Friday, December 9

Christmas House Tour

Welcome to part one of my Christmas tour.
Kevin, the kids & I have been busy since Thanksgiving getting the house ready for a feature in the Dallas Morning News.
Thanks for the advice & encouragement you've given, we're really excited!
Since we worked so hard I'm going to bore show you every single detail.

The amazing pointy little shoes
 (someone called them Wizard of Oz boots)
are from Golightly's in North Richland Hills.

Today's tour is our library/sitting/ play room. 
It was also my studio at one time.
I love playing musical rooms, don't you?

This dresser is what you see when you walk in my front door.
I love decorating it for each season.
Cindy came over one day & helped me decorate, this little vignette was her idea. 

The old hanging sign was in my stash for ages, I just hot glued letters from old license plates on it.

These precious felt slippers are one of my favorite things.

Aren't they sweet?

My awesome friend Kristi found this mirror while we were out shopping together & she loaned it to me for the shoot. It looked so perfect over my door that she let me buy it from her.
Now that's a good friend!

I used lots of horns in this room, this white pair came from Kohl's after Christmas sale last year.

I actually tried to sell this white cabinet at a sale one year. 
I had it priced $300, I'm so glad it didn't sell!

A glimpse inside.

A little assemblage I put together.
Another treasured item are these ivory wings.

Another cabinet.
  I considered painting it at one time but I couldn't cover the beautiful tole painting on the doors.

I should have turned this light off for the picture.

My running buddy Cami gave me this great cotton. I've wanted some for ages but it's very expensive in shops.  Her husband picked it for her one year. 
It's really nice having talented & generous friends!

Can you see the dog on the sleigh in the picture? 
He was my great Grandfathers dog, cool huh?!

Some of my creations in a frame. 
My altered slippers &  one of the fabric cones I made this year.
(I channeled my inner Tin Rabbit for this display)

Speaking of the Tin Rabbit, look at this wonderful cone from Ann!
I am so inspired by her.

The guitars are not props, my boys play them.

I wanted a round table in here so Kevin built one from scrap lumber & I made the skirt from a drop cloth. 
The glass was in the attic.

The kids were very excited about being in the paper. 
They were all cute in their winter white, but Owen wasn't feeling it. The 'scratchy' sweater came off immediately.

Stay tuned for part 2 of my Christmas home tour.
I'm linking up today with Debra's Vintage Inspiration Friday!

I hope your enjoying this holiday season, I'm off to get more inspiration from your blogs & Pinterest!


Beth Leintz said...

Love your vignettes- when the article come out? I think my favorite is the old ornament box used as a shadow box- perfect- I'm sad thinking how many of those I've thrown away.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Lisa, it's just beautiful!!

Rebecca said...

Lisa this is a dream tour!!! I so love you style Girl!
You will have to link us up with the article they do on you!
Everything and I mean every detail is amazing. Enjoy!

sissie said...

Hi Lisa,
I am in awe of your lovely home and all the decor. It's beautiful beyond words.
Love the three little elves too.


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Lisa...everything's just GORGEOUS!!! I'm so in love with each and every item ~ the architectural trims, the nature elements, tiny shoes here and there, just EVERYTHING!! You all did an amazing job and I can't wait to see your feature girl! hugs and love, Dawn

time worn interiors said...

Oh Lisa! It all looks wonderful! I love the pointy toe shoes. But my favorite is the assemblage you did in the old ornament box! Cute!

Happy Holidays!


Jenny said...

Wow and wow Lisa, everything looks soooooo wonderful... I loved your tour :)So many details... so much to see... and I just love the frame housing your gorgeous creations... beautiful!!

Jenny x

Vicki said...

You have some great pieces. The vignettes are so beautiful. Can't wait to see part 2

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Even though I just saw it, i didn't have the time to take in all th wonderful details so I enlarged all pics. ;)

Lisa, you must be so proud! It is absolutely incredible! So many beautiful details!!!! And so you! Your home is like a piece of your art. *sigh* I hope some of your talent rubs off on me.

Dorthe said...

Lisa my dear, your room is the most gorgeous decorated wonderful place to have fun and relax in the most beautiful surroundings.
You have a fantastic style, and every item is becoming special, the way you displayes them with each other. Your white cabinet is gorgeous, and I am more than proud to se my angel in there with your fabolous old collected pieces, dear.
I love the little splasches of red here and there, Lisa- and your tree on top of your`s and kevins wonderful round table, looks so sweet.
So does the 3 wonders of your`s- in the chair.
I`m so happy for you Lisa, and I`m sure it will be a fantastic artickle .
HUgs and love, Dorthe

alveen said...

Loving the natural down to earth feel of your Christmas decor Lisa. It has such a warm inviting ambience. All of your art and those precious pieces from fiends are so lovely.
I too am in love with your old ornament box assemblage.
Hugs Alveen

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

Lurd, it all looks gorgeous!
I love your sweet little assemblages, and I love the big picture, too.

Hey, I didn't know you knew Kristi! Small world!

Call me sometime!


Folk Heart said...

What fun! I loved this tour and becoming acquainted with your wonderful sense of style. You have a good eye, but more importantly a unique vision.

Leslie's Garden said...

Lot's to enjoy in your lovely home. It has a very warm and welcoming feel to it.

~*Feathers and Flight*~ said...

Oh So Lovely and Bright Lisa! Can't Wait to see Part 2~
Have a Wonderful Evening!
What a Lovely Family you have! They are so Adorable

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Lisa it looks so beautiful!!!
I am so excited for you!

Terri said...

Oh my, your little ones are so totally adorable!
And your home is a winter wonderland of joy! I adore what you have done. All those little special places all decked out! I LOVE the white china cabinet with all the curious things inside! Everything is gorgeous. Well done both of you!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Your home looks wonderful, Lisa! The white cabinet is gorgeous and I love that you used that vintage ornament box for decoration. What a cute picture of your grandfather's dog. The wooden gate above your kitchen entry is fabulous. I bet all of you had lots of fun with the photo shoot.
Have a great weekend!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Oh Lisa, it all looks so beautiful and inviting.Love your vignettes and your little ones are just soooooooo cute.
Thanks for the tour and I'm looking forward to part 2.
Have a great weekend.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for taking us on a tour and congrats on the article. I love that your home reflects the season with winter whites and natural elements. Have a fabulous weekend. Tammy

Rhonda said...

Loved your tour of your Christmas home. All the vignettes are so gorgeous. The kids, too! So cute in their white shirts...I bet the photos turn out great.

Have a blessed Christmas.

LCA said...

Just so beautiful......

Revi said...

Everything looks so pretty! I love your mix of textures, and whites are my faves! We are SO on the same page! I look forward to seeing your next tour. :)

Gracefully Vintage said...

Oh My so many wonderful Vintage Christmas pieces- Beautiful Displays- Thanks For Sharing..Love your Door

A Cottage Muse said...

Everything looks great...going back to do some pinning!

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Love your decorations lIsa - your home is so pretty with all those wonderful displays - looking forward to part 2 ;o)

sweetpea said...

lisa, you have so many fabulous things! i love that sign you made from old license plates and how the silver trays reflect in the mirror over the door. your home is warm and charming. i can't wait to see more! congrats again to you and the fam!



Amber Lyon Ferguson said...


Amber @ junkaholics Unanimous

Stop by soon to see my Christmas treasure!

Leann said...

It's lovely, but I could tell from just the door that I would love it all.

Those slippers are really darling and you mentioned Cami - haven't seen a post from her in awhile. Hope that all is well with her.

Enjoy those little ones!


Bohemian said...

Thank you for inviting us into your Magical Christmas Wonderland! Your Home is gorgeous and your Vignettes are so creative and lovely... congratulations on being featured in your local area publication!

Christmas Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

LISA! SO MUCH FUN and inspiraton in your beautiful, beautiful Christmasey home! The kids are the perfect touch, too.

LOVE all of your keen ways of displaying, especially the use of the old ornament box!!!


Erica said...

STUNNING!!! When is the article going to be in the paper? What an honor - you must be so proud! I hope to see it.
(You should host a holiday open house so all us nosy folks can get a glimpse in person.)

Charlene said...

LOVE IT ALL!!!! I can't wait to see it in person & to see you too! IT HAS BEEN 4EVER! Sorry I missed the Gold Party but, some of the girls from class went to eat dinner with KC(at 6:00 after class was over). It was great to just sit & visit with her. Jan & I stayed in a hotel close to the class & that sure made it easier than fighting that I35 traffic. See you in a few days! HUGS!

June said...

I love every inch of your home Lisa. You know I love your style, because it reminds me so much of the hicks/bolton girls. I love how you used the greens all around and the antlers. It is all so beautiful! It's great to see the kids again. I imagine they are getting a little excited about the season. understatement, right?
hugs from here...

Miss Gracie's House said...

Now that was fun! I LOVE it all...such rustic, quirky beauty! I think the JOY sign is my favorite...or is it the cone you made?
Merry Christmas to you and that sweet family!

red.neck chic said...

will you come decorate my house? you can bring cindy and kristi with you...

it is ALLLL gorgeous!!!


Connie said...

Lisa, I love everything about your blog and especially the pictures. Love the way you added all the personal touches to the little bathroom. Happy Holidays, Connie

gypsy rose said...

Gorgeous! luv it all. Congrats on the photo shoot.