Friday, January 27

My Paper Cowgirl Project!

The next big Paper Cowgirl event is just around the corner~

This is my class project for Cowgirls & Petticoats!

Whispers from the Past
A handcrafted inspiration journal

The Cowgirls are teaming up this time with the girls from
for 4 days of art, shopping, & fun!
It's no big surprise that I chose to make a book for my project. 
I can't get enough of them.

We'll use vintage & new elements to create beautiful & unique covers, then fill them with lots of pages.

Pages with pockets,

 pages to embellish later on,

a few scraps,

a little sewing...

& lots of drippy lace.

A journal to fill with all that inspires you!

I'm proud to be included in this all star line-up of instructors:
Beth Leintz - Gathering Dust
Cindy Mayfield - Yapping Cat
Dawn Edmonson - The Feathered Nest
Donna Goss - Art Studio 522
Karla Nathan - Karla's Cottage
Karen Valentine - My Desert Cottage
Sandra Feazel  - 7th St. Studio

Registration opens in a couple of days,
I'd love to see you there!


Dawn's Craft Place said...

Oh my word this journal is amazing!
I love all the lace and that cover

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Lisa it is so beautiful!!!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

it's ever so gorgeous! One of these days...Im going to splurge and see you there!!

Karen B. said...

Sweet Lisa,

it is so beautiful!!! I wish I could be there! Have fun!!
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty!
Yo, you won my giveaway!
I need your mailing address, girlie!


Susan said...

Wow! That's beautiful!! I wish I could come!

The Feathered Nest said...'s just GORGEOUS!!! I just love it girl and can't wait for the event to see you in action. We're gonna have the best time ever!!!! hugs and love, Dawn

artbywendy said...

I sure wish you people lived closer to Nebraska! :O) that book is fabulous!!!!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

The book is gorgeous!!! Someday I would love to go to Paper Cowgirls! Maybe when my little ones are a bit older...

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Lisa, Your book is fabulous and I'm sure the girls will have so much fun with you teaching them how to do it. I wish I would live around the corner, so that I could come.
Have a great weekend :-)!

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Your book is just amazing Lisa - wish I could come. Would love to take your class. It sure does look like lots of fun.
Have a wonderful weekend.

The English Romantic said...

A beautiful journal Lisa. One day I'll be flying across the Atlantic for Paper Cowgirl. Maybe next year.
Well a girl can dream!!!!

Dorthe said...

Lisa, dear - it looks stunning, filled with all that gorgeous laces, and your special amazing way of creating with them- I love the girl transferred to that open weaved scrim?-
and I would surely LOVE to be there, being in all those fantastic classes, with all of you, but especially you and Dawn, Beth and Karla. One can alwayes dream :)
Wish you a great week-end.... as we have here with Mathilde (almost 5 years )
HUGS from me.

Sugar Lump Studios said...

What a gorgeous journal and amazing vintage touches and embellishments throughout! Looks like a fabulous class! Love your work!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Lisa, your creations are always - and I mean always - such a work of art. But this one, with the drippy lace, is just stunning! So romantic. I bet that the women who sat and crocheted those amazing pieces would never imagine that their pieces would be used for such a piece. If crochet could talk...

I'd love to come and play! When, where, price??? Please let me know.

much love,

hugs to the triplets!!

Jenny Petricek said...

Lisa, this book is so beautiful that I'm almost speechless! I can't help but keep scrolling over the pics, perusing the gorgeous antique lace and trim, as well as the elegant fusion of vintage papers and fabric! Such a wonderful way to transform an ordinary book! said...

Wow! I'm in, can't wait to sign up for your class!

Terri said...

Totally gorgeous Lisa! Your book is amazing, page after page.
It looks like a fabulous class!

Createology said...

Lisa thank you for visiting and for letting me know it was Todolwen who did the feathers. I will credit her in my future post. Your journal is amazing and I adore all the drippy lace for your pages awaiting inspiration. Blissful creating...

sonya said...

Your book is amazing! I love it! Oh, I wish I could go to the class! So jealous! :) I wish you girls would get together and do an online! That would be AWESOME!
You girls will have so much fun!

time worn interiors said...

I would love to attend this event! I sure wish you lived closer to me!


time worn interiors said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you! I love that book!

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh Lisa the cover of your journal invites such inspiration and the rest of the journal is gorgeous. Oh how I wish I could join in and work along side of you one day!
Have a wonderful time and make the most of every precious moment.
Very warm wishes,

Miss Sandy said...

Drooling!!! Exquisite! Also envious, oh so much talent and teaching all in one place. So wish I could come, not in the cards for me at this time. I know you are going to have a blast.

Charlene said...

I just about tinkled my panties when I saw this lovely. Here I sit Sunday night waiting for the rigistration to open. Like a crazy shopper at the after Christmas sales screaming OPEN OPEN OPENA! Girl I gotta take that class. HUGS!

Rebecca said...

Oh, I wish I could go to this!!!

Love ya

Robin said...

This is absolutely stunning Lisa. I hope I get to attend your class. Have a great week.


Cindy Craine said...

OK so here's what happened. Charlene and I had been waiting all day, just hanging around the house waiting for your class to come open. She calls me, I call her, we're looking at ebay, it's still not open so she says for me to call her WHENEVER it comes open.

I swear I just got up to go to the bathroom and the phone rings at 10:05!! So I'm running to the phone,"I'm coming Charlene!" "It's open, do it, click it, register!" "ok,ok,ok got it, got it, where's the, oh I see it, got it, yea, we're in." Meanwhile my husband is looking at me like I am just flay out batty!!! SOOO, Charlene and I are just a tad excited to do this class.

And, I get to finally meet you. Such nice things people say about you! But I want to see for myself! I have followed you for a zillion years, so excited, see you soon!! xox-cindy

Jewellers Dublin said...

The attention to detail is stunning, love the images, great idea. From Engagement Rings

Anonymous said...

Oh dear....SHOPPING too? *sigh*

Looks like some very lucky ladies!

XO Diane

Erica said...

I wish I could be there!!!! I hope to see you all at the sale on Saturday.

Old Paper Roses said...


Sara said...

wow it is so very beautiful, I would love to own something like that hugs Sara

vicki said...

Hi Lisa- this event is going to be huge--- and your beautiful journal project is certainly going to be one of many shining stars of the day! This is going to be so much fun/ I sure wish I didn't live so far away.
Be sure to share photos of all the fun!


Barbara Jean said...

This is outrageously awesome!!!

Thanks for visiting my place last week.

Just back from vacation and catching up!


Justine said...

hilisa I really wanted to know where you got that large roll of paper and if it was for sale as I am hoping to do a drawing on something similar :) thank you