Thursday, April 12


After 16 days I couldn't take it anymore.
I had to bust out.
Me & my Hover
(aptly named by Beth)
went to do some junkin.

I found some good stuff.

 A couple things for me, a couple for my etsy shop.

I love this dopp kit.
(why is it called that?)
It's huge, in great shape & Glen plaid.
What's not to love?

I realize my display is very Fall-ish, but I like it.
At least for now.

I made this lamp shade last Christmas, I can't remember if I showed it to you already. 
 It was a fun project, I like the graphics on it.
I need to make more.

I can't seem to pass up anything Equestrian. It's such a classic style.
I think these horse booties are fun & funky.
You can find them in my etsy shop.

Things are really flying off my to do list lately.
I wanted these silhouettes done in time for Christmas but it didn't happen. 

I'm very happy with the way they turned out.

Thanks for all the get well wishes. 
I feel better everyday.
Still no walking cast, maybe Monday. 
Until then I'll be riding around on my Hover, if I can get it away from the kids!



Dorthe said...

Dear Lisa, so good to hear from you again here, I can see you had some great finds.Love that dopp kit- and swoon -your lamp with the dear on, how fantastic Lisa.I think your display are gorgeous,and could stay all year round if you wants!
The silhuets of the kids are so beautiful, and a wonderful idea hanging them inside your frame.
I hope you can soon get more out of that comfy and beautiful chair of yours-love what you did to it.
Lisa sweetie, all the best to you- I will write you before I sleep.
Warm hugs,Dorthe

The Feathered Nest said...

Ooooh, I love the found goodies!!!! I'm sure everything will sell like hot KNOW you're feeling better when you want to go junkin'!! I'm hoping for the boot for you Monday too ~ then they'll be no stopping you! The silhouettes are gorgeous girl, and I LOVE that you placed them inside the frame! hugs and love, Dawn

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

Yay, I'm happy to hear that you're up and around! I know it feels good to get out after being cooped up for so long.
Now call me so I'll know for sure that you're not mad at your Lurd. ;-)


Shopgirl said...

I am nuts about the silhouettes...perfect with the chair...good job!!!
Your finds are really something, you will make some money...
It's good that you are ready to find the well, Mary

Laurie said...

I adore those horse booties! So cute! I have never seen one before this! Not too fall -- after all, it was just Derby time! A silhouette is on my list, too. I've gotten as far as taking the sideways photo of Ben...but that's it! Yours turned out great.


Feel better soon! Sweet silhouettes and little man!

Miss Sandy said...

Too funny that your scooter got stolen and taken for a joy ride by a grade schooler! Glad to hear that you are happily hovering and enjoying your down time. Recover quickly!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

hello, Lisa, thank you for joining my giveaway. i also wanted to remind you that if you want an extra follower entry for my giveaway, please make a separate comment on my giveaway post (

suziqu's thread works said...

Dear Lisa
I hope your foot is continuig to heal well and that you still have a little patience left to keep going!
Your vintage finds are so cool! I love those leather horse cuffs and I can really picture a horse wearing them!
The silouhettes look gorgeous so beautifully framed - little treasures.
Hope it won't be too long before you are back on your two feet walking again!
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa who is out and about! Good for you! Now...I'm thinking that a hovercraft is one of those things that skim above the water on air bubbles. lol Whatever it is, you must feel great getting out of the house! All worth it with great finds! Too raw here to get out and do the local antique shop so we're hanging out inside where it's warm.

Hugs!! Diane

Rebecca said...

Glad you got out a little and it looks like you found some good stuff!
Better keep taking it easy... before long you won't have a to do list!\
Thinking of you

Charlene said...

I LOVE your lampshade you made at Christmas!!! And that deer graphic is 2DIE4!!! I had hoped you were in your walking cast by now I know you wished so too as you were hoping that when we met with you for cokes while Sandy was here. Take it easy & don't push it too much. Better to heal well than mess something up. HUGS!