Monday, November 1

Hanging with friends

How cool to have your own little gang. 
A special group who really 'get' you!
Who are there for you,

to lend an ear,
or share an ice cream.
Pretty awesome huh?!
Well that's how I feel about you!
Hanging out with you has been life changing!

I've got to share some wonderful gifts with you.
(Charlotte & Charlene)
I met sweet Charlotte at my collage class last month & fell in love with the amazing cross she was wearing.
When I found out she made it I flipped! 
I collect crucifix's, rosaries, all religious icons, so it really spoke to me.
Well about 2 weeks later I received a package in the mail, just in time for my Round Top trip!
The necklace is amazing enough, but check out her presentation!
Is that cool or what!
I love it Charlotte!
I'm trying to talk this talented girl into starting a blog & selling some of her wonderful creations.
I get really excited when I see a package postmarked from Denmark.
I know it will be filled with some great treasures.
Some artful collage.
Lovely supplies,
And bits of nature.
My dear friend Dorthe always packs little pieces from the shore. 
 I cherish them so!

Her beautiful tags.
And some inspirational reading.
 Thank you sweet friend, I love you!
I hope you have a wild week!
Poor Philip had a 103 fever & missed the festivities. 
Oh well, there's always next time!


Petite Michelle Louise said...

loved..loved..loved those sweet sentiments about your trio and their friendship. way cool! Also...that pendant is stunning!! You mean she doesn't' sell her creations anywhere or blog ? You MUST get her to join "the family"my dear! She'd be a hit!! TFS!

Createology said...

This is a lovely post. The children are so adorable and enjoying treats is such fun. Loving your gifts and knowing the friends found through blogging is heartwarming. Happy Autumn...

Vicki said...

Such sweet pics of the kiddos! Hope you enjoyed Halloween with them and that the little man is on the mend.
I can't believe the presentation she did on that gorgeous necklace. So creative. I'm going back to look again! Join us in blog world. We'd love to share in your creativity! Speaking of special bonds...have fun with your creative friends this weekend!

Miss Sandy said...

It is cool to hang out with those who get you and you sure have got some adorable children! I hope your sweet boy is feeling well soon. Have a great week!

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I was looking for your other son in the pic....isn't it sad when they get sick and miss something. I think we as parents feel worse than they do!

Tete said...

You have got the best buddies a mom could ask for. Sorry Philip was ill and couldn't dress up, but I'm sure the other 2 shared their goodies with him.
They are sure growing like weeds!
Hugs- Tete

Linda said...

Lisa~ your little ones are so are really blessed! Hope your son is feeling better, and none of the others have caught it! Lots of great eye candy with your mail goodies!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Pretty, pretty treasures from Dorthe and Charlotte!

And I can finally tell your boys apart!!! ;-)

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Your gang is too cute but I guess they'd rather be called cool ;-).
How thoughtful of Charlotte to give you such a lovely handmade cross. Our sweet friend Dorthe has sent you lots of prettiness! I so love the gorgeous collage she made and the laces look very yummy!!! The tag is so pretty as well. Enjoy all those wonderful treasures, Lisa :-)!

Lululiz said...

What a lovely post. The children are just adorable.
Dorthe always sends the most delightful packages. She is a wonderful friend.
The cross your friend Charlotte made is stunning. She really ought to have a blog. Do try a bit harder to persuade her, lol!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Those little ones keep getting cute-er every minute!!! You're so lucky to have your own "gang"
I live the cross Charlotte looked fabulous on you at rt. Charlene looks beautiful as always!!!! I miss her.
I'm preparing myself not to freak out this weekend when y'all will be having fun without me :(
omg...dorthe's spoiling you WAY too much Lisa!!! She's such a sweetheart...I'm so happy I was able to meet her through you :)
well...continue on preparing for sweet dawn's arrival...i'll be playing in my silverware box again...wishing I was with y'all.

Dorthe said...

Oh sweet Lisa,the little gang looks so happy together, and having a very good time with their ice creames.................... your cross is fantastic,-how absolutely special, and yes the presentation so beautifull.It would certainly be great with a blog-shop with those gorgeus crosses.
Sweetie ,you know I love you too, and this was just a little thankyou ,for your gorgeus birthday present to me.
Enjoy,enjoy with dear Dawn-
I know you will have a WONDERFULL week-end.
I hope your little one, will be feeling all well, very soon, Lisa.
Hugs, and love you-
Thankyou all dear friends for your so sweet and loving words about me here, -I would not have been the same without all of you-XXXOOO

trash talk said...

Give me ice cream and I'll be a part of your can even call me Spankette! Lordy...doncha wish you could just make time stand still...even for just an hour?
That necklace is the size!
P.S. Jodie's a fine one to be calling you spoiled! I saw the loot you sent her!!!

sissie said...

Hi Lisa,
All I can say is your three darlings are as precious as it gets! And, I bet a handful!!! How do you ever find the tiem to create and do all your art creations and hold workshops!!!

You are superwoman only cuter.

Love all your gifts too. The cross is amazing.


A Cottage Muse said...

What lovely treasures ~ especially those 3 lovelies eating ice cream! I do miss those days, thank you for sharing your little ones!

rosa & josie said...

Your group looks awesome Lisa! Gotta love ice cream eating shots like these =))
Oh, yes the cross necklace is definitely gorgeous....great piece!
I know all the time it involved to make the resin focal~simply divine!!
Poor Philip...I knew one of your guys was missing =(

time-worn interiors said...

I really miss having little one around! So sweet!

I want a package from Denmark! Great stuff there!

Have a great week!

Charlene said...

Hey sweetie thanks for the update! Yes, I will put it on the calendar... Maureens! Can't wait to see everyone. Had so much fun with you in McKinney. Thanks for hooking up with us. Sandy loved meeting you. She'll be back for Round Top Spring. Good luck with the blog & Charolette. She always says she's too busy. HUGS!

Storybook Woods said...

What a bunch of cutie-pies. I am sorry Philip was sick. Hope he is better now. oxo Clarice

* French Farmhouse 425 * said...

Love your blog!Im your newest follower! :)Rachel

Anonymous said...

Truly the best kind of gang to belong to!!
I think you've got a pretty neat gang to hang around with out there in Texas too! Whenever I see you have posted pics of all the lovely ladies you hang out with...I think how great it is! So much inspiration wrapped up in those connections! How could you ever feel lonely and even begin to think of being bored!
Love that Dorthe! Isn't she amazing!
Hugs! Diane
PS: Hope your trio doesn't have to hide all their Halloween loot from their mom when they are off at school! ;)
Hugs again!

Harvest Moon said...

Lovely blog, lovely goodies, "Our gang" precious!

Peridots Garden Blog said...

Gorgeous photos of the kids and your friends!

Especially beautiful gifts for a SPECIAL LADY!

Thank you for sharing!


Moe said...

Charlotte is a wonderful and talented person and my best friend in the whole wide world! Have known her for years! Love that she is getting recognized for her very talented work. Someone get her going on a blog. Especially before Christmas! What Charlotte does to decorate her home is totally awesome! Thank you Charlene for recognizing Charlotte! Now only if you would give classes in Denver, CO, I'd sign up for every class! hint hint! said...

Poor little guy! I hope he is feeling better and got some candy from the other kids's stash!

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Lisa. Your babies are so precious!!!! They will always, always have each other and that's the most wonderful thing!!! I think that often about our boys and am glad we had a big family ~ they may give each other a hard time but in the end they will always love and stand up for each other too!!!! That necklace is such a gorgeous gift girl and Dorthe is so precious for sending you treasures!!! It's wonderful having friends all over the world, isn't it? I'm so glad you decided to start your blog and I'm so glad I'm finally going to get to meet you in person!!!! See you tomorrow girl ~ hugs and love, Dawn

June said...

Lisa we all feel the same way about you. It's great to have people who get you!
I think that group of rowdys in the driveway mean know, with a capitol T!!! So darling, every single one of them.

Oh my gosh Dorthe is amazing...isn't she???
hugs to you...

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Hi Lisa, looks like you got some great treasures! You sure have some cuties around your house!!! I wanted to let you know that Laurie is only open Canton week, but she has longer hours during the show now, since she gave up the booths in the Arbors. Their gone to Jackson Mississippi and then to the Nutcracker in Houston following that right now. I sure hate that I'm not going to get to met you girls, I tried to make my appointment for Thursday (today) but the Doctor was going to be out, so the only day was Friday, or yall still going to stop at Winnie & Tulalas and will Debbie get to met up with you. I so wanted to go over and change my booth up to an all white booth this week but just didn't get time to, I think it looks awful right now, but I'll get to soon and take pictures. I hope yall have a safe and fun trip, let me hear all about it! hugs~~~ Daphne
PS Thanks for you sweet comment about my lace purse. I looooooove lace too!

Kris Pare said...

oh, oh, OH--those are beautiful but that necklace is awesome! I love your 'gang' what a sweet bunch.

vicki said...

Your children are beyond adorable - they absolutely speak to my heart they are so sweet! Precious photos!

That cross really is an amazing work of art - it so suits you. And the presentation is totally unique!

Dorthe is an amazing woman. So generous and so kind - your treasures from her are to be cherished. I love her so~~

As always dear Lisa - your posts are a visual treat and they speak to the hearts of all of us!


Jann said...

A lovely post--and your children are just adorable!