Friday, September 16

Round Robin

I took a big load to the post office this week.
Lots of projects that went off a little late...
(what's new)!

A very belated birthday gift for a very special friend.

The tease of cool weather has inspired Autumn colors in my art.

The elements I used in this collage are some of my favorites. 
The awesome french lace, vintage velvet ribbon & butterfly that once embellished a hat are precious to me.

I figured I better get a head start with Christmas since I was so late with the birthday gift!

I used an old tabacco tin for the orniment & glass glitter on the stars. 
This will look even better next year when the glitter begins to tarnish.
I'm working on a round robin book collaboration with Karla, Beth & Sandra .
I finally completed my cover & first page.
The project is called 'Her Life in Stitches'.
The book chronicles a girls life with samples of her needlework.

My book is about a girl raised on a farm.
'Low color', tattered treasures & nature were my inspiration.

I used a few different techniques.

A resin block embedded in an old book cover.

It didn't turn out perfectly, but I thought that kind of supported the 'make do' spirit of farm girls.

The sheet music under the photo  is a song called 'in the cornfield'.

The farmhouse piece below is a Tim Holtz idea. 

I love the effect!

Here is my first page.
I sent my packect off to Karla, she'll add a page & send it on.
In a year I'll get my book back with 12 wonderful pages.
I'm working on a page for Beth's book now, I'll show you next time.

This is such a fun way to create & share art, I hope to do more soon. 
I've been obsessed with altered books since I read
 It's a beautiful book filled with amazing work.

Last year Mary Green invited me to contribute to her online class
If you want to learn some tricks & techniques for art journals check it out.

Can you belive September is almost over!
Thank goodness summer is almost behind us.  It was a tough one here.
Now that I'm caught up, I'm off to blog hop!


sissie said...

Hi Lisa!
It's so good to see your lovely creations. I love the idea of the farm girl and you have added so many wonderful elements and pieces to the collages!

I'm so glad that fall is finally here. I love the cooler weather.
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.


Beth Leintz said...

I love it all- The collage with French net is just beautiful-Seeing you work in green surprised me, but I can still tell that it's "Lisa" - and your Round Robin book - the resin block is and the faded farmhouse are amazing. I'm so glad we finally got our book project going!

Little Leslie said...

Gosh, i love it all. what a great way to acquire art. Just beautiful! thanks so much for sharing.

Dorthe said...

Dearest Lisa,
I know the one whom will be so totally happy, for her gift-oh my goodness-that collage is so fantastic-amazing-and beautiful-and the christmas-tin too-
and your book-so gorgeous, too- I love the girls resin piece-and teh effect on the house piece- Lisa,Lisa-you have really been making beautiful art, this last week- I love it all, sweetie.
Thanks for mail, I will return in the week-end dear friend.

Hugs and love,Dorthe

Rhonda said...

Well, sweet dose of inspiration, I'm in awe of your art!

I want to learn more about the Tim Holtz aging process, that looks extremely interesting.

Happy weekend, Lisa.

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Lisa ~
I love all of the wonderful things that you sent off today!
You do the coolest stuff!


Charlene said...

Lisa, Lunch was so much fun the other day!!! We shouldn't wait sooooooooooooooo long!

LOVE the fall colored treasure you showed in the first few photos & the tin is cute but, the book (FARM) is going to be adorable!!! I can't wait to see more. HUGS!

June said...

Oh boy, where do I start??? First of all I love the farm girl idea. We have to wait a whole year to see the book??? *Sigh*
Your artwork is always fascinating to me. I always think to myself 'how does this girl do this!'
Lisa I love it all.
hugs from here...

Gail said...

Your art just amazes and inspires me.....really! I always think it would be fun to do one of these collaborative books but then the doubts creep in...(will my "stuff" be good enough?)
Better to be brave, right? And just go for it!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

i'm loving that tobacco tin ornament lisa! very clever! your book is divine as well! hope you are well.:)

Kate said...

What beautiful projects! I love the altered book! wish I could create such beauties!

GardenChic said...

Love all your artistic ideas. Your photos are amazing of all your projects.

Love, Jody

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hey Lisa girl, You were really busy! I love everything. The collage is gorgeous with all the beautiful elements and shabby colors. The Christmas tin is fantastic too. You make me wanna run into my studio and create something Christmassy. Your farm girl book is a treasure already. It will be fun to see what pages Karla and Beth will add too it and I'm looking forward to seeing the pages you'll create for them.
Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie :-)!
Big hugs,

marga said...

Hi Lisa
You realy make the most beautifull it al!
xxx Marga

Lovey said...

Lisa you are brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Sigh. So very beautiful, Lisa!!! I especially love the first one.
Have a great weekend,
~ Zuzu

My Sparrows Nest said...

your artwork is just so beautiful. love the tarnished and tattered!!! you are a master with the look! Thank you for sharing your creations. The recipients will be blessed by your thoughtfulness! Hugs and Tweets! Debbie

kpaints said...

Simply beautiful....I love all the tarnished and tattered! I want to try this soon...maybe when things slow down...or do they ever? said...

Your cover and page are just the best! There are so many details I have to keep looking again and again. I'll miss it when its time to mail the package away to the next person.

Cottage Panache said...

Love the tin Lisa and of course everything else! Now I kind of know what to look for, will let you know when I find some things that might work ~ was good to see you and hope you can make it Saturday for the sale.
Maureen :)

suziqu's thread works said...

Dear Lisa
You have been really enjoying creating these beauties! The collage is gorgeous in the soft shabby colours and all the elements like the bullion fringing work so well together and I love the collaborative book idea as well as your theme. It is so wonderful when the ideas just come flooding and you want to rush into your room and start pulling things out and putting them together and it is such a gift when it works so harmoniously like yours have here!
Well done my friend.
Thank you also for your lovely comment left about my nature journal.
Love and hugs,

Ivy and Elephants said...

Such wonderful creations! Love them all, especially the tobacco tin.
Just lovely!

LizlovesVintage said...

Beautiful creations. On your previous post, are the Bee hive goodies for sale? Or did they sell already. My Friend is looking for Bee related items.
When you have time email me!
Thanks a bunch!
xxx Liz

Claudia said...

I always love seeing your creations, Lisa. They are so beautifully done. Love that aqua? fringe on the first photo - what a great touch!


Tina @ TinyBear said...

oh - how I love to come home and find such a beautiful post from you sweet Lisa. Everything is SO beautiful LOVE your collage and christmas tin - and you book page is awesome.
I´m so in love with altered books too. Need to check out the books.
Have a wonderful day.
xo Tina

Rebecca said...

First of all can I just say how inspiring you are... I love your work.
The farm girl idea is wonderful.

Amber Lyon Ferguson said...

Hi Lisa, love your beautiful page. I just wanted to invite you to stop by and see my recent post, I think you'd like a lot of my weekend finds.

Everything is so pretty here. I look forward to visiting again soon!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Beautiful! Everything! What a fun journal to put together with so many friends! Your page is superb!!


Jilly said...

You have been really enjoying creating these beauties at your home. The collage is gorgeous in the soft shabby colours and all the elements like the bullion fringing work so well together and the collaborative book idea as well as your theme. It is so wonderful when ideas come true.
printed mouse mats

Ornate Splendor said...

Hi Lisa
Wanted to tell how much I love the altered book at the top of this post! What a lucky friend you have to receive such a heart felt gift that is so beautiful. I'm off to look at the books you recommended. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work. You have been an inspiration to me for quite some time! Hugs, Catherine