Friday, September 3

Inspiration Friday!

I finally finished my project for Karla & Beth's online workshop,

I was blown away by their banner! 
 Art History was one of my favorite courses & I'm fascinated by arch types.  The Gothic & Moorish being my favorite.
I took certain 'liberties' with the project by turning the banner into a triptych. It's a ghoulish family portrait.

I was watching Rosemary's Baby last night & the plot greatly influenced my piece.
 I'm  thinking the parents wish to remain a mystery, masking their faces.
But the heir, the dark prince, stands proud & tall.
Maybe on second thought the parents are hiding from him.

After all, Catboat was 'trouble'.
I used several images from Karla & Beth's workshop, & even worked the waxed paper into my center arch.  I created hinges to allow the piece to stand.
I can't wait to make Beth's burlap bag, & the other projects.
All of the resources, demonstration videos & images they provide makes each project a pleasure to work on.

I'm linking up to Debra's  blog party,

One of my biggest inspirations is..........
Rose Hicks
Matriarch of the Hicks-Bolton empire!
The photos in my last post are evidence of the influence her style has in my home.

Why there is not a book on the genius of this family is beyond me!

These pictures are all taken from ME Home Companion 12 years ago!
Rose was certainly a pioneer.

Look at her all white decor, the little assemblages gathered from precious treasures.

Layered empty frames.

I gasped when I saw her hang ironstone backwards, I also credit her with showing me the beauty in a crackled stained piece of china.
Beauty in imperfection.
So thank you Debra & Miss Rose for a very inspiring look back!
Check out Debra's blog for a list of other party guests.


Raspberries and Rose Petals said...

I am sooooo signing up for that workshop! Love the Rosemary's Baby spin ~ very cool!



Thanks for showing this post..............this is one of the reasons why I have kept every book from MEHC..............HUGS MARY

June said...

Lisa I love you Gothic Ghost project! I LOVE IT!!! I loved that you watch scary movies too. Something I didn't know about you.LOL! I love that the parents are blind folded. You are a creative genius Lisa and I wish you would rub off on me.
I am surprised too, that the Boltons haven't published books about there amazing style. I would own every one. I have saved every magazine article about all of them. The mother and every daughter. I loved the article you showed here. Rose is my very favorite. It is her style that has most influenced me too.
You lucky girl...having Jodie visit you!!! Her photos were amazing.
hugs to you from over here...

Claudia said...

I have that same article - just like last time you wrote about Rose Hicks, I am now thinking I have to locate that copy of MHC! You're right - why isn't there a book about the Bolton Style? Especially Rose's style which was so, so ahead of the current trend. She is absolutely amazing.

Love your artwork!


trash talk said...

Girl, YOU inspire me! I love this triptych. Makes me wonder what would happen if CatBoat and Cat Daddy got together!
You know how I feel about that family and the Hill Country look they created!

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Your triptych is beautiful! I;ve seen some other projects from the class and it look slike all of you are having a high old time with your ghostly fun!

I remember that article about Rose Hicks and I learned much from it back then that has carried forward with me into today. I was glad to be reminded of something I so enjoyed.

Debra@Common Ground said...

OOOOOhhh Lisa, LOVE this piece you did, I'm learning so many things from you! I too find gothic arches to be so inspiring, and I must say I'm glad little Catboat isn't sporting his goat eyes and hooves! (goosebumps here) ha ha!
I remember seeing this a long time ago about Rose Hicks, she certainly has influenced and inspired SO many people! Thank you so much for linking up today! Love and appreciate your support!! I know we will need to descend on Anne once she's settled for a Homestead Extravaganza!
big hugs

Amy said...

Oh your piece is amazing, I wish you could have taken part in my book challenge, it would have been amazing to see what you would have done.
I have been decorating like this since I was 18, I never knew it was a style or a style others had going on in their houses. I was considered so abnormal back then and now it is so mainstream, go figure.
Take care and have a great holiday weekend

vicki said...

Oh such a beautiful post - those vintage pictures - o my. How creative that your friend hung her plates backwards - that take courage - I totally loved that!

Your gothic creations are amazing - I have seen several that folks in your group are doing and they are so imaginative - a great c reation for this time of year! LOVE yours!!

As always - you have such a great way of telling a story - your photos take my breath away and your blog just always sings~~


The Feathered Nest said...

YOU ARE AMAZING GIRL!!!! This art piece is GORGEOUS (if wicked can be gorgeous :) Just creepy and wonderful all at the same time!! and you SO know how I feel about the most wonderful Rose Hicks...a woman of style long before her time ~ I still am in love with each and every photo of her home...and her daughter certainly got their amazing taste from their mama!!!! Wonderful post sweetie, wonderful, hugs and love, Dawn

The English Romantic said...

I think your gothic arches are just amazing, I am truly inspired.
Rose Hicks is new to me so I read with interest.
I'm having my first 'Giveaway' please call by and say Hello.

rustandruffles said...

Hi Lisa,
I LOVE this turned out so cute!!
Happy day!

Fabric Art said...

Lise your arches are so wonderful, love them all, what a great idea putting them together with hinges.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

This is gorgeous, Lisa!!! It's beautiful and creepy at the same time! I love the lacey blindfolds over the parent's eyes.
Did you sleep well after watching that movie?
I never seem lucky when I try to call you. It looks like I have to visit you to get the chance to talk to you ... :-).
Have a great weekend, girl!
Lots of hugs,

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Love your rendition of the Romantic Gothic banner Lisa...the lace masks were a very clever, stylish addition.

What issue of ME is that article in? I'd like to reread it & haevn't come across it lately when I reread my issues.

LOVED seeing snippets of your house...especially through Jodie's camera lens. She got some incredible shots!

Allison Shops said...

Nice job on your workshop piece! Enjoyed the Rose Hicks images - lovely.

I'm dropping by from Common Ground. Also wanted to tell you about Atticmag's new link party - Giveaway Friday! It's a convenient place for bloggers to link their giveaways and a one stop shop for readers to find them! Hope to see you there.


Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Girly girl, your gothic ghosts are soooo cool! It appeals to my macabre side. ;-)

There you go again, taunting me with that article on Rose know how long I've been searching in vain for that stinkin' article? But hey, I'm just happy to see her and the Bolton's get their proper due!

Love ya loads,

sissie said...

Hey Lisa,
I love the Gothic Ghosts. I have to laugh at the heir's name, Catboat. I bet he is a sneaky little rascal!

Anyway, your project turned out so nice.

I love Rose's style too. I remember that issue and now I am going to look for it.

big ole hugs to you.


LizlovesVintage said...

I can't believe you posted about Rose. About 2-3 weeks ago I was looking for this article to post on my Blog.Her ideas are great and I feel in love with her style. Too funny girl. We think alike:) Great art work! Have a great weekend.xx LizlovesVintage

Beth Leintz said...

Your take on the banner is amazing-just like I knew it would be.

After seeing Jodie's pictures of your house, I know Rose Hicks' would be proud of you- and I agree with the other comments that we need a Rose Hicks style book.

Sandy Navarro said...

Lisa, you are just so freak'in FabUlous! I am honored to know you, girl! I LOVE your version of this project and the lace blindfolds, absolutely genius!

Rose Hicks would be so proud to see her influence in your home so beautifully honored.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, what a great way to display your Romantic Gothic Ghosts class project!!! I'm not making mine into a banner either. I only made 3, not 5, and they'll hang individually from the curtain rod in my studion.

Yours is beautiful! Love the liberties you took! Artistic license! The best part...the lace masks! So cool!

Hugs! Diane

Robin Thomas said...

I love this project! I will head over to their site and take a look. Thanks for sharing those pics. I still miss the ME pubication. Sigh.

Dorthe said...

Oh dear Lisa, your artch is outstanding beautifull, you surelu made it your own , and fantastic,that you made it stand, --love the masks on the parents--but don`t love Rosemary`s baby -LOL-
the shown magazin pages -so old, and yet so very much from today-a very special woman, I`m sure.
I`m having sweet houers with Mathilde, she is my big love :)
Have great wek-end houers, sweetie.
Love and hugs, and take care.

Cottage Panache said...

Lisa, all of your pieces turned out wonderful (surprise ~ surprise ~ not!) You have more talent in your pinky than some have in their whole being! Love the pics ~ thanks for sharing!
Maureen ;)

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Lisa ~
Ohhhh my goodness girl
you are so very talented !
That turned out
awesome !!


Terri said...

This is such a great post! Lots to see. I love your ghost arch. Your inspiration led you in a great direction with it. The wax paper works so well behind the boy, as well as his flower. So Cool!
Terri said...

Zowzers! Thanks for making our class look good!!

time-worn interiors said...

It's funny I remember when that artical came out! It inspired me to! I loved Rose's house! Of course I also love her daughter, Carol Bolton! She is definetly a style setter! I had the pleasure to meet her a couple of years ago and she is so sweet!

Miss Sandy said...

Love your twist on the class project! I was finally able to log in and get started too. I agree, WHY is there not a book? I have the same ME issue. I took a peek at the post below and am in awe of the beauty of the decor of your home! What a fun time you gals must have had. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful week!

Dapoppins said...

My dad gave me some family photos of lost relatives...some of them are vintage casket photos with a "beloved sister" in the casket!!!

I keep thinking I should do something with that, and you have inspired me.

My Grama's Soul said...

Your project is over the moon gorgeous........!!!

Nuff' said.


Storybook Woods said...

I adore Rose and her duaghters, they inspire me so. I know someone who is friends with them and say they are the kindest, down to earth people xoxo Clarice
ps. did you get Wren??

Suz said...

What a fantastic tryptych! I am glad you took such liberties! I would have given anything (well, within limits) to take that class but we are off to Prague and Croatia tomorrow for our exchange student son's wedding. Don't you feel sorry for me?

cindy said...

Love your triptyche. It turned out great and I love the use of wax paper...clever girl! :) You are awesome.

And yes, that MEHC remains one of my favorites. I can still remember the first time I stumbled into one of the shops of theirs at Fredericksburg, about 12 or 13 years ago....I remember being in awe at what they were doing...very ahead of their time!


Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

hi, lisa.
i love your gothic arch project. it looks wonderful.
and i so enjoyed seeing the photos from 12 years ago of someone who was obviously THE pioneer for today's look!

i think i sent you an email earlier but, of course, i can't remember!
if you're going to be teaching a class in your area would you please let me know.
i don't see any newsletter sign-up thingy so i'm relying on your memory. lol

i hope you have such a wonderful time at Fall P.C.
i'll be at warrenton this year but next year i think i'm planning on going to Fall P.C.:)

warmly, jan

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

oh my gosh!
I'm late! Well....not exactly. Somebody STOLE my comment that I left last week...what's up with that?
Anywho...this creation is right up my ally...I LOVE THE GOTHIC-ness and everything about it!!!!

And...what's with the blinders on their eyes? Thankfully this blog is rated. It would be borderline R...almost X! hahahaha
I love it!

I'm so happy you turned me on to Rose Hicks...she's amazing. I think some of her blood rolls through your veins. I'd bet money on it. For real.

sweetpea said...

omg are you really coming? i don't care if you are barefoot, i can't wait to give you a big hug! it just gets better and better!



{Bellamere Cottage} said...

She's been featured many times in magazines...and I ALWAYS drool... Doesn't she have the most wonderful look?

Warm blessings,