Friday, June 18

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Our Mommy is crazy right now working on some kind of paper doll, or cowgirl thing. 
Oh yes, Paper Cowgirls
We are Spiderman, Pretty Pink Princess & Spiderman 2, & we'll be your hosts for the party!
Mom doesn't have a big fancy studio, she makes her art in our playroom.  We like it that way because we can play together. 
This is her work table, it's her very favorite thing.  Daddy found it for her at a re-sale shop when we were kids.
She thinks it came from a school or something, it's old. 
This is our art table, Mom found it at a garage sale for $10.
We are mixed media artists too!

We love to dig through the drawers in Mom's desk.
There are 22 of them, we'll just show you the ones we like best.

Mommy loves nature.  She says it's her favorite art supply, except for lace.  She really loves that stuff, we'll talk about that later. 

This furry thing freaks us out! We are not sure what it was.

Her very favorite nature is heart shaped rocks, she has a big 'ol jar of them.  Whenever we find them for her she gets all happy & hugs us hard.

Daddy calls her a hoarder, but she says she's a collector.

See this suitcase?  It's our college fund.
Mommy says city college will make a man of me.

This stuff in the buggy is velvet ribbon, she loves it almost as much as the lace.  Instead of going to Disney World last summer, we had to go to Louisiana so Mommy could go shopping with Aunt Jodie.  That's were she got all this.  We don't care what Mommy says, crocodiles are not as cute as Mickey Mouse!
When she's not buying up lace, she's looking for fabric.  Some of it is in these suitcases. 

She thinks she's pretty smart putting the words on the suitcases, but everyday she's pulling them down to get something out of the bottom one.

This one has lots of Barbie rugs.

Mommy spends a lot of time looks through this suitcase.  She says it's Yummy!
That's silly.

She gets real happy about this one too. 
 She says things like 'ahhhh'. She snuck it in the house while Daddy was napping.

She takes dryer sheets out of the laundry basket & puts them in the cases.  She say's it makes them smell good.
Once in a awhile Mommy buys new things. They don't need dryer sheets.
This is a good one,

it has tons of teeny baby shoes, but Mommy won't let us play with them.

This is Mommy's hutch, it used to be in our dining room.
We don't have a dining room anymore. 
She keeps her pretties on it. 
See that angel doll on the shelf?? Isn't she so pretty?  Mommy's friend Dorthe made it, Mommy say's her angel watches over us!

These are cards & things from more of Mommy's friends.
She's made a lot of friends, she talks on the phone to them.
She talks on the phone a LOT!
When she's on the phone we're not suppose to bug her unless we're bleeding.

When she's not buying up lace & fabric, she's buying buttons.
We like buttons, she lets us sort them. 
 We look for the prettiest ones.  We put all the whities in this jar.  Whities are her favorites.

Mom says this is the best wall in our house. 
She says every bit of it makes her happy
We like it when she's happy so we try not to mess with it so much. 
The art on the wall is from more of Mommy's friends.  Dawn, Jodie, Dorthe, Karen, Julia, Ann & Rebecca
 Whenever the postman rings our doorbell Mom gets all excited. 
Then she gets her camera & takes pictures while she unwraps the box. 
Then she does the Happy Dance.

We think maybe Mommy & her friends lost some of their crayons. Everything is white & brown. No purple, no blue. Not even green! Maybe Mommy needs new crayons.

More white stuff!

That's one of Mom's mannequins, we used to call it a maniac.
We were little then. Now we're 4 & we know it's a mannequin.  Mom glued paper all over it & made the biggest mess you ever saw.  She makes a lot of messes.

It's almost time for Dora, but we'll show you one more thing. 
See those cabinets by the doors? Well, sometimes we go to Ikea.  Mom loves Ikea.  She bought them there, she bought the hutch there too.  Daddy puts them together.  He's pretty good at reading the pictures that tell you how.  There's a lot more stuff in those. 
That's our dog Izzy outside.

See, more stuff!
Mom read on a blog how to put her stamps in CD cases.
Pretty smart huh?

She likes Tim Holtz a lot, she calls him a Grunge King.
She says the silliest things.
Mommy says you can never have too much seam binding.

That head thing creeps us out almost as much as the furry thing in the drawer!  She's always dragging those magazines around too. 
We didn't even talk about the magazines, we can't stay up late enough for that!
Thanks for visiting today, we hope you liked it!
Mommy says for us to tell Karen she's a Rock Star for dreaming up this awesome party & she can't wait to stop sewing so she can go see everyone's studio's.
~ Lisa
Spiderman, Pretty Pink Princess & Spiderman 2


Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

I enjoyed the tour, Spidy, Pinky Princess and Spidy II!!

Well, I have to agree that is one FABULOUS wall and I love the suitcase filled with your kiddos college fund!!!

Thank you for sharing your awesome creative space!!


Lenore said...

Fabulous and interesting the suitcases and the white wall with all the wonderful goodies!!!!
Thanks for the peek into your studio.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

I'm laughing so dang hard...
I'll be back in a second when I catch my breath...
excuse me!

Connie said...

Darling, darling, honey, and I'm so glad the munchkins were able to post for ya! How sweet is that. Loving the tables you've acquired, chick. I wish I had a space that big.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Okay my little Angels,
Auntie Jodie is back.
I must say that you are the cutest little things that I've EVER seen, especially when you help Mommy in her studio.

But first things first and listen to me closely...
Poor out Daddy's coffee because I think there is something in it that makes him nap too much. I know this because your Mommy sneaks too much into the house. So go on...go pour it out Lily and come right back.

Now Philip,
Did you put that furry thing in Mommy's drawer? I'm giving you total permission to throw it in the neighbors yard. Throw it over the fence so Izzie doesn't chew on it. Speaking of Izzie...what is she doing outside? Let her in!!!!! Poor thing, she's sitting out there pouting in the heat!

And Owen...
Do Auntie Jodie a favor please. See that suitcase with the lace in it? And the one with the bark cloth in it? Take those two and put them under your bed until I get there...your Mommy said I could have them :)

Now kids...I really thought that alligator looked like Mickey Mouse, especially when your Mommy put those big black ears on it and had ya'll take a family "Disney wanna be" photo. Maybe next year we'll all go see Mickey at his castle...maybe ;)

Alrighty then, tell Mommy I dropped by to see ya'll's beautiful studio.
I hope she's paying you three very well for sorting those buttons and giving each of you commission of what she sells in her shop. Don't tell her I told you anything...but you should be at least getting 33% so you can save for University instead of community college (that's our little secret)

Love each of you...I'm so proud of ya'll for helping and playing with Mommy today...fantastic job!

(glad no one is bleeding at the she off the phone?)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Your Mom has a great studio! Thanks so much for showing us! I love everything about it {well, except that furry thing ~ it kind of creeps me out, too}.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

The kids did the best job taking us for a tour of your fabulous studio! I just love everything in it, and all your wonderful storage ideas! Makes me want to come and play!

Lovey said...

Wow...Such a wonderful space you guys share with your terrific mom! Love, love, love it. That man! I know it's for your college fund...but man oh man! Smiles...Great space! Beautiful creativity flowing here! I can feel it through Blog Land!

Claudia said...

May I come over? I just want to look through all your stuff and play with your dog and most especially, your fabulous tour guides!

That work table with all the drawers is one great find. And I agree, that wall is simply gorgeous, filled with stunning creations.

Thanks for the fabulous tour!


Tami said...

What an adorable post! Love your creative area. We moved to Charleston a little over a month ago and I have yet to set up my creating area, guess I better get with it. :0)

Unknown said...

By FAR...THE MOST TOUCHING blog post i've EVER read! I absolutely loved it! didn't want it to end. posting from your childrens'point of view was PRICELESS mon amie! your creative space is sweet but even sweeter that you share it with your kids. I would LOVE to spend an afteroon with you in your dining room.. er...i mean "studio!" Thanks so much for sharing your creative space lisa. it brought me much joy!


Spidey 1, Spidey 2 and Pink Princess ~ you all have done a wonderful job presenting your creative space and your mom's studio and collections of supplies! Looks like Izzy is just itching to come in and create too! Just as long as she doesn't create a mess, right? Lisa, your space and your helpers are enviable indeed! Kudos to all for making it work together beautifully! ~ Angela

Cottage Panache said...

What a wonderful tour! Such a creative duo or I mean trio you make, and your mommy wins the creative mommy award in my book! Tell your mommy I will talk to her tomorrow! KUDOS
on the stand up comedy ~ by the way, I was wondering, who rights your material, can I have her number, huh!? Can I?!

Vintage Market Place said...

where to even start?
It is all to gorgeous to comment on.
What a lucky girl to share your space with the spideys and a princess.
Really a beautiful creative environment to be in.

Grace said...

Hahaha What cuties! No Disney and you lost your crayons...whahah great craft room! Great family. Grace xoxoo

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Spidy, Pinky Princess and Spidy II! You three have really got-it-goin-on! You rock!
Your Mama's creative space rocks!
But I agree that head and furry thing kinda creeps me out a little too.
I really like all the cool old suitcases full of goodies and all those cabinets just runnin over with fun stuff.

I would say that Mom is seriously obessessed with creating lovely things.

Thanks for the tour. Now go check on Mom and see if she has finished sewing.


Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Be sure to tell your mommy she has a pretty special place and that you are so lucky to have a table in there. I am like your mommy too and I don't have a lot of different color crayons and cream are really good colors for me! You did a great, go play in one of those drawers...shhh...our secret!

Wildflowerhouse said...

Your poor deprived kids! Crocs and Mickey Mouse oh my. Maybe they will give you colored crayons for your birthday.... I absolutely loved this post.

Lisa said...

Oh I love your space/spaces!! They are great, and you have some awesome materials to create with! Enjoy!! Izzy wants in ;)
Hugs, Lisa

Rebecca said...

What a great job you did..Spidy 1 &2 and Pinky P... you are just too adorable! How much fun is that room!!!! Loved every inch of it and I need to come back and blow up the pictures. The dress form is fabulous and your wall of fame looks good enough to eat!
Honestly I loved it all and where did you find that fabulous work table... I am sooooo jealous of that table!!! :) in a good way of course.
Many Blessings

Anonymous said...

A family that creates together stays together! You are a wonderful inspiration to your children, I loved the tour! Marcia

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Hey Spiderman, Pinky Princess and Spiderman 2,

What a wonderful tour of your Playroom/Mom's it all. What a nice twist, very refreshing.

Mom's got some real beautiful goodies...she's a special Mom for sure.

Happy Creating,

BellaRosa said...

Lisa amor, besides being in LOVE with your creative space and loving everything that you have EVER created in there, I have to tell you to date I think Spidy 1 & 2, and pretty pink princess are your most beautiful & wonderful creations to date! I love how they made your post just come alive...I dunno amor...personally I am thinking you might want to let them have creative power over your posts a bit more often...come on you gotta give up some of that power sometime, I mean you can't always be the boss :)

Now as for all your beautiful treasures....Oh My Stars...I am so wanting to come and play in there! I think you & I should combine our pennies so I can sneak up there...I am trying to make a list of all the things that I am loving so that when I do come up there, I will know exactly where to go & what to pack lol Oh and I am sooo just closing up and stealing your bebes college fund...they will understand and your right City College will be good for them, give them character...ask Ashley lol

I am just loving that wall in there with all those beautiful things made by our wonderful talented day something from me, will be there...I promise you that *wink*

I want everything in those nature drawers cept that creepy furry scared me too...but I want all those Barbie carpets...I collect those too lol and oh my stars...who am I kidding I want it all!!! and I want it now!!!! :) Love & miss you amor....and I have just one thing that I need you too do for me...well all of us! SET THOSE PICS SO THAT WE CAN MAKE THEM SOOO BIG THEY TAKE UP THE WHOLE FREAKIN PAGE :) ok thank you, I have used up my weekly quota of words with you and yes...I know...but no matter what you ARE not the boss of ME...I just love you and let you think that & ......Your Welcome! Besos, Rose

BellaRosa said...

Talented friends...I meant our talented friends not things :) besos Rose :)

DeeDee said...

Wowsers.....I love your make the most wonderful things in the narration the most thou....way to cute....glad I got to see inside...

Vicki Boster said...

Hi sweet Lisa -
How wonderfully precious is this post! Your children are so adorable pictured here! Your collections of vintage treasures are simply to die for. How lucky you are to have such a wonderful space and to be privaleged to share it with your children. Your vintage finds, vintage creations, your entire collections of treasures are so very desirable. I could be so happy just playing on your special place all day!


Mosaic Magpie said...

I am definately going to have to get more stuff. Those suitcases wow a whole wall of suitcases. Dorthe's angel watching and goodies everywhere. Thanks for the great tour.
Debbie said...

I want to come and play with the Spidy duo and Pinky!

Beth A. @ Songbird Hill said...

Lisa, you have a wonderful space and 3 beautiful children!

Kateyed said...

Wow, that was just a fantastic tour, Spidermans 1 and 2 and Pinky Princess! I love your mom's and your craft space...I love so many things her suitcases full of fabric and her old table. Most of all I love her wall of no color. Her friends make very pretty things without color!

Thanks for the were great guides!


The Tin Rabbit said...

What a precious post! Your three tour guides are soooo cute! I absolutely adore your studio and getting to share it with them~priceless! Love,love your wall of art!!! It's beautiful! And your worktable...Oh my, it's wonderful! Thanks for the great tour! XO, Ann

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Well, Lisa Dear...My first giggles for the night. Please tell SpiderMan, Pinky Princess and Spiderman II that they were terrific hosts and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. You are one inspirational girl, my friend.
Thanks for sharing the loads of pictures! My post goes up at midnight. Hope you'll visit Brynwood as you studio hop!

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Lisa, What an adorable post! I laughed out loud at the "we are mixed media artists too" photo. Your posts always bring back so many wonderful memories for me when my children were the ages of your children. Your sense of humor is delightful and your stash of goodies also gets high marks! Love that table with all the drawers. What a find!! xo, Sue

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hey Kids, you're the best tour guides! I think your mom must be "Wonder Woman", she surely has a great space to create in! And I think it's wonderful that she shares her space with all you lucky kiddos. Hey, who needs a Dining Room? More fun to play. But I'm with you, what kind of little animal crawled in that drawer?
Have fun you all!

Gail said...

Cutest post ever! Thanks for sharing and making me laugh! You do have gobs of great stuff......

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi Lisa, Your studio is an awesome place to play with so so many pretty things to discover. I'd love to have such a great and practical work table. Mine would probably never look so clean though. Now, could you please make one of your phone calls! I've to talk to your kids for a second.

Hey Spiderman, Pink Princess and Spiderman 2, let's make a deal. While your Mom is on the phone, you send me over some of those suitcases (if they're not filled up, just put some more stuff in and don't forget the laces and ribbons). In exchange I'll send you a bag full of popsicles, so that you don't always have to share just one. When your Mom wonders, where the suitcases have gone, tell her your Dad gave them away because he thinks that she has too much stuff. Deal?

Oh Lisa, You've finished your phone call already. Make another one that takes a little longer!

O.k. kids, the coast is clear. Go ahead packing! I go order the popsicles in the meanwhile...

marie said...

Loved the tour! Yes, that wall is the best in the house! Thanks for showing close-ups of it all. It's all so beautiful!

Connie K. said...

thank you for the tour.I had the best time...
all us mommies make the biggest ,bestest messes...

Dorthe said...

Oh Lisa, spidermen and princess,
this was so far the most wonderfull trip, here on this party. I see what you mean about animals Lisa :) wow you live lovely, and i`m sure happy here, sweetie, so many beautifull treasures, so many wonderfull collections.Love your wall of no color!! and all the suitcases, with alwayes the right stuff in the bottom,-and your dress form is so genuine.Lisa thankyou for showing "me" between your treasures, makes me feel blessed ,dear.And kids you all looks so sweet and great in your dresses for this party.Thanks for inviting me,too.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Shane Pollard said...

what a magical post!!!

I loved it all and the bit about the magazines was soooooo ME.
I don't leave the house without one of my Somerset or house mags, just in case I'm delayed somewhere.

We don't have a dining room any more!!! SO precious!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

What a wonderful place to create! It is so full of stuff yet looks neat as a pin! Thank you for sharing and you have the best tour guides!!!

Diane said...

Lisa, you are one cool lady!!and so are your assistants. I could get lost in here and never find my way out--a VERY good thing! And hey, I like that idea with the dryer sheets--you win my prize--I loved your tour :D

Lululiz said...

You three did a great job of showing us the studio/playroom. I bet you have fun in there as well.
Oh my, those suitcases, they are gorgeous, a whole great big stack of them! And THAT wall, wow, it is fabulous!

sweetpea said...

Lisa, I knew I would love your studio! Love the stack of suitcases. It's so cool that your kids are there creating right along side you. Awesome.



Lou said...

Oh Lisa... such an adorable and enchanting post!!! Laughed out loud the whole way thru!! Fantastic!! Absolutely loove your creative space to... and your favorite wall... beautiful!
Thanks for sharing "out of the mouth's of babes" it was purely delightful!!
Love Louxx

time worn interiors said...

Great place! Creative Mommy's make creative children! My children are all grown up now! But it was nice seeing yours having so much fun!

Sandy said...


You have the BEST tour guides ever! Love your creative space and the collections for creating with are juicy yummy! How fun that you share your space and encourage your children in their creativity too. Have fun at Paper Cowgirls!

Angela said...

This post is hilarious!!! I really love the college fund box and the city college remark, hahahahaha. Your playroom/studio is beautiful and I would love to come over and play in the suitcases!!! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

What an amazing space! Just the suitcases alone make me drool like a rabid dog!

June said...

Lisa I knew it would be amazing, just how amazing, I couldn't have guessed. You truly inspire me. You are a precious mom and a wonderful artist. I love your creative space and love that you do it in sight of your children. I never had a space of my own when the six were all home and the kitchen table was always covered with sewing and fabric. The dad and kids got so good at balancing plates on their knees. Have I ever told you how co-ordinated my kids are now?
hugs to you dear one

Andrea said...

What a beautiful place to create!

Kirsten Alicia said...

What a wonderful post!!! Thank you so much for the tour kids, the photos are terrific & I am SO jealous of your mom's gorgeous space & all of those goodies. :) I have to thank WWC too, without them I might have missed you all.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Lisa, your little tour guides were fun, fun, fun. Your favorite wall is also my favorite wall! Gorgeous goodies to be found there. And I'm definitely with Spidey 1 & 2 and Princess on the furry thing. Egads! What is that? I adore those stacked suitcases -- what a great way to store all your material. Hope you are able to get everything done for Paper Cowgirl this weekend so that you can relax a bit before it's showtime. Best wishes, Tammy

The Feathered Nest said...

LISA! I want to come DIG!!!! I just love it all!!! Your space is so beautiful girl...mine looks like a dump compared to yours ~ it's all just so gorgeous and I'm SO in love with that massive table Kevin found, SCORE! ~ Your babies are so adorable, I love how they gave us the grand tour....and that they don't bother us unless they're bleeding, we have a lot of ground to cover when we chat!!!!! And the velvet ribbon is so wonderful, I WANT TO DIG! I hope you're having a great Saturday sweetie, hugs and love, Dawn

Jeanne said...

What a darling post. Love how it's written from the kids perspective - very clever. That stack of suitcases in to die for! I have to go back and study each photo again now.

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Loved your tour, but I want a personal tour one of these days. The kids were fantastic. Tell them they made our day. Loved all the treasures you displayed and all the eye candy. By the way I found some more eye candy yesterday.
Loved your suitcases and the barkcloth is to die for. I love that stuff.
Thank you for showing so much of your creative spirit.
Hugs, Pat

Inspired-Simplicity said...

Dream studio. The kids were great tour guides. Love the way you include them in your vision. They will have such great memories of your creative time together. Excited for you about next week. Please take some pictures to share.
C. xxoo

Beth Leintz said...

Thanks for the great tour Spidey I & II and PPP. I think the fur thing is weird too, but I love everything else.

You're so lucky, your mother is raising you with an appreciation for the finer things in life..lace, velvet ribbon, Ikea.

If your Mom ever disappears and says she's going to Kansas to raid Auntie Beth's craft room, call me, because I'll be on my way to your house to raid your Mom's craft room- and then we'll all go out to the Dairy Queen.

Elyse said...

thanks for the tour, dynamic trio! mommy is correct - you can never have too much seam binding. looks like a great place for playdates (of the juice or coffee variety).

thanks so much for sharing your space. so fun to see where you create.

happy blog hopping!


Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

WOW, what a great space!!! I love all your treasures, especially the doll heads, suitcases, dressform, I could go on and on! Thanks for sharing your space. Blessings~~~Daphne

Unknown said...

Cute Post! I love you space! That work table is incredible. So much cool stuff I have to go look again! :)

Thanks for sharing.


Barbara Jean said...

This is a great post!
Love it all, and es especially your wall of beautiful treasures.


barbara jean

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Lisa ~
Your creating stuff is sooooo amazing !! DANG girl you have such yummy treasures ~
The kids are so cute too !

trash talk said...

GENIUS!!! This post was Fab U Lous and so is your work space!
Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a 50something chubby lady off the floor where she has fallen laughing so hard? Well come on over with a crane 'cause that's where I am. Your children are precious and I can only imagine the fun y'all have working and playing together!

Deborah said...

Thanks Guys. We love you for sharing and letting out all Mom's secrets. Now we know where to find the good stuff. Keep up the good work.

(great job Lisa :))

Anonymous said...

Dear Spiderman, Pretty Pink Princess & Spiderman 2,

Fabulous tour. Best part for me was seeing the baby doll shoes & nature stash. Your mom really has an amazing studio. Tell her I said 'Hi', K?


Janet Ghio said...

Love your studio through the eyes of your children!!! And just what is that furry thing in the drawer?

Anne Lorys said...

Oh Lisa!
Your post is my absolute favorite one for Where Bloggers Create!

I laughed hard several times, and yes, the furry thing creeps me out, too! ;-)

Lisa said...

Oh this post made me so happy. I may just go back and read and drool some more! Thank you were wonderful tour guides. :)

Sandy Navarro said...

Lisa, this post is adorable and I can only imagine the kids, you and Auntie Jodie together . . . Watch out! Your space is georgous and Auntie Jodie has shamed me into posting something even though I don't have a "studio" to share. You and all of the other amazing artists who have shared their creative spaces have inspired me to get my act together and be ready for next year.

Karen Valentine said...

OMG!!! I'm rolling on the floor! That was the best tour ever!!! Thank you so much you guys for being such wonderful guides! Tell your mommy she is a nut and I love her...
and I really want those suitcases!!!

okay... I can't ... breathe... I just went... and read your Aunt Jodie's comment. (Deep breath) Kids, your mommy has some wonderful friends that always make her happy... Isn't that nice?

Thank you so much for being a wonderful addition to the guest list. You guys are invited to every party I throw!

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

OMG Lisa...this was teh cutest post ever! Course the adorable hosts & hostess contributed a lot to that & they were so well-mannered!

You have a wonderful space! Love your mannequin. And your work table is fabulous! That little buggy is the perfect centerpice for it!

Getting excited about next week...can't wait!

Queen Bee said...

Thank you kids for helping your mom show us your great studio. You all look like you are having a great time. Kudos to you, Mom. So many goodies to show people looking for inspiration. Great job!!!
Queen Bee Studio

Charlene said...

ADORABLE using the munchkins to narirate this whole post. I LOVE what you have done. I remember being with you when you bought soooooooo many of the things you shared. AND when I asked if you still had suitcases... WOW! I'd say you do. And that furrrrrry thing in the drawer is scary. Almost as much as the DUCK! :) Thanks for you kind comments about my studio too. Yes, I was so glad to get it cleaned up. I emailed Joann about the shutters. Remember, she is out of town & they are at her friends up near your house. I'll let you know if she responds that we can go get them. I have had my GRANDS all weekend & am just now begining to visit the party but, it is my goal to go to each site & see each studio. I know you are still working on PCG. I can't wait to see you again & spend time together. HUGS! Charlene

V I N T A G E O L O G I E said...

Crazy good girl! crazy, crazy good!! I loved the narration by the kiddos, perfect! ... ahhh to see "our" world thru "their" eyes is eye oprning ... thank you for such a delightful tour!!


ps. I'm going to check out Target and if I can get my hands on some soap boxes I'd like to join your party ... either way I'll be back to check it out!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

What a wonderful tour by some very fun tour guides! Thanks so much!
Everything looks so magical and I imagine it is that way in real life.
Hugs to you all!

Susanne said...

Too funny! Fantastic space! Lucky kids!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tour, I absolutely love your mannequin, I would love to find one. Really enjoyed looking at how artistically your room is arranged.

kimberly shaw said...

What a fabulous tour of your amazing "Play Room" by your charming children. Love your suit cases and that your space is shared, because sometimes studios get lonesome. My studio was the kids playhouse, and when they grew out of it I moved in. We still call it the play house because that's what I get to do in it. You tour has been my favorite so far.

Miss Gracie's House said...

I *needed* that laugh:) real, so useful, so CUTE! You gave me some practical ideas as well as some pretty ones too...this is definitely one of my favorites!

Tammy said...

Enjoyed the tour by your wonderful kids. I love your room - so inspiring to say the least.

Diane said...

Lisa! If I told you how much I laughed while reading this you wouldn't believe it! This was one of the highlights of my day. I love it all, but most of all I love your children. What a blessing. And, what a blessing to have YOU as a MOM!
BTW...I love the furry thing =)

Anonymous said...

LOL! When I get done laughing, Lisa, I'm going back to bed! Couldn't sleep so I started to catch up with the tour and knew I had to visit here. I'm glad I did! This was great! Loved it! So THAT'S where it all happens!
Hugs and blessings, girlfriend!

Erica said...

Wow oh Wow!!! what a beautiful space to create in. I hope to get to play in there someday :)

What a great tour...

(I did the Alice tag swap, too! But, I didn't get one of your tags :(

Decor To Adore said...

What a wonderful creative space!

I adore your storage solutions. You have inspired me to work on my own crafting paradise.

anythinggoeshere said...

Loved my visit to your wonderful workspace, I am doing a recap of my favorites and wondered if I could use a picture from your post. I will link back my readers to your post so they can come to visit. Can i use one of your pictures? xo Joan@anythinggoeshere

Chris said...

Love your unique and pretty space! All the lace and other vintage treasures are my favs. Tell the kids they did a great job!
Best wishes,

Lurena Sheary Williamson said...

Ah! Love the post!! I'm still giggling. Your kids are awesome, you have excellent hoarding taste and this studio stop is by far my fav! Thanks for sharing your work, your heart, your kids and your spirit!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

FABULOUS!! Not only is your creative place beyond yummy {yes, sorry Spidy, Pinky and Spidy, it IS} I love that you are showing your three all about seeing beauty, creating, art and everything else that is art. xo Lidy

Rose Garden Romantic said...

That was so cute!! I love the studio tour and our charming little hosts!
I love everything, especially the vintage suitcases and the lace!!!

Olive Grove Primitives said...

I am still laughing what a wonderful post and I love your create space you sound just like me! You can never have to much fabric. I love your work desk and that wall is to die for! I love to read your blog and get so inspired by your work. I also share my space with my family it's nice to be in the same room when I am creating while they are playing! thanks so much for sharing

Have a beautiful day Lisa

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Fun, fun post! Your studio is fun too and the kids did a great job. Thank you SO much for sharing with us.

Jane said...

I really enjoyed your post and loved your creative space! So many wonderful things to drool over.

Stephanie Suzanne Designs said...

Oh fabulous everything is!! We must be many things just I dress form is decoupaged to. Thanks for sharing your studio with me. I really enjoyed it.

I'd love for you to come over for a stroll through my studio. It's been an ongoing transformation for almost a year since I moved in to our new home.

Have a wonderful day,
Stephanie ♥

Geralyn Gray said...

I love your tables and the way you keep everything in old suitcases.....great way to bring things to shows....too!!!! I think it is great when the kids get to play and create with the stash.....their hats are fun!!!!!

the old white house said...

I loved that so much! Not only do you have an amazing space... I don't think you need new crayons... I read every word, too funny! Thanks for the tour, and the inspiration, I would start naming everything I loved but Dora's my favorite show and well, I really loved everything! I hear the theme music now, gotta go, Theresa

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

I loved this post!

I would say that you are lucky to have such a studio, but I know it is your hard work that made it the way it is and not luck.

Your kids are adorable!

stefanie said...

what a fun tour...sooooo have a great space and fantastic helpers!!! said...

Hi, I can't remember if I commented on here or not. I'll just do it again if I did. I'm sorry you lost you colored crayons, but, I sure am in love with you all your white ones.

Big Hugs

Congratulations, you deserve it.

Rella said...

OMG I laughed so hard over the college fund and city college making a man out of him......thank you for the most entertaining 'lunch hour' I've had in a while. Fabulous post. Tell Spidy I, Spidy II and Pretty Pink Princess they are TOTALLY AWESOME!!

xox Rella

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

What a Wonderful Creative Post ~ I EnJoyed the Tour.... Your Studio is Amazing, along with Your Creative Crew, Spiderman, Pretty Pink & last but Not Least, Spiderman 2.... Have a Wonderful & Creative Summer

kluless said...

Your work space and all your goodies are wonderful but i have to tell you, the commentary had me laughing right out loud. Thank you for the tour and the fun!!

Tina said...

Oooohhhh - I LOVE you studio Lisa.
It´s so inspiring - you have so much beautiful stuff. I would love to go hunting in there. LOVE that suitcase with all the lace and what a great idea with the muffin form to show pretty stuff.
Wishing you a wonderful sunday
xo Tina

Unknown said...

Love your studio and blog for the blog party, I still haven't visited all of them, a few at a time. Totally impressed with your paper cowgirl group! You have great creative ideas and congratulations on being published.! Blessing and much success to you! XOXO

Jaime Haney said...

I just spit tea out of my nose while reading this post! I love the part where they thought you lost your crayons... I thought at first they meant you lost your marbles, like in you lost your mind... haha

cutest one yet on wbc

Cherie Wilson said...

Ok, I'm not through them all but you are my very favorite Where Bloggers Create........well you and Sue (at Myartsdesire). This was the best! Your pictures, your words blessed me from the tips of my toes all the way to my little brown (slightly gray)roots! Thankyou thankyou! XO

Terri said...

Fantastic much to like and admire. The stack of suitcases, the dress form...but most of all the time shared with creating with your kids! Thanks for the tour!

Debra Ganas said...

THAT was prob one of my favorite studio tours. Loved every little detail. And the tour guides should get an extra treat.
I just started a blog. Thank you for the inspiration.

Susan said...

That's it!!! I am coming to your house to create. What awesome "everything". That material, ribbon etc. is priceless. Love all your nature stuff too. I could ramble on and on and on....thanks for sharing. Put the coffee on. Susan

Lorri said...

Oh My Goodness, I have only just discovered you and your blog (and store!)
Wow, Wow - I love it all. I just spent an hour here, a glorious hour dreaming about pretty white things!! I don't have a home that would house such beautiful items, maybe one day :)
I love your collections and the way you wrote this post, it's all beautiful.
Thank you for sharing, and I would love you to pop by my blog one day too.

Jillayne said...

What a positively gorgeous room! The tour by your kids was just hilarious and I enjoyed seeing and reading about your space very much!

Cindy said...

girl you...i mean your kids are hysterical.
this cracked me up, probably because my kids would write a very simliar post.
love the college fund all laced up and the don't bug me unless you are bleeding (:
your studio is a dream, loved all your storage ideas and your fun pieces.
thanks for the laugh...xo

Lynnae said...

That was fun. Not only was your room darling, but your post put a smile on my face. How cute!
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Cute and clever kiddie hosts! Loved seeing all the fun details of your creative space especially the drawer of nature goodies & the adorable baby booties. :D

Vicki Boster said...

Lisa - how absolutely adorable is this! You are a wonderful Mother to share your special space with a princess, and 2 spidermen! I love that they use this space as well - craft time with Mom - how precious!

Your treasures are displayed so creatively - every photo is a dream! You are so lucky to have not only such a wonderful space but 3 beautiful children to share this with!

I absolutely love this post!


Lace Age Girl said...

I love the way you tell your stories, and how you include your children in your artistic life. Your sense of humour gave me lots of chuckles!