Monday, March 18

Spring Break

What a wonderful Spring Break!
The weather was perfect for getting out & having fun.

We couldn't get out of town this time, but we brainstormed ideas for our 'stay-cation'.
Some items on our list were:
Zoo, go see Oz, park, rock climbing, eat bacon (Owen's),
museum & make pizza.



 I'm proud to say we did everything & more!
  Last weekend I hosted my first 'at home' workshop.
I taught my Winter Wool Cottage.
Since this was my first home workshop I didn't advertise, just word of mouth.
That way if it was a huge flop I could do damage control. 
 But it turned out great, & my plans for monthly classes are underway!

I'm trying to think of something cute to call my classes.
'Workshop at My House' doesn't sound so good.
Beth came up with Lisa MacCraft, LOL

Cami, Linda & Tammy.

The class included supplies & lunch.
I even had a few goodies for sale.

Erica's sweet cottage.

Lily joined us girls & worked on her own project.

Kristi's pink palace~!

Erica brought her friend Sarah along, she fit in great with our crazy group.
Love her red roof!

Lisa & Kristi came all the way from San Antonio.
We turned it into a weekend, hit the Cattle Barns & Funky Finds show on Sunday.

Somehow I missed getting a photo of Jan, but here's her house, sans roof.
Her stitching is absolutely perfect!

Tammy & her Maison de Bling~
If you live near the DFW Metro-plex,  I'd love to have you join me next month.

  I'll teach a weaving techinique that is simple & can be used in many different ways.
Seating is limited, the information & registration are here.
 In other news.....
 Our kitchen remodel is coming along.

Here's our official 'before' picture.
The hole on the left is from the oven & microwave, they sold on Craigslist.

I was happy to see the soffits go, the kitchen seems so much wider now.

I orignially wanted a commerical style stainless hood cover.
 But they were well over our budget, even at Ikea.
Plan 2 was to build our own.
After spending hours on Pintrest & in my inspiration folder we came up with our own design.
The black hood cover came from Sears scratch & dent.
It was originally $425 marked down to $70.

And there it is surrounded in bead board & painted crisp white.
I love the way it turned out.
I'm so lucky that my husband can do anything & is willing to take chances.
It's going to be so fun styling the ledge, for now I'm liking the silver tray.
We put a fresh coat of paint on the lower cabinets, new hardware & stained the butcher  block counters dark.
Since I took these pictures we've done more, but I think I'll hold off on posting them.
When it's  all finished I'll do a big kitchen reveal.



Karen B. said...

Hi Lisa Hun,
it looks like you all had a great time ~ wish I could have been there too. Love the kitchen too.
many hugs
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Desires of the Heart said...

Wow, your workshop looks like it was just wonderful!! Love your cute little cottage, so creative and it looks like everyone had such a great time. Your Spring Break week with your kids looks like a huge success. Not better way to spend time than with our little guys and gals while we can. Your kitchen looks so nice and I love the stove hood too!! You both did a great job and I'm anxious to see the full reveal soon. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Have a great day!! Blessings, Linda

Dorthe said...

My dear Lisa,
how wonderful to see your kitchen so wonderful already, the finished section looks fantastic.,,I love it in white, and metal.
And your workshop, many lovely creations have been made ,I can tell you had fun, and Lilly too, creating with all of you, so sweet.
It seems you have a wonderful weather , from the photoes of the kids on tour! I love the one in front of the water-they are so sweet, dear friend.
Hugs and love,Dorthe

OHHH have to tell you, that I love your new workshop item- what a gorgeous bag, it is amazing Lisa.

The Feathered Nest said...

First of all, I just LOVE that Owen's plan for spring break was to eat bacon!!!! What a HOOT!!! I'm so glad you guys had such a busy and fun break and that the weather was gorgeous for you guys too ~ I so wish I could have been at that table with those girls!!!! I'm just glad you're finally holding workshops in your own home ~ you definitely have a great following to take each and every one...And the kitchen?? I just can't believe how gorgeous it is, even at only half way finished!!! I can't wait to see more sweet friend ~ Tell that Kevin is in an angel to put up with your remodeling :) hugs and love dear friend, Dawn

bumblebee said...

You REALY know how to make a damn yankee very jealous! Wished I lived closer. The work shop looks like lots of fun with lots of girlies that I love. Hmmm for a name who about Workshops @ the corner of Tattered & Tarnished? Honey HUGS bz

Robin said...

What a fun packed spring break you all must have had. Your workshop looked fabulous and I knew it would be a great success! I have to say that I am in love with your kitchen. That range hood looks stunning and I would love to have those dark stained butcher block counter tops in my kitchen. Have a great week.


Beth Leintz said...

I want a bacon vacation.

Your workshop looks like it was so much fun and everybody's project is unique- I wish I lived in a sweater cottage neighborhood.

Your next class will be great, too. That woven purse is one of my all time favorite projects. I've made more of those bags than just about anything.

Charlene said...

Oh I hate that I missed playing with you & sooooooooooo many of the girls. I see so many pals there. The houses turned out darling. Of course Ms Jan's stitching was perfect she's a PRO! I miss my friends but, like you I'm knee deep in remodel. I just posted a few photos of my MESS! Miss you!

Kristi Lynne said...

I'm with Beth (and Owen)... bacon vacation! Band name, perhaps?! Looking forward to returning as half of the San Antonio delegation in April. Fun, fun!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Lisa, It looks like you had great fun with the kids during spring break. Since they put pizza and bacon on their wish list, I assume they eat totally healthy during the rest of the year, lol.
I LOVE your sweater houses. That was such a great idea and your students obviously enjoyed your class. They constructed some very lovely houses. I'm sure the purse class will be a great success too.
Your kitchen looks wonderful!
Big hugs,

Rebecca said...

Hi Lisa!
Wow spring break already, ours isn't until the end of March. Your kids are growing like weeds... so cute. Our weather is still winter, yuk.
Love your kitchen redo and the exhaust fan turned out really sharp. I have been thinking of classes myself but have lost my following and really hard to get back into the swing of things. Yours looks so fun, wish I lived closer!
Blessings today

just me... jan said...

Eat bacon.....I'm howlin'.....ain't that just like a boy???? Sheesh but I miss those days....bein' surrounded by packs of little boys!!!

just who had a FABULOUS time at your workshop!....jan

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh they will be special memories of picnicking in the park with the kids!
Looks like your workshop at home was a huge success! There's so much talent there amongst those gals!
That woven bag looks so very sweet in laces and seam binding(?). It would be so much fun to join in.
Your kitchen makeover is going really well Lisa - Your won't know yourself preparing meals in there!
Warm hugs girl!

June said...

You make me miss those days with my kids small and getting to come up with lists of what fun things we wanted to do on Spring Break Lisa! It looks like fun was had by all :)

AND so much fun for the ladies too!
sending hugs...

Laurie said...

Your posts are always full of such wonderfulness. I never get tired of seeing your triplets smiling faces! It looks like it was a LOVELY Spring Break and I am pouting that I don't live close enough to come for a class! Boo hoo!!

Vicki Boster said...

Oh Lisa-- say it's not so!!! How can your babies be that big???? Rock climbing? Are you kidding me??? ( I may have to take to my bed over this- lol!!) I just can't believe they have grown so! It looks like you all had a wonderful "staycation"-- the pictures show happy kids for sure!

Looks like everyone had such a fun time in your class-- lots of smiling faces amongst the ladies!

Well- your kitchen is just to die for!! Looking forward to lots more photos!

Sending hugs--

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Your children are so adorable! Looks like they had a wonderful spring break. I also loved seeing your wonderful class and the pieces that were created. The kitchen is really coming along nicely too!
Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

angi eharis said...

aloha lisa! somehow i just stumbled on to your blog and i am so happy i did! of course first the kids caught my attention, as they always do! then your first at home craft class, i have been wanting to start one in my little town forever! yours looked great, wouldn't want to change a thing! and then your kitchen redo, i am so jealous, love it! love your blog and everything else, kinda feels like i found an old lost friend, i will be back! aloha, angi in hana