Monday, July 12

Little Dreams

 Lily & I took a break from those smelly boys last week.

A young girls right of passage, her first time to American Girl!!
To say she was overwhelmed would be an understatement.

We shopped,
we ate,
made wish lists,
best of all we got a new hairdo for her doll 'CeCe'. 
Look at the poor thing, 
she had big 'issues'.
(this was the before)

And after!
Ta da!
No more Don King hair!
When we got home there was a package waiting at the door.
Return address, Karla's Cottage!!

Karla was so sweet to include the kids with some awesome summer reading &.........

Thanks a lot Karla!
(they loved them)
But lets get to the really good stuff. 
I had heard there might be a 'Kansas hat' headed my way.
And what a hat it is!
The most beautiful taupe & cream color. Busting with buds, pods, & velvet.
I just LOVE it!

But there was more!
This box was too pretty to open.
 But I forced myself anyway.
Inside a beautiful soldered charm in the prettiest velvet lined box.

Vintage eyelet trim, a cameo, yummy buttons, & more flowers!
(so that I don't have to pilfer from the new one)
 I LOVE the doorknob painted with one of Karla's signature roses. 
Thank you my friend, you made 3 kids & their Mommy very happy!

Have you seen Mary's newest Green Paper challenge?
You've still got a couple of days play!
I'm hope to finish mine today.

Here's a little peak at something I'm working on for a swap I'm doing with my very good friend Diane Knotts.  My project is inspired by the wonderful quilts Diane & her daughter Holly do.
Well, I'm off to see what you've been up to!


Beth Leintz said...

I remember my first trip to the American Girl store- I was overwhelmed, and I was 38- it is a fun place- the picture of your and Lily together is precious.

Have you confiscated the horns yet?

...dang, your kids are cute.

Honey Lamb and I said...

Yes they do love The American Girl dolls! My Maranda lost her Kit early this summer and she was so bummed. Luckily her birthday was nearby and Rebecca showed up.
I love your goodie box you received. So fun to get amazing things from someone. I love to see things that other people can find for me:) Lucky you:)
~Shelley O.

vicki said...

What a beautiful, beautiful post dear Lisa. How special was this trip for your sweet daughter - love the pictures of her and the doll!

Your treasures from your friend are wonderful - and they photograped so beautifully! You always, always, have the most beautiful photos on your amazing blog! Love the horn blowing pic!

Have a wonderful summer-

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Lisa:
Don't we have just the most wonderful friends in Blogland?!! I'm sure your kidlets loved their surprises, and that hat is fabulous! (Are you gonna model it for us?) I'm not playing in the challenge this time, but I can't wait to see what YOU create. I'll keep watching. Nearly finished with my "project" and hope to mail it soon. Have a great week, girlfriend.

vicki said...

Lisa -
You ARE on the August list my friend and I am actually hoping to get an early start! Youare midway on the list - so I am thinking late August for you- but please don't hold me to that because life happens you know! (that's why I am getting started early!)


Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Lisa, how much fun for you and your daughter to have a girls day out! Your children are adorable... and what a treat to get home a find a box of treasures! Your pictures are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing them! hugs~~~ Daphne

sissie said...

Hi Lisa,
How special for you and your little adorable daughter to have a day together. She is just as pretty as her Mom.
I gotta tell you girl that big box of goodies is really something. I would be devouring all that yummy stuff for hours!

And how sweet of her to include something for the kids!

I just know that you will have plans for all that good stuff.


Mary Green said...

Makes me wish I had a daughter - all of your kids are so cute. Can't wait to see what you make for the challenge and for the swap. (Nice hat! Did you ever see the video I made of Karla showing her hat collection? )

Amy said...

Aww, girls day!!
good for you two.
I am sure she will remember it always.
That key tag is just lovely in your package of goodies.
Now I am off to see about this paper challenge.

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

What a sweet outing with your cutie. :)
Karla is so generous! Such a lovely package! I love the soldered charm.

Erica said...
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Erica said...

What beautiful treasures!
I saw on the PCg blog that you'll be teaching there in Oct. I've already got it marked on my calendar, so I hope I get in!

TinyBear said...

What a beautiful package from Karla - really treasures.
Can´t wait to see your swap with Diane.
Looks like you had a wonderful day with your daughter - it´s great to do some girls stuff in between.
xo Tina

Dorthe said...

Hi dear,Lisa-
So wonderfull photoes of your sweet Lily-and the one of both of you, are just so lovely, you looks beautifull both.
I can see you had a great day.
Seems that the "smelly" boyes and Lily also had a great time with Karla`s horns!!!-did mom too?
Well but what to say, when reciving such a wonderfull gift, -the hat is gorgeus, and all other things inside so very sweet,and wonderfull.
I love Karla`s beautifull flower paintings.-
And Lisa sweet ,the teaser of your swap with Diane, looks wow,-wonderfull tones of sepia, -can`t wait to see it finished.
Big hug, and kiss-

Diane said...

It is always, always such a treat to come to your blog and see your yummy posts, Lisa!!

Miss Sandy said...

Your swap with Diane is bound to be great! I did a one on one with her and it was so much fun. Karla is a sweet heart and I love her gifts to you. Can't wait to see your project with Mary's images. Fun visit!

Heidi said...

Hi Lisa,
what a lucky girl you are - both the package from Karla (love her) and your trip to American Girl! We have been a few times here in Chicago and once in Dallas. My girls love it. Can't wait to see the finished swap project!

Rebecca said...

Honey I'm Home!
Ha, back from Indy and had a blast! Love the mother-daughter time! She is such a sweetie pie, sooo cute with her doll waiting in line. I took my grand daughters to the one in Chicago and we had lunch with the dolls and then we shopped. Samantha was one of my daughters last dolls... I knew it would be so I went all out. Found a doll steam trunk from that era at auction and waited all day for it to come up... then I filled it with clothes all made out of vintage. Copied the ones out of the catalog and even made the fur muffs out of Ermin and the cape out of a Victorian beaded one. She still has it all in the attic. I think I will cry now...
Oh what am I thinking I still have little ones... I just don't have to hear them fighting anymore.

Tammy said...

I love your post, and your blog! My daughter still has her Samantha Doll, we never made the trip to the store but I hope to take my little Grand-daughter Hannah when she's old enough. Just love those pics! It's all so wonderful!
Have a blessed day!
Tammy :-)

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Hi Lisa,

We haven't made it to the American Girl store in LA yet, but we will. Baby Bee has Julie (that doll is almost my age and I have a hard time with that-I remember the 1970s). Your swaps are so beautiful. I just love how you can take the humblest little thing and turn it into a thing of beauty. I don't always leave a comment but I come and visit all the time. I am amazed at what you get done with your three young 'uns. Looking forward to seeing your next creations.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Wow Lisa, I love the girly time!!! You and Lily need that since you two are the minority if we don't count Izzie! haha
Lily looked like a little American Doll Princess. Did anyone mistake her for one and want to buy her? I'm sure you could have gotten top dollar for her! hahahaha ;)

You know who your "real" friends are Lisa when they send you pretties AND cool stuff for the kids too!!!! That Karla must be high on your friend list :) She's such a sweetheart!!!

I can't wait to see what your inspiration project is going to be. Just by the looks of's going to be spectacular (as everything else you touch) {sigh}

onedaywhenigrowup, iwannabejustlikeyou!
:)! I just noticed that none of the chilllrrren are bleeding OR missing! um...when was this photo taken??? hahahahahhahaha

June said...

Hi Lisa,
Your little shopping trip has me feeling a little nostalgic tonight. It makes me sad that all four of my little girls are grown and I can't by dollies for them anymore...

but the really great part is that they are now having little girls that I CAN buy dollies for!!!!
And we still shop together for big girl stuff. Okay...I'm not sad anymore!!!
Karla is such a sweetie to you such awesomely (that's a June word) lovely package. I think I would have to hurt for sending the horns though.LOL

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Lisa, Lily looks just so cute! What a sweet hair-do! This shop must be a girl's paradies, I bet her wish list got really long.
What a wonderful package you received from Karla. Her hat collection is amazing and the one she picked for is very pretty.
I had thought about playing Mary's challenge but I doubt that I can finish something by tomorrow.
Is it possible that you got addicted to swapping too? Well, let us just stay addicted, o.k.? :-).
Big hugs,

Inspired-Simplicity said...

Love the post. You really look awesome in that picture with Lilly. The kids continue to get cuter if that is possible. I feel so much better after our phone chat. I reall needed that.

Katsui Jewelry said...

Your Lily is adorable...well, all three of them are but she is so sweet, especially on the big trip! I am so sorry I missed that with was after her time (the store, not the dolls, thank God!). love all your treasures from Karla. She is a treasure, isn't she?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.....I like! So far, I like! But I knew I would! :-)
Beautiful photo of you and Lily!
Diane - crazy busy day!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

What a little doll, and I'm definitely talking about Lily! Heck, you too. Y'all are adorable. :-)

I missed ya while I was gone!


Linda said...

What a special time for you and your daughter! Karla did send you some great goodies!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

you both a so cute!! what a fun day for the girls!!

your package from carla is exquisite!!!


The Rustic Victorian said...

A girls day gets remembered for a life time. Her hair is so cute too.
And the dolls as well. She is a beauty!
What lovely gifts from Carla!