Wednesday, May 1

Highlights from our first sale!

Wanna come to a sale?

  If you couldn't make it last week sit down, put your feet up & I'll show you what you missed.

 The sale was held in my driveway, porch & backyard. 
It was a little scary Thursday, but we had a plan.

And it started with turning our 'poo brown' garage door into an amazing backdrop.
 Drop cloths, a few yards of scrim & a $5 box of custom balloon valances became our Mistress of Junk theater.


Not the greatest picture but the chandelier topped swing looked very cool.


This bare chair now resides in my front yard.

 There was really something for everyone. 

It took me months to collect enough clipboards for this vignette. 

I loved the way the fence turned out.
The 'vintage' letters came off my studio wall, they're covered in wool, (surprise, surprise). 
There was only one frame left, so now I'm hunting for more so I can recreate it.


We had a great guest vendor Kristi Hall, a few of her goodies stayed here with me.

Here we are, the mistress's of junk.
That's my awesome partner Jenn. Unfortunately she's not a blogger, just a great picker.
I'm the one with the squirrels on my head.
Here's our mascot Izzy, she licked every person who came whether they liked it or not.

I'd like to thank our friend & photographer extraordinaire Amanda Holcomb for the great pics on this post.
(the other ones are mine)
You can find her facebook page here....
& her website here.

Mark your calenders, our holiday sale is set for October 10 & 11!
You can stay in touch with us on facebook here.


The Feathered Nest said...

omyland!!!!! Everything looks so stinkin' amazing!!!! I just wish I could have been guys had the most wonderful weather too! I don't know how you do what you do Lisa but it's all wonderful ~ hugs and love, Dawn

Laurie said...

Oh it looks like it was SO MUCH FUN!! Great photos!

Boxwood Cottage said...

Oh Lisa how I would have loved to be there! Everything looks amazing especially your awesome garage theater and that wall of clip boards ( I didn't even manage to find a single one here so far), the swing with the wire lamp shades, the frames at the fence and your pretty white porch, all such great vignettes! I see so many things I would have wanted *sigh* That pretty china doll ~ I love it! I wish you would live closer!
Congrats Lisa on managing such a great and fun event around your home!
Sending you happy Spring wishes
Carola xoxo~

Jeanne said...

Oh this looks amazing! I would love to try to do something like this at my house! How did you set everything up before the sale since it was outside?
Thanks for the inspiration!

Jeanne said...

Oh this looks amazing! I would love to try to do something like this at my house! How did you set everything up before the sale since it was outside?
Thanks for the inspiration!

Dorthe said...

Dear Lisa,
So much I would have enjoyed ,looking ,feeling and being there in your and your friends amazing sale, if it had been possibly!
The preparing for it must have been so fun,too- you did a fantastic job with the garage theatre and every other corner and place. I LOVE your bare chair.. have a amaller one myself :-) and there are so many gorgeous pieces I would have run away with!!
So happy for you, the weather and all was fine, you looks so happy and sweet on the photo. Hugs and
Love, Dorthe

Brittany Ruth said...

Wow, I love this everything there. I also love the white dresser with the pink flowers! Do you do your sales, kind of like a yard sale? Great idea.

-Brittany Ruth

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

For your next event, please send airplane tickets for Carola, Dorthe and me, lol. We three always suffer big time when we see all your great stuff, sigh. Lisa, you had wonderful ideas and did such a great job displaying all your awesome goodies. Your customers must have had a lot of fun visiting and shopping.
Happy Thursday, sweeetie!

Beth Leintz said...

Oh, you had the kind of sale that would have me in heart palpatations before I even parked the car.

Cindy said...

Wow! Simply fab, I love it all. You gals really outdid yourselves, it all just looked wonderful. Very, very inspiring. And oh my gosh, your hair has gotten so long! It looks very pretty. :)


Jamie said...

Lisa!!!!! You rock Girlfriend!!! Everything looked just beautiful. I know that was some hard work, but it really turned out stunning. Love, Jamie

Erica said...

Lisa, the sale looks fabulous!!!! I had great plans to be there, but since I've been packing up my house for the last two months, I couldn't stand to bring more in. And, we were dealing with a dieing cat that took all of our energy.
I can't miss the next sale!!

Robin said...

Everything looked wonderful and the sale was great, such a variety of stuff to pick from! Can't wait till October!


Desires of the Heart said...

Wow Lisa!! It looks amazing and hopefully you sold it ALL!! It looks like sooooooooooooo much work though and I am also questioning where you put it all before the sale? Hope you have a little time to rest up before you start preparing for the next sale. Looks like so much fun though.....the thrill of the hunt, but you don't have to keep it all. ha. Blessings, Linda

The Bashful Nest said...

How wonderful! I wish I could have been there, I see so many things I could have bought! I loved the clipboards too.


Anonymous said...

Linked over from Suzi and Dorthe, wow this display is over the top gorgeous, you did an amazing, amazing job!!!! xox

Vicki Boster said...

Are you kidding me????? This is the most amazing "junk" sale that I have ever seen!! You girls rock--love the vignettes-- totally amazing!!!!! Wish I could have been there!


Cecile Nichols said...

Great photos, even more awesome treasures for sale! I'm so envious! Too bad North Texas isn't just south of northern Ohio!!! Oh, my!! Thanks for sharing!

Kristi Lynne said...

I am still in tears because I don't live in the metroplex...Major junk envy to those who do! Every INCH looks spectacular...of course.