Monday, April 4

Nature inspired give-away

I can't believe it's been 12 days since I posted last.
Now that winters chill has left us (I think) we are spending every free minute outside.

We went camping in Texas Hill country over spring break, & had so much fun we went again the next week,

 & the week after that!
  There is nothing better to me than heading to a National Park for some R&R.  
Days spent hiking, looking for nature,

 swimming in the still frigid water,

star gazing & of course MANY s'mores.

Right now I'm pretty much obsessed with everything nature.
 Perhaps it's all the camping, or the evidence of spring in my garden, or the anticipation of Karla's Bird Songs event next month.  
On my bedside table, 3 of my very favorite art books.

Nature Inspired by Traci Lyn Huskamp.

Mixed Media Nature Journals by LK Ludwig.

& the newest addition to my library, Eco Colour by India Flint.

 You can find them all on my sidebar under Amazon Favorites.
Another HUGE dose of heaven to me is reading DJ Pettitt's blog, she is absolute perfection!
 Someday I hope to will take a class from her, until then I will drool all over my laptop.
On my art table right now.

 Playing with techniques I've learned from these amazing books.
Last week I realized that I've reached a milestone with my blog, over 1000 followers!
 Wow, that's insane to me.
 I think that calls for a giveaway, don't you?

The rules for my giveaways are always simple, just leave a comment on this post.
 I will draw a winner on Sunday night, April 10th.
The prize????
A nature journal I'm working on, I'll try to post more pictures this week.
And so no one goes away empty handed, I'd like to share this sweet picture with you.
 Maybe you can use her in your work.


Karen B. said...

Hi dear Lisa,
CONGRATULATIONS !!! 1000 followers that is fantastic. I love all your creations and you are so talented,girl. Keep creating and never stop!! I will post about your giveaway on my blog today!
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

kpaints said...

Wow, that is great, congrats! I am going to sign up as I could use a journal right now and I love nature themes! Thanks.

sonya said...

Hi Lisa,
That is fabulous, 1000 followers! I can't even imagine. Congratulations to you. I would love to win your nature journal!
Blessings to you,

ThereseMarie said...

I've missed you this past week!! Glad you are having such a great time - I'm jealous but inspired! I've never done a nature journal, so I would love to have yours to inspire me! No matter, it's great to be following your blog every day!

Claudia said...

Hi Lisa,

Your camping trips sounds like great fun! We're still waiting for spring around here - winter has had quite the grip on us!


Libertybelle said...

Congratulations on your 1000th follower-well done!
I love your work and would be delighted to be included in your giveaway.

annette said...

I love the idea of a nature journal. The books by your bed are going to be bought by me. I just loved the look of them.

Sugar said...

congrats!!! that is a darling pic!! love all your artwork.. would love a chance to win :)

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Lisa, no wonder you have 1000 followers. Your talent is boundless. Even your nature collections randomly spread about look absolutely gorgeous! I love nothing more than being in the great outdoors ... we are on Spring Break right now but stuck inside because of dust storms yet again. Ugh! But I am getting lots of crafting and cooking done so that's a good thing. I bet those books on your bedside table are absolutely amazing and so inspiring! Best wishes for the rest of your week. :) Tammy

Rondi said...

Love your pictures from the hill country - I'm ashamed to say that I live in Houston and have never ventured out there - will definitely make a point of it now! Please enter me into your drawing - love your projects - you are an inspiration!

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

Congrats on 1000! I love the little girl picture. Thanks for sharing.


FarfallaDK said...

Wow, 1000 followers!
That is so amazing. Congratulations on that.

I also start feeling the arrival of spring here in Denmark. It is so wonderful and makes me so happy!

Thank you for giving me the chance to win this. I'll put a link to it on my blog

Greetings from FarfallaDK

Angela said...

I also love to gather up all those natural things to be found laying around, if we take the time to notice. I'm anxious to see the journel you are putting together with natural treasures!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

looks like you had a wonderful time. isn't nature the best "supply store?" you found some beautiful treasures to create with mon amie! can't wait to see your finished journals. as for you giveaway...congrats on 1,000 followers!!! awesome! count me "in" on the celebration! :)

Vicki said...

Congrats!! I would love to be entered, Lisa. Camping trip looks really fun. I'm glad you guys got away. I have a giveaway a week all month if you get the time to stop by. Take care!

Nancy said...

Congrats on 1000 followers. I love the picture of the child.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Wow over 1000 followers! Congrats! I would love to be entered in your giveaway! I loved camping when I was young....nature really restores my soul! hugs, Linda

Terri Gordon said...

Congratulations, wow that is wonderful. I am not surprised though, you blog is wonderful and I love to visit. I would love to win your beautiful giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity. Have a wonderful week. Terri

Pattie said...

I love your pictures! I also love camping. Please count me in on your giveaway. Thanks for sharing. 8>)

Dorthe said...

Hi sweet friend--
how funny you mentions Traci Lyn Huskamp, in this post --I just did a post- yesterday - about how her beautifull book-inspired me to make a collage-
I do have a book from L.K.Ludwig-too :)
What wonderful photoes from your campings- dear Lisa- I can see how everyone enjoyed the time together.
And wow, you found wonderfull things out there---
CONGRATULATIONS with your 1000 followers-- thats wonderfull, and so understandable--your blog is a beautifull and so very inspirational place to visit- and you are a wonderfull friend, too--so here we are ALL :)
Big hug-from Dorthe

The Cranky Queen said...

I am glad that you and your family got to go's lots of fun, especially when the weather is cooperative. Love the idea of an "outdoorsy" giveaway. Put my name in for the drawing...Make sure that you have entered my 100 Follower Giveaway at my blog The Cranky Queen. Tiff

Tina @ TinyBear said...

Love all your natures items Lisa. I´ve just been out collecting some bark too. How fun is that. m sure it´ll all be great creations.

Congrats on your 1000th followers. How awesome.
I would love to be entered in your drawing.
Have a wonderful day sweet friend
xoxo Tina

Becky Handforth said...

What a wonderful post and a great accomplishment. 1000 Followers, amazing. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hey Lisa! Your camping trip looks like loads of fun. A great way to get inspired! I'd love to be entered in your giveaway, and I had to laugh at your Macy's card in there with the rest of your art. Hmmmmmm...say's something about our buying habits, huh? LOL!!
Hope you're off to a great week!

The Feathered Nest said...

OHMYgoodness girl....I DON'T have that LK Ludwig book!!! Well, now you've given me something else to obsess about!! You're amazing Lisa and I'm sure that your nature journal is going to be too! I've got to enter cause you know I'll LOVE IT!!! Wishing you many more followers that discover your wonderful talents, hugs and love, Dawn

MoniqueNostalgique said...

Hi Lisa,

Ohhh that is a very nice give-away... i like i like i like!!! I follow you since a little while but never leave a comment because my english is a bit shabby... LOL
But now i read this post... whoehoe!!! i just have to leave a comment, just to say how much i like your blog and how inspiring it is for me... Thank you !!!

With love,
Monique (from the Netherlands)

Ruby said...

I keep picking up discarded books that I think would be useful in some type of mixed media journal. I'll take the plunge someday. Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

We have missed you, Miss Lisa, but it's so nice to know that you and your family have been OUTSIDE in the warmth of spring having FUN!! It sounds like you have made many wonderful memories! And....collected lots of "good stuff" to create with!
Looking forward to seeing what else you have been up to and will be with all these natural goodies!
Hugs, Diane

she dreams big! said...

OK. You officially have a jealous follower.! Still too cold up here.

Count me in on your giveaway,'kay? Your nature book is inspiring me!

Pretty Ragged Threads said...

Congrats on your 1000 followers. Your blog is beautiful and so inspiring. I love nature and am always looking for things to use on my pieces.

Your book looks very interesting, I would love to be a part of youe giveaway.


Leanne said...

sounds like you had a fab time! And are continuing in your art room! thanks for hosting a giveaway!

christine said...

i really, really, really need your journal... please add me to your giveaway list, congrats on lovely blog.. :)

luverlie said...

I've missed your posts, but so glad that you are having fun! I'd love to win anything LISA! Please enter me. And congrats on 1000 followers.

Shopgirl said...

I love your photos. We are still winter like most of the time. I also like this picture of the little girl...This is a wonderful post, nature has called you...not that nature...Hugs, mary

Susan said...

Congratulations on 1000 followers! What a milestone. Thanks for the sweet little image and the opportunity to win some of your artwork!

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Lisa ~
I am so very much smiling
at your kids camping!
What fun and precious times that they will remember forever!!

Ohhhh and congratulations on
your over 1,000 followers!


Storybook Woods said...

Well that must be the joys of living in TX. You could never camp here, it is a giant, cold, mud puddle. I love that book too!! xoxox Clarice

papertrails leaver said...

Wowzers! Contests on the followers! Well deserved! Your trip looks like it was fab! Thanks for chance at the giveaway! :-) Amy

RobinBirdsNest said...

Sounds wonderful! Would love to win! Thanks for the chance! The books are awesome!

Nelly said...

Thanks for this beautiful photo. I love these sweet photos. Thanks for offering your beautiful creation for a giveaway.


khess136 said...

Lisa, congratulations on reaching your 1,000th!! What a milestone! Your pictures are beautiful as is your family. Thank you so much for the sweet little girl. I will use her for sure!

CarLe Etc. said...

Love your artwork! I would be thrilled to win one of your journals...April 14th is my that would make a lovely gift...thxs for sharing...

Linda said...

1000 followers, so deserve it...I am happy to be among them! Looks like you have been having some wonderful family times!

barbara r-g said...

i love the picture of the little girl. and of course who wouldn't want to win a nature inspired gift.

Nancy said...

Hi Lisa,
I feel so fortunate to have found your blog while I was visiting Virginia's Vignettes! I'm a fellow nature lover! I love your style and would be thrilled to win one of your lovely creations!

Dolly said...

Wow 1000... thats awesome!!!!

I love nature and can't wait for the weather to clear so I can play in the dirt again!

I love your idea of keeping a seasonal journal!


alveen said...

Congratulations on reaching 1000 followers Lisa!
Looks like you and your family had a wonderful time enjoying the great outdoors. Nothing like getting close to nature to re-energize.
Thank you for gifting the picture of that gorgeous little girl, and please include me in your giveaway. I am having one too if you care to stop by and take a look.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Lisa,
congratulations on 1000 followers!!
Thanks for the chance to win one of your gorgeous creations and the sweet image.I will post your button on my sidebar. I have a giveaway too, so if you like come and play along.I'm a new follower too.
Have a grea day.

kliaksa said...

Congratulations on your 1000th follower- and thank you for sharing your work? your unspirations and pictures of your life with us.
I love your work and would be delighted to be included in your giveaway.

Lesley said...

Congrats, that's quite an achievement. As I'm mostly housebound due to disability, I've been deriving immense pleasure from your wonderful pics. It's (almost) as good as being out in the fabulous fresh air. Blessings

stampdiva said...

Thank you for the free image to use in artwork, she is adorable.
I'd love to be part of your Giveaway.
Lynne M

Susan Hemann said...

Hello! This is my first time visiting your blog. Wonderful. I collect things from nature and just love to do things with them. My son lives in Austin and it is so beautiful there!

jenny said...

Congratulations Lisa... how wonderful... your giveaway is so beautiful... I'm following along now... such a sweet blog and thank you for the adorable image... I love her...

Have a wonderful week...
Jenny x

Kerstin Bulin said...

Hello, wow it´s wonderful...congratiolations to you...!!!
I love your blog and your work...have a wonderful springtime
Kerstin from Germany

Yvonne said...

Congrats on reaching over 1000 followers, I'm the newest to join :)

Fabulous work here, thanks for the chance to win!

Marilyn [amafriend] said...

I've gotta tell you that "I wiSh we were neighbors" Ha! Finding your Blog has been a blessing. LoVe all that you do~~your art is loveLy, just my style, stuff I just have to learn. Thanks ♥

FredaB said...

Lisa thank you for sharing this picture. She really is sweet.

I think it is wonderful you can take the children and go camping. what a way to introduce them to nature and all the beauty around us.

congratulations on your 1000 posts.
I can't even imagine with little 73.



Cindy said...

You always inspire me my friend! Thanks for the wee nature girl, she's adorable. And I have a book for you when I see you, kinda de-stashing...and I think that this one is right up your alley.

Looks like great fun in the Hill Cty...LOVE the Hill Cty. And 1,000 dang gurl! We need to throw YOU a party! :)

love ya,

JoAnne said...

Congratulations Lisa! Your blog is such a source of inspiration.
Thanks for the sweet image. Keeping my fingers crossed.....

just me jan said...

1000 posts! Sheesh! You've been busy my dear! Congrats Lisa! I swear I'd run over small children and lame animals to be able to win one of your handmade treasures...but PLEASE tell me you're NOT gonna cut up that sweet little lace hanky...even if is machine made! ROFLOL

just me...the bleary eyed lacemaker...jan

Tabitha said...

Yeah-1,000! I'd love to win this. The free graphic is just adorable. Thanks!

June said...

Lisa I love seeing the pics of your outings with the kids. These are the things they will remember all their lives. These are the things that matter most and I am now just realizing that, because now when my grown children get together I love sitting back and listening to what they remember from their childhoods. It always surprises me. They never talk about 'the things' they always talks about 'the times'.
Your children are so lucky to have you!!!!
You sure are making me wish I lived in Texas right now though with the amazing beauty all around you.

What a wonderful giveaway. Congratulations on 1000 'people who love you like crazy'!!!!! Your art inspires so many of us.
sending hugs your way...

Jensters said...

Oh my 1000 well you have 1001 now...what a wonderful blog.

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

Sign me up!
Anything you make is wonderful!

Call me sometime, ya lazy Lurd! ;-)


Jeanie Callaghan said...

I just found your blog and am really enjoying the gorgeous photos! I'm glad for an opportunity to win your giveaway. Thank you so much.

QueenBe said...

What a generous giveaway! I would love a chance to win. Thank you for the chance! said...

Wait a minute, do you now have two sets of triplets? Your bunch seems to have doubled.

I should stick you in the camper parked on the edge of our woods while you are here, so you can feel like you are in the wilderness!

marie said...

Thank you for the chance to be in your giveaway and thank you for the sweet little girl photo!

I love all your outdoor photos ~ looks like a grand time was had by all!

sharon said...

WOW! Congrat's on the thousand!! I just found your blog thru sweet Dorthe, and I can't believe how beautiful it is, I am in heaven here! Love, love everything here! Thanks for the chance to win your generous giveaway!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

congratulations on your 1000 followers! i was having problems in trying to post a comment and now i can't remember if i got through. pls just delete my comment if it is a duplicate. i owuld really like a chance to win your nature journal giveaway. thank you!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Congrats and happy blogging! I have really enjoyed seeing the photos of Texas! I hope we can travel there soon...I have 3 of my sons that live in Texas! Love your beautiful journal! Thanks!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

So much fun, goodness, and wonderful photos and written words in this post! Thank you for the precious image to use in our art, next I celebrate with you about the joy of our Nat. Parks and just being in nature with loved ones. And the books you shared are now on my reading list. And congrats on making your milestone.
Joyful Spring Wishes and Blessings,
~ Katie

Little Pink Studio said...

Oooh, crossing all my fingers and toes that I win your give away!
Congrats on all of the followers!
xo, Cerri

Mystica said...

I'd love to win specially if the nature journal will show nature in your part of the world.

I live in the tropics and my nature here is so very different!

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Lisa well I am at least one more over the 1000 by now. Love your blog!
I came via my dear friend Dorthe - a true friend indeed! Yes India's eco dyeing work is gorgeous and really worth following her blog. It feels so right using the materials nature has already provided and give the best results.
All good cheer!

cottageprims said...

Congrats on 1000+!! Big milestone.Camping and relaxing sound dreamy right now still cold in Pennsylvania.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Oh my!! I just discovered your blog and am in love. Thank you for sharing the Nature Inspired book, have to look for that. Also for that sweet image. Congratulations on 1000 posts. Would LOVE to enter your giveaway. ~ Abby ~

Deb Plapp said...

I'm seriously thinking about starting a blog, although I'm a little nervous due to not having super computer skills. Congrats on your 1000 posts! Thank you for the chance to win your art work. Since I don't have a blog, my email is: (Just want to make sure you'll be able to reach me if I win :)

cheryl said...

Lisa, i absolutely love your art!!1please enter me in your giveaway...congratulations on reaching 1000!! Cheryl

Debbie said...

Great news on 1000 followers.

Thanks for the giveaway. I love all your work.

debbie p

Rella said...

Oh, I so hope you have the joy of taking a D.J. class. I have experienced a class with her and just adore her. Her sweetness and generous spirit is amazing. I wish that for you.

Thank you for this most darling image...I don't think I have ever come upon one this sweet,...ever.
Thank you.

xox Rella

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Southern California

I believe God put me on earth to accomplish a certain number of things and I will live until my work on earth is done. Visiting blogs is one of them. Right now I am so far behind I don't think I will ever die! :-)

God bless you and have a nice day :-)

time worn interiors said...

I would love to be included in your giveaway! I love your artwork!

And I must say the camping pictures look like a lot of fun! I miss camping, we always enjoyed it as a family! Family all grown up and gone now!


Erica said...

What a great giveaway! I'm glad you had a great time on your vacations.

Jewels said...

Hi Lisa - this is just lovely - I've been working on your instructions from 4Artists (just nothing to post yet). Jewels

Carole said...

What great memories your children will have camping. I still remember my girl scoot camping with great fondness.. Thanks for the recommendation on the book.
Congrats on the 1000 followers


the pink blossom said...

Hi Lisa,

Congrats on 1,000 followers...I am inspired to finally start blogging. I would love to win anything you create so sign me up. See you soon in the great state of Kansas...can't wait.

Many hugs to you,


Pinkie Denise said...

Congratulaions! Thank you for the great giveaway!

Kyria said...

Please enter me in your giveaway. Congrats on 1000 followers!

MoonRae said...

Congrats on a 1000 followers! Your blog is wonderful, thanks for a lovely giveaway

LW said...


and Thank you for the gift, that little girl is just too cute...
I think I will print her out and tuck her in my nook. . .


Whytefeather said...

Congratulations on so many followers! That little girl in the photo is so sweet, thank you for sharing. I'd love a chance at your giveaway! Gorgeous work!!
Isn't getting away and spending time out in nature the best?!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Well...I must say, as I am looking at snow/rain mix..that I am a wee bit jealous of the spring you are having! Looks wonderful as does your great give-away! Count me in, please !

Junque In The Trunk said...

Lucky you for getting outside and enjoying yourselves. Our weather is still too cold, rainy and even a little hail lately. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

Kathy B. said...

Congratulations on 1,000+ followers! Looks like you had a great time with your family--enjoy those times together!!! We always went camping as a family as kids; now that we're all grown up, we still go with all our families--just have upgraded from a tent to campers now!

Kristen said...

Please enter me. Thanks :).


BarbaraF said...

What a wonderful blog! I'm so happy to find it. Thank you for all the beautiful images you so graciously share. I appreciate it.

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh my gosh, Love your blog, gorgeous photos at every turn, inspiration everywhere. So glad I found you.

Ruth said...

Since a kid I've always had a fascination with the patterns and textures found in nature. Bark especially is very inspiring to me, filled with the coolest of natural designs. And I can never resist collecting Fall leaves! So, thanks very much for the opportunity to win your nature journal :)

Oh, and congratulations on making it over 1,000 Followers!!! Wow!

VintageCrafter said...

Oh What a wonderful giveaway! I would absolutely LOVE to win one of your creations. It is so pretty.
Please count me in!

Wanda said...

LOVE your pictures!!! and the books are so pretty!!! congratulations!!! thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway!!!
best regards,

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hey Lisa, Congratulations on 1000 followers! That's wonderful!!! I would love to win your journal. I know it will be just awesome.
It looks like you all had a lot of fun camping. Even fishes were caught. Did you put them on the grill?
Have a great weekend :-)!
Sending big hugs to TX,

cindy said...

your blog is so much fun and i have learned several things that i am going to try myself. cindy at

Rebecca said...

Congratulations on your followers...
I just dropped by to say, if you find a workshop that DJ is giving I will meet you there... seriously.
Meanwhile, I am loving this nature work you are doing... you really inspire me. I think I need it right now with so much going on.
Bless you

Laurie said...

Congratulations on 1000! That is huge! I love that first nature book you showed -- wow! Gorgeous pages! I can't wait to meet you at Birdsong!

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

Such darling photos of your family! We are so in need of a getaway just like that, we love the hill country also. And the new dresser - so fab!
xo, Andrea

donnaj said...

Yes-the weather here has definatly been crazy! looks like you took advantage of the good days~ congrats on 1000 followers! Interesting projects on your table...can't wait to see the finished projects~

Charlene said...

Congrats on over 1000 followers!!! I remember that quiet shy friend on mine that said "I could never blog" & I told her "YES YOU CAN & you would be wonderful"... look at you now. I would love to be entered in your give away. Cute photos of the kids. Enjoyed lunch the other day. Let's not wait so long... HUGS!

vicki said...

Lisa- the photos of your children are fabulous. What a wonderful trip- camping with your family is such a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Love te photos.

I am always so intrigued by your artistic creations- everything you do is to die for!

Congratulations on your well deserved blog success!

A Magical Whimsy said...

Hi Lisa,
I am a newbie blogger but I have come to your site many times.
I love what you create! My mom and dad were former Texan's and moved to California in the mid 1940's. But Texas was always their home.
Please come visit my blog. I am doing the 'Pay It Forward' giveaway.
Please enter me in your sweet giveaway...I love handmade journals.
Thank you!
Teresa in CA

Renee said...

Congrats!! Love your blog . . . love all the eye candy. Please enter me into your giveaway.

Cindy said...

LOVE your blog! No wonder you have so many followers! I too, live in central Texas and love the pictures of your camping trip! Texas parks are so great! I also love the books in your post. I am going to have to buy them!

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

Hi, Lisa
So glad I took a moment to visit your blog - it's been too long since i visited anyone's blog; i chose yours:)
your journal was amazing, thank you for the picture of the wee girl - i would love to know where you found her.
and, i know i've asked you this before, but what is the cloth we burn?? LOL I know it's not the cheesecloth but i can't find my class notes and I'm desperate.

Hope you enjoyed my neck of the woods on your trip. What part of the Hill Country were you in??