovely Lisa
Have to chek out your partners blogs too.

Dorthe said...

Sweet Lisa,
So hope your small ones will already be feeling better,--" my" little Mathilde also had earpains,some weeks ago, it hurts so terribly,and we so badly wants to help...

Lisa you recieved the most wonderfull swap goodies, I will go visit, to see whom made all this beautifull things,dear.Love all the bird items.
Much love and hugs ,-

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Wow- lovely box!
I'm sorry to hear about your babies and their allergies. I hope they get better soon! said...

Poor babies!! I hope all are better soon.

Charlene said...

Sorry to hear the kiddo are sick. I think everyones allergies are on high alert! Saline wash the heck out of their noses. And wash their hair before bed so the pillow is not covered in pollen & then they lay on it... How do I know this???? I have allergies, my boys have allergies, & the GRANDS have allergies. Many years of expierience, drugs, up all night expierence. HUGS & HANG IN THERE! Maybe the rain will wash some of the pollen away. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the bird goodies. You always get the best swap partners. Charlene

Julie (Legacy Crafter) said...

Birds rule! Great stuff you got.
Hope everyone is feeling better soon. I have also been going crazy with allergies, on Zyrtex all the time

The Tin Rabbit said...

What a wonderful swap! Everything here in east Texas is covered with pollen also..hope the little ones feel better soon~

Karen Valentine said...

Oh Lisa I'm so sorry your babies a re suffering! We have lots of allergy issues this time of year as well. It always seems worse for the kids though. On a lighter note... How lucky are you! What a fabulous swap partner you got. I don't know how you have the time to take care of your family, visit blogs AND do all the swaps you do! I can't seem to manage work and visiting the blogs and I don't have small kids at home!


Linda said...

Hi Lisa- hope everyone is feeling better at your home soon! Thank you for sharing the works of these artists! Just beautiful!

Lori said...

Lisa, David's work is amazing...i couldn't find the lost supper...even using his search, so i didn't see that...but i really loved the one called trust, SO sweet...LOVE all the goodies you are getting from the inspiration box swap, it looks like everyone has your number, and knew just what would be perfect and inspirational for you...i really pray that your kiddies are feeling better soon!!!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Oh NO!
My babies are sick??? Hug hug and kiss kiss them for me...poor poor little angels.

David's work IS beautiful girl! I love when you share new art meat with us Lisa! You find the coolest and most talented people.

Your petite boxes are loaded girl! Those girls surely know how to spoil you! You are birdied up for sure now :)

I'm always a day late and a dollar short when it comes up to blog hopping and posting so don't feel bad about not getting around to all your peeps. Sometimes LIFE calls (and sick chilllrrrren) and suddenly, you realize that days have passed. We are still here for you girl...I promise we will NEVER leave you :)))) I'll wait for you until the cows come home!!!! (I might be at the 5&10, but at least you know where to find me) tee hee
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh,oh, oh! What beautiful neutrals! What wonderful "ingredients" and art to make from them!
I'm late in catching up with you, Lisa and look what I missed!
Thank you for sharing this gorgeous eye candy!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Everything is just so beautiful....THIS is why I'm scared to death to go to Paper Cowgirl! I can't do ANY of this sort of stuff.

Wow. I have LOTS to learn!


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Lisa, I'm sorry that your kids suffer from allergies so badly! Hopefully this will be over soon. Over here it hasn't really started with pollen yet because it's still cold and not many trees etc. are blooming yet.
Michelle has really spoiled you with fabulous goodies! What a fun swap! I'm looking forward to seeing the other inspiration boxes.
Have a great afternoon, girl!

sinnlighet said...

Hallo, Sweden here....

I must tell you, that I love your virtual & image blog!! Amazing mix of pic's & so much inspiration!

Regards from Agneta

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hi Lisa, Congratulations you are the winner of the Royal Treatment GiveAway!! Come by when you get a minute, then email me your address.
I'm going to check out David, this sounds wonderful!
hugs and blessings,

June said...

Lisa the goodies you received from your swaps are so beautiful. I would love to be in a swap in my next life. Not this one cause I would feel too sorry for my Everybody does the most amazing things.
I am so sorry to hear about the babies. I hope they get to feeling better soon. I hated when my children were sick. I always suffered right along with them.
I am going to go check out The Last Supper now...thank you for the link. His art is amazing.

Lisa said...

Love those little boxes!! It is so great to get goodies in the mail!!
I am off to get the new Life Beautiful! I had been waiting to get it and forgot to look today when I was in B&N!!
Hugs, Lisa

Beth Leintz said...

Love love love those sepia and bird themed pictures - makes me want to get up and start crafting- but your blog usually makes me want to craft.

I'm so sorry your kiddos are having the sinus, allergy, pollen problems- I heard that (at least in KS) this is one of the worst seasons for high pollen count. Tell kiddos that Auntie Beth hopes they feel better soon.

PS- I think I'm going to start using a neti pot- my husband uses one and it has helped.

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Fun swap!!!!!!!!!! love those birdies. cherry

Yitte said...

Beautiful swap Lisa and great goodies. Just made a small box today. Love birds item.

Peridots Garden Blog said...

Lisa love this post! The gift swap items are beautiful!

Love the sheet music with the birds!

Allergies? I've got two in my home that are suffering with the same exact thing...bless you and your children!


Anonymous said...

Hey chickadee!

Such beautiful goodies to receive! Lucky girl! I hope you babies get better stupid pollen! Big hugs


Dumpster Decorators said...

What a sweet box of treasures, enjoy.

Katsui Jewelry said...

Such beautiful matchboxes! I am so hooked on these swaps. I just posted about the ones I have received. I am going to have to look up the artist you spoke of. Those are wonderful pieces!