Thursday, May 19


I've started this post at least 10 times in the past 2 weeks.
Birthdays, Mother's Days, end of school festivities, preparing for Paper Cowgirls, they have sucked every free minute from my day. 
But I had to show off some amazing birthday gifts I received! 
My postman is so impressed with the mail I get.
So exotic, such far-away places. 
Can you guess who sent this one?

Dorthe is one of my dearest, most treasured friends. I know many of you feel the same way about her.
She is simply the best!
I love getting Dorthe packages because I keep every little scrap, from the stamps, to the newsprint.
All of it eventually makes it's way into my work.

 I'm in love with Dorthe's collages.
The layers are so soft, lovely & filled with nature.
I can close my eyes & see her walking along the shore collecting driftwood & shells to incorporate into her art.

Always a sweet note included.

My East Sea Angel, she is magical! Thank you sweet friend!
She'll take her spot on my bookcase that's filled with art, friendship & love from all over the world. 

 There's actually more than 1 bookcase.
 This precious heart from Marie  has a spot on there too.

I am so lucky to have in-laws who not only love me,
but 'get me'!
Ted & Sandy put so much thought into every gift they give me.

Lot's of metal, an old handbag & I think this is a safety deposit box.
Love it all!!

 Dawn always sends me little things for no reason at all.  We'll be talking about something, like bark.....a few days later I get a box filled with strips of bark from her property!  And I used it all in my nature journal pages!
This time she sent me one of her adorable child shoe pincushions.
No doubt I had gone on & on over how sweet it was, then a week later a package at my door!
Another overseas package arrived last week, this one from Germany.
Julia, what can I say about her.
I love her art SO much, & am lucky to have so much of it here in my home. 
Whenever I get things from Julia I want to call her up & say 'how did you do that'????
 Unfortunately she lives in Germany so I can't.
 Some people are not fans of bugs, but I am!  I told her once that one of my favorite things is a zoology book printed in Germany 1878. I think she remembered!
 I don't know if you can tell but the bugs are printed on leather! How did she do that?
Is it a stamp? A transfer?
 And I Love, love this embellished box. Look how she stitched around the edges!
 What's better than a little box filled with vintage treasures???
 Not much.
Check out her resin charm, beautiful!
Last weekend was our Indian Princess family camp-out.
Before I leave I have to share some memories from the weekend.
The boys & I got to come along this time.
 The weather was perfect!
The food was perfect!

You would think with a bunch of Dad's camping the menu would be pretty basic. 
 Franks & beans, right?
We had an incredible Tex-Mex spread. Beginning with homemade black bean corn salsa & ending with  3 kinds of cobbler & ice cream!
Delicious, all of it!

This outdoor kitchen is fancier than my home kitchen!
Friends forever.

More for the memory book.

My art shot, I call this 'Lily of the Weeds'
If you made it through this entire post, thank you! It seems I don't post much lately, but when I do.........
We leave today for Austin to my niece Chelsea's graduation, time flys.
I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


Heavens2Betsy said...

Your birthday gifts made me ooh and aah all the way through this beautiful post. Happiest of birthdays. penny

Pretty Ragged Threads said...

WOW!! What wonderful gifts. You are a very lucky lady. Love everything you got. Happy Birthday.


kpaints said...

Wonderful post, love all the beautiful talented work...textures, colors...true treasures. And speaking of treasures... those little cute...looks like you all had a lot of fun.

Laurie said...

OMG, Lisa, you were showered with beautiful gifts that are so "you"!! I am so jealous that your in-laws "get" you! That is a rare and wonderful gift in itself. Thanks for showing us all this amazing stuff to drool over! And, your camping trip looked so bright and wonderful...

Jenny Petricek said...

I love the vintage items gifted to you by Julia from Germany...they remind me of the copies of German-language Luther's Small Catechism books I've inherited, that once belonged to my great-grandparents. The gilt-edge pages and the rows and rows of Old English-style text cause me to feel connected to my heritage, and I know I will never discard these items.

June said...

Oh do I ever love that shot of Lily of the Weeds!!!
You have the bestest friends in all the world dear Lisa! Such beautiful treasures from each of them! Every one you mentioned are really the loveliest women I know!
I am so sorry I have missed such wonderful posts here Lisa. I am just not keeping up very well with all my friends. I loved the post of you at Karla's. What a wonderful time that must have been!
hugs from here...

The Feathered Nest said...

So many gorgeous treasures girl!!!! I love them all!!!! Isn't it amazing having these goodies arrive from so many different parts of the world? And how many precious friends we've made by having our blogs ~ it's so wonderful to me. The babies look like they had a BLAST!!! I can't get over that kitchen set up in the woods! The food sounds so yummy too. You guys please be safe traveling and have a great time, please tell Chelsea congratulations too!!!! Call me when you can (sorry I missed you this know I don't do mornings very well!) hugs and love, Dawn

Charlene said...

Treasures one & all!!!! I couldn;t choose a favorite. Although that metal from the in laws was pretty freakin amazing! I know your'e slammed with PC coming up. We had talked about lunch... let's wait until PC is over! And spend the day creating. Oh by the way... NEWS!!!!! We did get our 5th wheel so I can't wait to start the excursions. HUGS!

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

Happy Birthday, Lurd!
Head on down here and I'll show you a rip roarin' good birthday time in da 'berg!


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Lisa:
Just finally catching up on my blog reading. I feel like I should have brought a gift with me! Your gifts are all so lovely and generous. You're one lucky girl!

Love your "Lily of the Weeds" photo, and the camp shots are going to make for some wonderful memories. We'll be camping this year, too, and I'm really looking forward to it.

Happy Birthday again, my friend.

Carolyn said...

What wonderful gifts. Gorgeous treasures girl!

Silver MLM

Dorthe said...

Sweetest Lisa,
Thankyou for showing my little gifts so beautiful-
I`m happy you loves them,dear.
And Julia`s beautiful hanger and box- are gorgeus,I love the "leather bugs" too- she told me about them, and that she knew you liked bugs :)
And you can truly be happy your in laws gets what you like- and finds it for you--not many of that kind-I guess!
Dear friend I wish you a HAPPY WEEK-END visiting your niece-
I am so in love with your beautiful "Lily of the weeds" and all the kids looks like they ha a great day.
Warm hug-

suziqu's thread works said...

Dear Lisa Many Happy Returns for your Birthday. Your friends have truely spoilt you and just why shouldn't they? Such beautiful gifts which I know you will treasure and all the things which mean a lot to you.
How about those bugs on the leather?
Amazing! Everything is gorgeous!
Have a wonderful time,

Anonymous said...

Lisa, your friends and family:
Heaven Sent!
Hugs and have a wonderful weekend, sweet, creative lady!

Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Ohhh Lisa those are beautiful gifts that you got for your birthday!!
How fun!!

Your camping adventures look like a total blast!! I can only imagine your three kids and how many wonderful memories you are making with them ~
They will treasure these times when they are older ~

Thank you for sharing sweet memories with us ~


Claudia said...

You are clearly very loved by one and all! I'm not sure when your birthday was, Lisa, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (Gosh, my mind is going - maybe I already wished you a HB a while back?) Your presents are wonderful and I love seeing photos of your beautiful children. Lily of the Weeds: perfect!


Sharon Morrison said...

love it, love it.
Such beautiful "things."
What a blessing friends are.

Halo Hill said...

Beautiful things! You are blessed! Happy Spring!


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi sweet Lisa, You've received fantastic gifts from your other friends and you are one lucky girl to have such wonderful in-laws. They really put a lot of thoughts into the gifts they gave you and did great.
Yes, the bugs are indeed stamped on that piece of leather.
Everybody have seemed to enjoy your camping trip. Cute pictures of the kids.
Have a lovely weekend!
Hugs to you,

Suz said...

What gorgeous gifts, Lisa. I love your children's faces. There is something so innocent about them and so impish about them at the same time.

Cathy said...

I loved reading your post....what sweet, precious treasures you received for your birthday! Love them all!
Cathy aka GGJ

T's Daily Treasures said...

Happy belated birthday Lisa. Wow! Your in-laws do get you! So many wonderful treasures from around the world. You are one lucky lady! Enjoy and have a great trip. Best wishes, Tammy

Storybook Woods said...

Happy belated bithday sweetie. Sweet gifts for a sweet girl xoxo Clarice

Terri said...

Wonderful gifts! You have had a really fabulous birthday. Yay for you! Each gift is not only wonderful, but the thoughts that accompanied them are even more valuable!
Lily of the Weeds is so precious!

Gracefully Vintage said...

How Amazng it is when you get a home made lovely with such attention to detail is given. Love it.. Great Ideas and Beautiful WOrk

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Gorgeous gifts for a gorgeous girl! Happy Belated Birthday, Lisa!
Man, your little trio of angel faces are getting SOOOOOOOOOO B-I-G! What dolls!!!


cat lacigale said...

Wonderful stuff ! I am amazed !!!

time worn interiors said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sweetie! Sorry I missed it! At least you got some great gifts!

saltbox treasures said...

Hi Lisa, What a lovely post about friendships. You have some wonderful, generous friends to treasure. Love all of the artistic gifts you received.
Have a great day!
~ Julie

Karen B. said...

Hi Lisa,
so many beautiful gifts - you must be very happy!! Also... I am having my first giveaway!!! Pop over and take a look!!!
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Karen B. said...

Oh, sorry hun,

happy belated birthday!!!!!
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

vicki said...

Lisa- your family gatherings are priceless- my how those children are growing! Your children are so blessed- you are the greatest Mom!!

Your birthday treasures are wonderful - all of them gifts from the heart. I love sweet Dorthe also- any gift from her is a treasure- her heart is as big as your Texas!

I always look forward to photos of your adorable children- thanks for sharing all of these--

sweetpea said...

just popping by to say hello my long lost friend! looks like you are super busy and being showered with heart~felt gifts. no surprise to me. you are pretty special yourself.

happy summer!


Carole said...

I know how busy you are. You are super mom and super artist all rolled into one.
I have to say i thought the same thing when i recieved a gift from does she do that? she is one talented chicky.....and so are u,