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Wednesday, August 31


I know it's customary to make resolutions on New Years Eve, but I made mine last week when the kids started school.
Now that I have all this 'free time' (ha ha) I'm marking some things off my wanna do list.

#1 Get my etsy store back up
 I've got a few things listed including this cute little altered box.

Listing is a lot of work!
  I envy people who have 200 things in their shops.  I'm trying to put a few things in my shop everyday, so check back.

#2 Have the biggest garage sale in Texas history!

Along with your usual garage sale favs:
 kids clothes, small appliances & curtain rods I'm unloading a ridiculous amount of great stuff!

Debbie told me to advertise it as a 'living estate sale' since I'm selling a lot of antiques & furniture.
 I thought that sounded great!

If your near North Texas check me out Saturday & Sunday.

Some items will go in my etsy shop.

You wanna see how much junk stuff I have?

Look at the size of this storage unit!
(This is after we emptied it out)

I'm not a crazy hoarder
(well maybe a little crazy)
It all started 4 years ago.
My parents died suddenly & I was left with a large estate.
The kids were only 2 then & frankly I just couldn't cope with letting go of everything.
One thing I learned from watching 'Hoarders' is that when a tragic event happens it can trigger hoarding behavior.  After we got this unit to store my parents things I found myself collecting...a lot.
I finally realized that it's the memories, not things that hold my family close.
I used to think it was fun to shop from my stash, now I just feel suffocated by it all.
Well, it's time to let go.

The kids are even getting in on the gig.
Selling old toys & hosting thier first lemonaid stand.
In case you don't read kindergarten, let me interpret.
Lemonaid stab/stand in Texas.
Call me Philip.

#3 Get in shape!

I gained some weight over the summer.  It was too hot to do anything so we spent a lot of time couching & snacking.

I had to give up my beloved Ben & Jerry's, very tough.
I'm trying to satisfy my sweet tooth with low-cal treats.
If anyone has good recipes please share!