Tuesday, February 5

My Antler Sweater

What do you get when you combine a felted nubby sweater,

with antlers?

An antler sweater!
I almost titled this post 'padding my rack' but decided that wouldn't look good on every ones side-bar for the next month.
The rack was my fathers, he was not a big hunter so this was probably the only thing he ever shot.
It has sentimental value so I didn't want to change it  permanently.

I just unscrewed the antlers from the board and covered it all in wool.

It was one of those projects that turned out as good as I imagined.

And it looks very cool with my loving cup.
I wish I could find another one under $100.
Fat chance, right?

I've been making some pillows & throws too.

To support my habit I'm selling felted wool bundles in my Etsy store.
If your interested check it out here.

If you live close by, (DFW Metro-Plex) I'm hosting a workshop at my house March 9!
Details in my next post.


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Wow, that turned out great! The wool makes a wonderful difference...and I love the look of the whole mantel! The loving cup is so great...and the pillows...Oh, I just like it all lol!

Anonymous said...

I'm speechless. Well, no, not really.

This is just so simply amazing, Lisa!!!

Laurie said...


Sarah said...

Amazing transformation!

holli said...

that is soooo cool!! I love that idea. Cute pillows too. You're so talented and creative

Dorthe said...

WOW ,some great projects Lisa,-that antlar in sweater ,looks fantastic, and I love the rustic feeling your shelf with all this gorgeous things have.
Those wonderful sweaters can be used for so many great projects, like your pillows - -- my little stach is still here on the old trunk, makin me smile, just watching it ,every day.
I am just now almost recovered from a nasty flue, coughing ,fever, and blowing the nose, non stop, so that`s why I have been quite for so long, my dearest friend.
Hugs and love, Dorthe

Primroses Attic said...

Lisa I love your antlers. Another way to use an old jumper. My daughter has antlers in her bedroom, I will show her your post she will be really surprised. Love your collection of vintage mirrors.

Beth Leintz said...

Love it- the soft sweater with the earthy antlers. Is that a sweater candle cozy on the mantle, too?

Karen B. said...

Hi Lisa,
love what you did with your antlers!
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Petite Michelle Louise said...

oh my..that is CRAZY creative my friend! wow! Who would have thunk it?? so cool. And love the felted pillow as well!! ;)

The Cranky Queen said...

My hunter hubby cringed when I showed him your post! LOL...I too collect antlers, they display in a multitude of ways...my winter display on the dining room buffet is antlers and dried blue hydrangeas... I also have them coupled in wooden bowls & grouped on the wall for that cabin~lodge look feel! Thanx for sharing. My castle door is always open over at the "royal blog" Tiffany

Little Pink Studio said...

hahahaha! "padding my rack" that's great. I would have loved it if you had titled your post that. :)
You know, I'm not normally into hunting trophies but the sweater really did make it fabulous. Well done!
I really wish I could attend a workshop in your home!
Cerri xo

trash talk said...

She sided "titled"...snark. She said "padding"...snort. She said "felted"...snark, snort, snark. She said "rack"...snark, snort, snark, snort.
That's one cool rack o'love. Just like you to take a memory and wrap it in the warmth of your creativity.

Anonymous said...

Finally logged in so I can comment! Your "mount" (thought I'd use that for Debbie) looks so cozy and warm! And that pillow with the cross? *swoon*

You inspire me. I think I'll go sew now! xoxo

Robin said...

This looks fabulous Lisa! Can't wait to hear more about the workshop :)


Carole said...

I have been so into the whole antler thing. Shocks me too! but I seem to have fallen in love with the whole natural history look...vintage of course. Love all your creations

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

What an awesome idea, Lisa!!! It doesn't amaze me though because you always come up with super cool ideas. The antlers turned out great and make definetely a conversation piece.
OMG, I LOVE your other sweater creations too. The house is so adorable and I admire that gorgeous pillow as well. The different knitting patterns give such great textures to it.
We still have problems with the electricity. Last week we had no power at all on 4 days. Right now we get only a bit through a cable to the neighbor. It's not enough to run everything but better than nothing anyway. At least our internet access got better after changing to another provider.
I have a new erosion bundle hanging and we've had plenty of rain lately. I still have to wait a while before I can open it.
Have a great week, sweetie!
Big hugs and love,

Rebecca said...

Love your style Girl...
I have been working on a deer head covered in felted wool... ha great minds think alike!

vicki said...

Lisa- only you would think to do this to an antler rack-- I gotta say that I totally love it!! So YOU!!! I'm still laughing about your comment re padding your rack- hilarious!

Am loving your pictures of the felted sweaters-- could be the birth if a new obsession!! I'm addicted to wools too!

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Maureen said...

Lisa, I LOVE what you did with the antlers... I have been wanting to fix up a rack I got for $10... great antlers, but the base is not so great. I covered the skull part with scrap suede, but the wood plaque leaves much to be desired. Your wool treatment is brilliant! And I love the planks behind. I hope you don't mind if I "steal" your idea. ;)

It's wonderful!

Your home is beautiful!