Monday, August 22

Feeling Wicked??

I always know there's 2 sure fire signs
that Fall is coming,
school started today for the kids
& registration opened last week for

I'm so excited to be teaching again alongside

Here's the project I'll be teaching:

Cindy is such a talented & generous person. 
Her art events are awesome,
no detail is left undone.

The howling begins on
Saturday, October 15
(gosh I hope it's under 100 degrees by then).

I think the event is half full already,
so don't wait too long to sign up!

It was so fun last year.
Cindy and AD used their magic
to transform a little cottage
into a feast for all the senses.
The decorations were over the top,
the food...was scrumptious
& the classes were pretty cool too!

Ann Denise decided decorating that little cottage
wasn't challenging enough,
so now the party's been moved to her house.
I cannot even imagine what she will do.
Can't wait to see it all!

We did some serious celebrating last week.
These babies turned 6!!!!!!!

I can hardly believe it.
They were so tiny when they arrived in this world 8 weeks early.

I have been following Alice W. & little Hazel's story
on the blogs & FB.
It takes me back to such a frightening but miraculous time.

All of you who have premies in your life know what I mean.
But each day they grew stronger & one by one came home.

And things have never been the same!
Happy Birthday Lily Owen & Philip,
Love you all...Mom.


Now that school's started back
it's time to get back in the groove ~
I have so much planned for the fall so stay tuned!!


Little Leslie said...

Yes Lisa,
My bother was born (at 6 mos.)in Oklahoma in 1956.
My dad had to go to neighboring Texas to get liquor, because Okla. was a dry state, and the doctors said alcohol helped strengthen my brother's lungs.
He's now in his 50's and healthy.

As for the Wicked Tea, that sounds like a fun day. Have a good time.

Rhonda said...

Oh, your baby image had me saying, precious and a gift from God, for sure.

You are surely blessed, look at those faces, happy days!

marie said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet trio!

June said...

Hi Lisa!
So exciting about the Wicked Tea! I hope you have as great a time this year as last.
I can't get enough of your cutestest babies!!!! I hope they all love school this year. It must seem like a lifetime ago when you went through all of that and yet, like yesterday.
You are thrice blessed my sweet friend.
sending hugs from here...

Petite Michelle Louise said...

your little "miracles' are adorable! can't believe they're SIX and back in school! i am loving your Wicked Tea project! awesome mon amie! ;)

Cindy said...

Thank you dear friend for all your kind words. You are such a doll and I can't wait to see what we all pull off for Wicked Tea, I know it will be amazing, knowing you three.

Your kidlets are just so stinkin cute! Happy Birthday to them!!!!!!!


Debra @ Common Ground said...

Happy Birthday to your little sweeties!! You can tell the bond they share is so strong.
The PG event sounds like so much fun, hope you have some cool fall weather by then! xoxo Debra said...

What a tiny little hand! Happy birthday to three of the cutest kids around.

Preemie Donna said...

I am stealing the goody bags for my halloween party playdate.

Claudia said...

Happy Birthday to your adorable children!


Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Wanted to wish the kiddo's a Happy Birthday. They are really growing and always look soooo happy. You two are doing some good parenting.
Love your Wicked Tea project. I love all your projects and I miss seeing you. Maybe we can find some time to get together when this heat goes away and we get some cooler weathers.
Hugs, Pat

Tina @ TinyBear said...

Congrats with your little ones Lisa

The wicket class sounds like lots of fun - you project is awesome, as always.
xo Tina

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Happy Birthday to your cuties, Lisa!

I'm looking forward to seeing what you have planned for fall. Your Wicked Tea project looks great and your students will have fun with it. I'm seeing plaster :-).
Have a great week, sweetie!
Hugs to you,

fairyrocks said...

Happpy Birthday to your sweet little ones. Three, WOW, you must be super mom!!!
Love your up coming class, gorgeous work!!

Dorthe said...

Oh Lisa, it is surely a blessing they all lived through that first weeks- and it must be so wonderful celebrating their birthday -congratulations with the "big" bunch.
The A Wicked Tea "party" looks gorgeus, :plaster-wax- and Poe -I know it will be a great project, dear friend.And the decoration looks WOW-love the howling table.

The Feathered Nest said...

I LOVE your project girl!!! I know The Wicked Tea will be amazing's going to be even more wonderful at Ann Denise's house! The babies are getting SO BIG!!! I hope they had a great first day back to school Lisa ~ hugs and love, Dawn

red.neck chic said...

THREE 6 year olds... girl. I need to come kidnap YOU for a playdate! ;-D THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Fall? What's that? I wish I could come to the spooktacular art event... but my broom will be jammed in some closet somewhere... but I can't wait to see all the fun!

;-D robelyn

Cassy said...

Belated Happy Birthday Kids!

Cass from Learn How To Read Tablature

My Sparrows Nest said...

Just discovered your blog! Love it. I loved the photo of the lampshade turned into a lacy basket. I found a little lampshade at my thrift I know what to do with it! Great idea! I added your blog as inspiration on my blog! Take a peek! Hugs and Tweets! Debbie

trash talk said...

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa...this post shoulda came with a warning label. My nose is running, I can't see the monitor thru the tears...and I'm gobsmacked at God's good grace. They.are.perfect!
I'm going over now to read the link. Preemies hold a special place in my heart.
P.S. I love last year's decorations and I'm stealing the broom idea too!

Curtains In My Tree said...

your babies ( now 6 years old ) are soooooooooo cute and how blessed you are to have them

Miss Gracie's House said...

aww...three times the sweet. Is it time for school?? LOL
You have been missed...glad to have you back!
Your comment back to me was kind of funny...we are doing BRIGHT in this bedroom...she is NOT like her big sister...but you know what...I am having fun and actually liking how it is turning out.
THANKS for the visit...I always enjoy them.

Laurie said...

I'm so happy to know you -- I can't wait to watch those little ones keep growing up! They are precious. The event last year looks fabulous and I'm wishing I could make it to this year's. Your Raven project is genius.

Storybook Woods said...

Congrats and happy birthday. Wow, just think all the wonderful things that have happned in the past 6 years. A miracle xoxo Clarice

Suz said...

Your kid are so sweet and growing up! That event looks dynamite. Why do I live in the wrong town and have to be out of town for The Creative Connection...Not Fair!

Charlene said...

Oh please let the fall come & the heat GO! I had to get away!!! Although I'm home tomorrow.

Happy Birthdays to the kiddo's. Can't believe they are 6! And back in school. Aren't you looking forward to your time being your own again? I remember those days. HUGS!

Cottage and Broome said...

Looks like a fun project and your kids are the sweetest ever. If you get a chance come and visit my garden this week, thanks Mom from Cottage and Broome

Whim & Fancy Designs said...

Lisa....Too cute...those kiddies are percious! Thanks for the shout out...can't wait for wicked tea!!!

Lovey said...

Precious and blessed!!!

Mary said...

Well, happy belated b-day to the little ones. My what fun your household must be.

The halloween decor is fab. I love love love the bird cage. I have been trying to gather up the nerve to knock on the door of an old tattered house with a big rusty parrot cage thrown in the weeds behind their house. I would die to have it for something similar.