Thursday, June 17

Winding down

Well, with less than a week OMG till the big event, I'm in ART over-drive!!!
Starting with re-creating the project that began my
 Paper Cowgirl odyssey.
The original went to this cutie.
I think I like them even more the second time around.

Tags ready for vendor night.

The marketing team (me) did a fine job. 
See the little squares above?
They're stickers!
Ages ago I ordered something from Alicia Paulson & she (of course)had the cutest packaging ever. I just loved the sticker with her logo on it, it's still on my inspiration board. 
So I made a mental note that someday.....

They will come in very handy when I start packaging stuff for vendor night
I'm letting go of a portion of my baby shoe collection.
But not these!!
 I found them yesterday when Charlene, Pat & I had girls day out.  You would never believe me if I told you what I stole bought them for.
Okay, I'll tell you cuz I'm not selling them, they are just too cute. $9.95!!!!! 
 I swear I thought it was a mistake, but it wasn't.  Maybe the seller thought they were too beat up to warrant a higher price. To me they are perfection.

Gotta get back to my sewing, packing & stuffing
 I'll see you all on Saturday for Where Bloggers Create!


Petite Michelle Louise said...


Suzanne Thomsen Newsome said...

so so pretty.

Becca said...

Hi Lisa, the shoes are so cute, glad you are keeping those. Everything looks so nice! See you at the party Saturday. :-)

Brynwood Needleworks said...

I'm in complete heaven. Your creations are wonderful and those baby shoes look darling.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous your marketing!

your site is beautiful!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Dorthe said...

Dear Lisa,
How cute,and beautifull they are,love all 3 of them, sweet.
And your stickers, a wonderfull idea, sigh,sigh--if I could only be there......I wish you a wonderfull week-end sweetie.
Your "new" shoes, are the most adorable, worn out pair of baby boots, what a buy, Lisa.

Have a great evening,
love and hugs, Dorthe

Cindy Geilmann said...

Hi Lisa, you are soooooo cool. I just love everything you make. I'll see you saturday at the party.


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Amazing! Not only the shows (I HEART them) but your tags! Oh my heck! They are the business cards & stickers as well <3

Claudia said...

I am sending you hugs and a 'go get 'em' for Paper Cowgirls! I know you will be a fabulous addition to that event. Only wish I could be there.

Love, love those baby shoes.

I'll see you at the party!


MosaicMagpie said...

Oh those baby shoes, first my breath caught when I saw the first picture and then I saw the ones you just bought.....cute as can be!


Diane said...

Love the mountain of baby shoes Lisa! All your goodies look so beautiful! I can feel your excitement....

Angela said...

Your work is so pretty!! The baby shoes are adorable!

DeeDee said...

I cannot wait to see where you create....and lovely tags for paper cow girls very pretty

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

I love your beautiful tags, Lisa and those stickers are really cool! Wow, you've collected quite an amount of baby shoes! The Paper Cowgirls will have so much fun and will shop until they drop at your booth.
Big hugs,

BellaRosa said...

Amor, or should I call you by my special name for you???? I think it is time we let the world in on the specialness that is you lol "Mia Boss Lady" My boss :) I think everything about this post is just know I have to tell you something, when my friend Joanne passed and then we had Ashley's accident to deal with, I kinda lost my way with everything for a bit, but you know what.....I would look at my treasures....and EGADS, believe it or not, I wasn't getting the joy I used to from just looking at them and thought...maybe I should just let everything go.... well guess what....looking at this post...made me feel that warm tingly feeling inside when you see something beautiful that speaks to you and makes you go ahhhh & I want it, I want it bad & I want it now! lol Thank you Mia Boss lady for reminding me how much you all mean to me and that I wasn't lost...just taking a lil detour through life :) You are such a wonderful friend...thank you for lifting me up when I needed and opening my eyes to so many things...I couldn't or didn't want to see...You, Dawn and others have been my saving grace! Love you bunches & bunches! Besos, Rose :)!!!

ps....No...YOU do the word count...I won! :) I think I deserve a pretty lil left over tag from the Paper Cow Girls retreat ;)

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

That was some collection of baby rivals my own!! lol
Love your stickers and tags! I look forward to visiting your space on Saturday!
Take care, Laura

Sandy Navarro said...

Lisa, I absolutely love your work! How I wish I could be with you, Charlene & Jodie at Paper Cowgirls! Can't wait to see all the FabUlous pictures.

Angela said...

Lisa, It's very much country, small town over here in Greenville...even though we're pretty close to Dallas. There is not much competetion for the good stuff at estate sales and thrift stores. That's great, but there's no place to sell either. I'd like to set up with y'all at Cottage Pananche next time if that would be possible. I'm going to have to get myself out there and find places to sell...'cause I can't stop buying!!

Beth Leintz said...

Love love love your packaging- and I guess I shouldn't be at all surprised by your baby shoe collection because, well, I, uh, know someone else with one, too.

I do sell them off every so often- it seems like its not too hard to replenish- but the high tops are keepers.

sissie said...

Hi Lisa!
Oh what lovely things you create! And the packaging, tags and!

What a collection of babyshoes and the new pair that you found are the cutest ever!

I'll take your advice and the next time I go to an estate sell I will definitely head to the garage. I need more funky junky stuff.


Angela said...

Lisa, just posted a tutorial on making the wire nests.

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

I believe you do have some shoes, you must gravitate to shoes like I do lace.
Had a wonderful time Tues. Maybe we can do it again soon, just not spend so much.
Hugs, Pat

trash talk said...

My talent lies in surrounding myself with talented people...just wish sometimes I could create something gorgeous like y'all do.
You are going to have the best time ever!

sweetpea said...

Hi Lisa! I am love with that little purse in the last pic!



Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

What a collection of baby shoes....I can't pass them up either. Love the labels and good luck with the show!!!

Karen Valentine said...

Hey sweetie! Your stuff look amazing! So polished and professional. You must be going crazy with everything you have on your plate! If I don't talk to you before you leave... have a wonderful time and just be yourself. Everyone will love you!

Lori said...

those little button up shoes are the sweetest things...keeper for sure...your packaging is gorgeous Lisa!!!

Lovey said...

Wow Lisa! love it all!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...










{i think you cured my ADD}

Gosh girl...where have you been all my life? I swear...we REALLY need to get tested...I think you have some of my DNA. And you got the better of it...not fair! :)

I promise to be your BEST student!
Cross my heart ~ hope to die ~ stick a needle in my eye...
{it's past my bedtime but this loveliness just gave me a second wind}

*no offense to anyone else who reads this comment...I love you too!


Charlene said...

WHAT A BLAST WE HAD! You forgot some of your loot at Pat's but, I didn't take a thing!!!! :) In fact I let you have that one pin that we both liked. I had soooooooo much stuff. Can you believe what goods we found. I didn't pay any attention to the "who spent more" game we always play. Love those wee shoes. And Hubby LOVED my hat! Sooooooooo glad you guys talked me into it. See ya soon. HUGS!

Linda said...

Such lovely goodies~I just love the little fringed bag! Hope you have the best time at Paper Cowgirls!!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Yep! I agree wiht Petite Michelle Louise .......

sigh :)

Erica said...

Lisa, have a wonderful time at Paper Cowgirl! I so wish I was going to be there. I'll be in Houston, so I can't even make it to vendor night :(

Hope to see you teaching at Maureen's soon!

Catharina Maria said...

OHHHHHHHH this is so sweet .
that you have so much little shoes I can not believe it !
I wish that I have only 2 for my own ;-)
I live in the Netherlands and I don't see there so much together.
Love ♥RINI♥

Storybook Woods said...

Lisa your tags are perfect, you will do so well. xoxoxo Clarice

Maija said...

Great stuff Lisa!!!! Those baby shoes are 2 die 4!!!

Debby said...

EEK!!! Your tags & stickers are amazing. Love your work as always. I love, love the baby shoe collection. See you Saturday, can hardly wait.

Sharon Hermens said...

Hi Lisa, I'd love the information to the "warehouse". I live in Arlington. I'm enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work.

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Lisa ~ Oh my gosh girl those are such beautiful things !! AHHHHH !!!!

zandra said...

Your kids are adorable! What a great creative space. So, enjoyed my visit with you. I can't believe I've been at this party since friday and I am just now getting to

Susan said...

I met you last night at the PC vendor night. Have just been reading through your blog and love your artwork and your artroom! Cute kiddos too. Congrats on being published in SS - can't wait to get the issue. I teach at Anthologies so next time you come in, please say hi.
Susan Tidwell

Amy said...

Simply beautiful!! Where do you get that gorgeous ribbon that is on your tags? Is it seam binding? I've seen it in many projects but can't find it locally.