Friday, July 16


Oh I love it when I see overseas postage!
At first I thought I ordered something in my sleep!?!
Then I saw the tag,
Tiny Bear, oh Tina..what did you do?

The most amazing pocket!!
Those Nordic girls are in a league all their own. Amazing artists, every one!
I am in love pockets,
 & I love that each pocket I admire
reflects the style of the artist who made it. 
Tina's is unlike any I've seen.

Do you see the little doll head poking out??
Dolls are to Julia, Tina & Dorthe what hats are to Karla & Beth.

But I've heard that lace is not so easy to come by. 
We are a lot little spoiled here in America, land of estate sales & hoarders!
So when I receive something covered in yummy lace & ribbon I know they must really love me!

Tina's work is so unique, her style is most defiantly all her own.  Every single time I go visit her blog I find a new technique or design that I can incorporate into my own work.  She very willingly shares it with all of us.

Thank you Tina, what a perfect surprise!!!!!

I thought after Paper Cowgirl life would settle down to a dull roar,
But Noooooo!
July has become another challenge altogether,.
 days filled with kids activities,
projects, swaps, birthday gifts & more deadlines

Here's a little sneak at my next workshop.
I'll show you much more & tell you where to register next week!

This weekend we're ditching the insane Texas heat & heading for the beautiful cool mountains of Colorado!
We'll spend a few days in Denver with family, then go in search of some new places.  Does anyone have any favorite spots in Amarillo or Colorado? Any tips?


Petite Michelle Louise said...

lucky..lucky girl to receive such a tresor from sweet tina! I'm also lOVING a peek at YOUR next class project. Have fun in CO!

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

How beautiful!! I am in awe at the creativity and talent in this world which feels like it's right next door thanks to the internet and BLOGLAND!!!

Wish I could escape from the heat . . . 104 today . . . WHAH!!!!

Have fun!!


Terri said...

Lisa, you have such a beautiful blog, and your art is inspiring.
This lace pocket is so lovely, and that little doll *sigh*....

Raspberries and Rose Petals said...

What a wonderful gift! So beautiful!

I grew up in Colorado Springs (1 hour south of Denver) and will be visiting my parents there in a couple weeks! We always loved going to Estes Park ~ they have some quaint little shops there and the scenery is awesome!

Enjoy your escape!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

What a gorgeous gift from Tina! The pocket is just beautiful and the treasures are very yummy! You deserve it, girl :-)! Enjoy!
Your trip to CO sounds wonderful! Have a save trip and a great time in the mountains!!!

Debra@Common Ground said...

This is just amazing. I don't know HOW you girls do it!! All that lace is just delicious. Have a wonderful getaway, Lisa. Colorado sounds like a great place to relax and cool down.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Just another gift from a friend who appreciates your generous spirit. That pocket is over-the-top gorgeous!
Definitely wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Have a safe trip, my friend.

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Lisa ~
Have fun in Colorado !! It is a perfect time to leave Texas !
I love your sweet gift and your new project looks wonderful !!

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

This pocket is outrageously gorgeous!!!! Oh you blessed little girl, you! And photos like this {the pocket and your new project} only add fuel to an already out-of-control fire when it comes to hoarders of lace. You ought to be arrested! Ha! Those words, "teach these little feet the road"...oh...that is an absolutely precious statement. I'm so glad you are such an inspiring person! Xo, Sue

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Why, you spoiled rotten little stinker, you! ;-)

No, no, no....I'm just jealous.
You girls amaze me, all you mega talented talented, artsy craftsy types. I look at things like this and it sort of brings it home hoe far I have to go in the crafting department. So beautiful!

Have a fab time on your trip, and I'll try and call you as stinkin' AT&T allows.


Dyche Designs said...

What a beautiful gift, your face must have lit up when you received it.

Amy said...

Just so beautiful, you are so lucky to receive such beautiful packages from friends across the sea.
Those look like they take a lifetime to sew up with all the little extras
just amazing work.

Diane said...

I just came over from Zuzu's Cottage in the Woods - WOW!!! You have a beautiful blog. Love the pockets and the beautiful art. Diane

sandra said...

Oh wow!!! Tina's pocket is beyond lucky you are to receive such an exquisite pocket! Surely an unbelievable "thank you"! Your next project looks beautiful!

Netty said...

This is so very beautiful, such a treasure. Annette

The French Bear said...

Wow, you girls are so inspiring, all that lacy goodness. I love the doll peeking out!
Beautiful gift!!!
Margaret B

Anonymous said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! Gorgeous from Tina! I agree! Put her and Dorthe in a room together full of crafting supplies and magic would happen! It already does! Can you imagine!

TinyBear said...

The sneak peek from your new workshop look swonderful Lisa - can´t wait to see.
Have a wonderful trip to Colorado -sounds wonderful with the temperatures.
xo Tina

Claudia said...

The pocket is beautiful - I am continually in awe of the talent out there in the blogging world! I sure hope you have a workshop up my way sometime!


The word verification is: pedlytod - doesn't that sound like something out of Beatrix Potter?

sissie said...

Hi Lisa, my favorite little bloggin gal!

Wouldn't it be wonderful to go over and visit Tina and Dorthe. To see their studios in person and to see what life is like in their country! To see where they create their lovely works of art.

Your gift it wonderful. Everyone loves you, including me!!!

Have a wonderful trip and come back full of new ideas and inspiration to pass on to us all.


Erica said...

Enjoy your trip! The mall in Amarillo has Kohr Bros custard - you can only get it on the boardwalk in NJ, the mall in Amarillo, Key West, and another mall in AZ. Vanilla Orange swirl is my favorite. Have some for me!

Dorthe said...


So beautifull a pocket from Tina, it is a wonderfull art-piece, and you so much deserves it, sweet lady.
And your new workshop looks so ,gorgeus, and sweet-it could`nt be that you are going to do online workshops---Could it :) ?????
Dear Lisa have a great trip to Colorado, enjoy,-and take care,
Big hug- Dorthe


Hey Lisa! Love the beautiful pocket from Tina. And the teaser for your upcoming class is amazing! Have fun in Colorado...Ouray, Estes Park, South Fork (Fun Valley), and Alamagordo are all fun. Alamagordo has a wonderful white sand dunes national park which the kids would really like! Hugs, Angela


OOOOPS, the sand dunes are in Alamosa, Colorado. Not Alamagordo...that's in New Mexico. ~ Angela

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

What a wonderful pocket! Thanks for poiting me in Tina's direction!

Love the post of you & Lily @ it! Looking forward to news of your next workshop! Have fun on your trip!

Lisa said...

Oh my! How very lovely! Surprises are great as it is but one so beautiful is extra special!
Hugs, Lisa

Gracefully Vintage said...

Those are adorable,I just love them..
Loving your blog, so much, you really are so inspirational,Truly you are..

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

What a beautiful gift, your one lucky girl! I just love anything with lace on it! Hope yall have a wonderful and saft trip to Colorado!!! Blessings~~~ Daphne

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

you didn't even leave yet and i already miss you. i don't know why you and anne leave me behind though...hmpf!

tina totally rocks!!! i love love love her style and everything she makes is simply beautiful!!!! i'm looking forward to a swap with her :) i love all of the details. her and julia are just so freakin' talented!!!!

hopefully by the time you get back, oreo will be better. she's on my chest (coughing) hence the finger pecking with no capitalization.

i just had to tell you bye before you left (without me)
have fun (without me)
be safe (without me)
go shop (without me)
love you said...

What a beautiful treasure. Lucky you. . . I'm still loving the things you sent to me for my grandmas room. I would like your address, my e-mail is, Would you please send it too me.

I'm going back to check out that blog.

Have a good evening.

Katsui Jewelry said...

Gorgeous pocket. That lace is stunning in its detail.

The Feathered Nest said...

OHMYGOODNESS!!! What beautiful mail love from Tina girl!!!! I love anything that involves pockets myself and this one is absolutely gorgeous! Such wonderful friends we have here in blogland ~ I've never seen anything like it!!! The sharing and friendship is like none other ~ your new class project looks gorgeous as usual Lisa!! I know you will have a great response to it as well....let me know the date so I can spread the news, OK? Be safe in your travels and try to relax!!! much love....xxoo, Dawn

Boxwood Cottage said...

Aw Lisa now isn't it great to have friends like Tina and Ann and Julia in the world :) We sure are lucky! I love the gorgeous pocket sweet Tina has created for you what a lovely surprise!!!

And that sneek peak of your creation is so pretty *sigh* I would love to take a class with you!

I truly admire how you get so much done with 3 small children. You are amazing!

Wishing you a happy Sunday!

xoxo~ Carola

The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh my, lucky you to have recieved the pocket! It IS amazing.
The workshop looks very pretty!
I don't spend near enough time here, not nearly enough. How do you do so much! With 3 kids! Goodness, such energy! Such fun!

Rebecca said...

Hey Lisa Girl...
You get the most wonderful mail, all I get are bills! That Tina is so talented, love the pocket!
Tried emailing you 3 times and got it back 3 times... then tried calling and got a fax tone! Don't know what the deal is, but call me when you get back from CO... that should be very fun. Boulder is the artsy fartsy place to go... it isn't that far from Denver! I loved it.
Have a safe and funfilled trip!

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

I always know I'll find something delicious when I stop over and once again you never fail.
I think she most certainly LOVES you! Love love love it!

BTW I don't know how you do everything you, family, blogging, workshops and all in the Texas heat! oy!
You deserve a long relaxing vacation!
Have fun!

June said...

Tina's creation is gorgeous you lucky girl you! This is what you get for being as awesome and giving as you are Lisa.
Your new workshop project looks wonderful. I am sure blogland will be excited to hear all about this one.
I hope you have a wonderful time in Colorado. Safe travels my friend.

The Chateau of Remnants said...

What a great read of a blog! Your pocket gift is adorable! What a sweet treat!

Enjoy on CO! I bet it is much cooler there!

Renee ♥

Anonymous said...

Where-oh-where is Lisa?? :-)


The Blackwood Cottage said...

What a great blog! Land of hoarders...boy isn't that the truth! LOL
I'm going to be your latest follower!

Marydon said...

Oh, Lisa, what a lovely TINA creation, you lucky gal!

Have a beautiful weekend.
TTFN ~ Marydon

Fabulously french said...

Lucky you, it is gorgeous!

Leeann x

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

i haven't "talked" to tina in forever, but i must tell you that i agree - she's amazing!

you've given me the urge to email her, damned be the crack house!

Charlene said...

Oh what a pretty pocket!!! I know you will treasure that! Hope you are having fun in Colorado. I wish I had talked to you before you went. Did you know I was born in Colorado? YEP! I guess I was leaving for California & when I got home you left for Colorado. HAVE FUN!!! Karla & Beth were amazing. Soooooooooooo sweet. Were your ears burning? We talked about you. Call me when you get home so we can catch up. I MISS YOU!!!! HUGS Charlene

Laurie said...

OMG, that pocket is amazing! What a treat, lucky you! I read this too late -- I was on vacation, too, and away from home in Colorado, otherwise I would have given you some tips!