Wednesday, December 14

Everything - including the bathroom sink!

On to part 2 of my holiday house tour.
You may think I'm strange to devote an entire post to a itty bitty space of 5'x5'.
But when you see the before I think you'll understand why this room is my new favorite.

This is the only true before I have, but I think you get the picture.
Right after we moved in we removed the wallpaper, painted it white & installed your basic Lowe's mirror & pedestal sink.

It stayed like that for 2 years. 
It's a very hard room to photograph. 
There is no natural light & the vanity lights above the sink are bright.  It's really so much prettier in person.

After we painted (Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige)
we installed a beautiful chippy mirror.

I tried taking a picture with the lights out & with flash.

Not much better.
I wanted it to be 'a men's room', so I used my favorite boy things.

I bought the straw hat from Debbie & Cat Daddy at Paper Cowgirl last year.

Button from Beth.

Old family photos.

These silly pictures of my Great Grandfather are one of my most treasured things.  He took the photo himself.

This is my Great Grandmother & the children she nannied for.

I can't believe I'm posting 100's of pictures of my tiny bathroom!

Okay, on to something else.
I made some new bottles for my etsy shop
One is a gift for a special friend.

I am so in love with lovely old writing, I seem to use it in all my projects.

A poem called 'Home Again' from an old diary I bought.

I think they look pretty all grouped together.

Another item from my shop, a Christmas Cone.

My cone is made of cream damask & a wool lining. 
I embellished it with this amazing vintage white feather trim.
Inside is an old china doll & 2 very old mercury glass picks.

All kinds of goodies hanging off.

Just a sweet little collage.
Image from The Graphics Fairy.

While I was at it I made something for you!
It's just a little way of saying thank you & Merry Christmas!

Another fabric cone, this one stuffed with lace & some other pretties.  Since Christmas is almost over you could change out the contents.
 Make it a seasonal cone.

 Just leave me a comment on this post.

I'll draw the winner Christmas Eve.

I've always been a gift maker, this year is no different. 
 I'm making Mary Green's
Christmas Gluebooks  for the kids teachers.

If you've  never made a Gluebook your missing out, they're a lot of fun!
Mary gives very easy direction & lots of cool vintage images.

I'm also using some of Dawn's tutorials. 
The kids made her mitten ornaments last night. 
It's free & so cute!
We're going to make paper clay snowmen during holiday vacation. It's a new family tradition!

I have a couple more of Karla's cuffs to make too.
There are so many awesome tutorials in blog land right now. 
I've devoted a whole pinboard to them!

If your still here I have one more thing to show you.
Lily discovered a pretty velvet box in my bedroom contained collars, she decided they needed to be on the tree!

Where does she come up with these crazy ideas?!!

83 comments: said...

WOW,WOW,WOW!!!!LOVE your little 'men's bathroom and all of the things you have created. You are sooooo talented. So many gorgeous photos to enjoy. I have a small bath too that my husband said was his. So I decorated it for a male too. Maybe I will do a post on it since you have inspired me so much. Hope you are enjoying the Christmas season:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Unknown said... whole lot of lovely in this post! your "salle de bain" came out ever so gorgeous! what a transformation! i adore the petite altered bottle and that photograph your grandfather took is so gorgeous!lucky teachers to receive your handmade gifts and your Lily...too cute with the old collars on the tree! She takes after her mama with that "creative mind." ;) The xmas cone is beautiful as are ALL your creations and i would be ever so thrilled to win it mon amie! merry Xmas sweet one! ;)

Claudia said...

Like mother, like daughter!

The bathroom looks lovely. I can never take good photos of my bathroom - believe me, I've tried. I do love what you've done with it!


Doni said...

GREAT bathroom makeover! I LOVE the theme, and the little touches are wonderful. I just think pictures of family are amazing, and yours are such treasures! I like your many to inspire! And it looks like you have a daughter who thinks that way too with the vintage collars hanging on that pretty tree! Wonderful idea!!! Love all the pretties!
Blessings, Doni

Dorthe said...

Dear friend Lisa- oh this is a wonderful post, -so many fantastic photoes from around your home. I would love to have such a gorgeous "mens room" how sweet is that, with your waxed collage and the straw hat.Your bottles are fabolous ,so fabolous with the wonderful stoppers you gave them-and I love Lily`s great idea with the collars- looks so gorgeous on the tree.
Your cones are sweet and beautiful and I will love to win ofcourse, Lisa.
What a beautiful post ( had to say it again ).
Love- Dorthe


Hey! been gone way tooooo long. Looks like you're knee deep in beautiful creations right now. Love the collars on the tree...she gets that from her mama, you reckon? Hope your holidays are grand....enjoy crafting time with those wee ones. Love the new tradition of crafting snowmen. They'll have their own collections when they are grown!

Susan said...

I love the Joy photo frame ! It is so adorable I think I will try to make someething like it! The cone is beautiful also and I would love to win it!

Jann said...

Wow, have you been busy! I love what you did with your bathroom--just darling--and your bottles and cones and other artsy creations are fantastic!

Debra@CommonGround said...

my fave has to be the photographs of your grandfather, it's wonderful! LOVE the "men's room" and all your fabulous bottles. Enter me in anything I'd be thrilled!!! xoxo

Gail said...

Love it all! Truly wonderfully creative....I love to decorate tiny spaces, you can make such a big impact.
Well done, oh and Merry Christmas!!

Anne Lorys said...

Beautimous loo, my Lurd!

And might I just add that you are, far and away, the MOST talented altered bottle artist out there. By far. :-)


Unknown said...

Now there's a loo worth skipping to! lol

I absolutely ADORE the photos of your great-grandfather. I've never seen anything like them. He must have been a fun guy to know! :)

Everything - including the bathroom sink - is absolutely beautiful. A visually STUNNING post!

**off to investigate your Pin board**

lynn said...

visiting your blog is like a session with a favorite magazine. I especially enjoy your before & afters. What you have done with that house! Happy Holidays!

Charmingdesigns said...

Love what you did to your bathroom. I would love a chance to own a bit of your craftiness!!

art by wendy said...

I love the pictures of your great grandfather! What a treasure to have something like that! your bottles are to die for too!

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

I'd go to your beautiful men's room anytime, Lisa. Then I'd spend more time in there than I usually do because I'd have to look at all your lovely decorations. I'm sure your guys love your bathroom too even though they might not totally agree that white buttons are manly, LOL.
Your new bottles and other creations are gorgeous as always. Lily definitely comes after you with her great idea of using the collars as tree ornaments :-).
Hugs to you,

Susan said...

Gorgeous "men's room"! Love your Christmas cones and bottles too.

Suzanne said...

Everything has an aged charm that is just stunning...and what we so embrace. I love that your family photo treasures, your history, all have a place in your heart and in your home...even if it is the bathroom. Have the happiest of holidays.
Love and hugs,

Sandy said...


Everything your touch is pure magic! The bathroom, the bottles, your artwork and it is even rubbing off on your kids! How cool is that? I hope you have a very merry!

the old white house said...

The photos of yourgrandfather would be my favorite too, they are awesome!
Your bathroom may be small but it is full of personality, all of your special touches are perfect. There is so much to comment on, your bottles are wonderful, I love all of the found items on them and you little joy collage is what brought me over from pinterest... it is so sweet! I love the collars in the tree, completely unexpected yet fabulous! I'm headed over to your board of tutorials now... thanks!!!

trash talk said...

I'm not wondering where Lily gets it...or you! That wonderful collage of Granddaddy says it all. He musta been a pip...just like you.
I'm thrilled to be sharing a memory space with him in the royal room. Hope you think of me when you are perched on the throne.

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I love every single thing!! Beautiful!!! I am a new follower and I will be back!

Lou Cinda :)

Tina said...

Love your little bathroom Lisa - so cosy and such a great idea with the mens stuff. Love those old photos.
Love the bottles too - you know that.
Have a beautiful day

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

I love your bathroom so much!! Your home has so many wonderful things to look at that I am like a kid in a candy store there!

LeAnne said...

So many pretty things in one little people ever come out once they go in???? They must stay in there forever and just look! :D
Thanks for sharing your little nooks & crannies & goodies!

Roberta said...

Love the photos of your bathroom re-do. The color is wonderful and you did a great job arranging and displaying an array of interesting things! I found your blog via The Feathered Nest and would love to be entered in your giveaway! ~Roberta

dellerd said...

I was referred by Dawn of "The Feathered Nest" and really enjoyed coming over and reading your blog. We did a bathroom redo also and what a job!! I had so much fun reading this I am now a follower of yours!! Would love to be entered into your giveaway. Merry Christmas and A blessed New Year!!

Shopgirl said...

You do know how to make a house a home!!Merry Christmas, Your Mary

just me... jan said...

Having had boys myself, I adore the fact that you chose to use "boy" things in your room! SAAAWWWEEET!!! Seems all too often the guys get left out in the decor decisions of a home...nice to know someone else out there makes an effort to include them in as well! As for your "cone"...oh sweetie! I adore cones! My house would be the perfect residence for it! ROFLOL
just me...excited to see you soon...jan

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

Goodness me! I'd love to win this gorgeous hanging cone! Love your work.

Diane said...

Hi Lisa,

I too just got a house that has wallpaper everywhere. I hope my guest bath looks just as great as yours does. I love your cone and it would be a great addition to my new house and decor. Merry Christmas!

Snap said...

Fun post and lovely give-a-way!

Judi said...

I love this post, something for everyone. I really like it all.
Merry Christmas to you and your family. Judi in Wahoo

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I found you through Dawn at The Feathered nest. I am intrigued by these "gluebooks", loving everything having to deal with books of any kind, I'll have to go check that link out. I'd also love a chance to be entered in your giveaway. : )

Pat said...

Oh, I'd love to win your beautiful cone Christmas decoration. And, yes, I could see it being used all year long. I love reading your blog...there's always so many beautiful photos to enjoy. Your work is just beautiful. By the way, I have an old pair of baby shoes just like the ones in your 'men's' bathroom and love them dearly. Have a beautiful and Very Merry Christmas! pat

marie said...

Thanks for the in-depth post about your tiny bathroom ~ you've inspired me to treat my tiny bathrooms with a bit more respect! : )
Your bottles and cones are it any wonder that Lily has quite the imagination!

Thanks so much for the chance to win one of your lovely creations ~ and Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family!

Primitive Seasons said...

Loved all the pictures. Wish I could visit but this is the next best thing. The cone looks yummy. I hope I can win it!


Leanne said...

your art is lovely, as always. Glad you made satisfying headway on the "men's room". Happy Advent!

Erica said...

Everything is magically beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.
And thank you for the generous giveaway!

Linda Hahn said...

Lisa, what beautiful bottles!! You're the best altered bottle artist ever!!
Love each and every inch of your bathroom--especially the pictures and the straw hat!
Loved Lily's idea with the collars--wonder where she gets that from?
I'm trying to make Christmas cones for each person at our Christmas dinner table. Do you use a paper base to make yours or just fabric?
Have a wonderful Christmas and keep the traditions going with the kiddoes!!

Barbara Jean said...

Oh I'm loving everything, I mean everything on this post. So fun to visit here.

And of course I want to be entered in the wonderful drawing!
thank you so much for the opportunity!

barbara jean

Terri Gordon said...

Hi Lisa, I love your bathroom, so beautiful and I love all the beautiful things you have used, lovely details. I always enjoy visiting your beautiful blog, your ideas are so inspiring. Thanks for the opportunity to win your beautiful cone. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas. Hugs, Terri

msmtjones4 said...

What a cheery bathroom, filled with so many meaningful goodies! Thanks for taking the time to share it with everyone. And I love the Christmas cone, too. So many vintage and wintry finds.

Rhonda said...

Oh, I'm still here, lol, that was great! I've been so busy getting a large order ready and mailed it out today. I'm free for a whole week!
I needed to blog hop and yours did the trick....your posts always delight!

sign me up for that beautiful cone!
Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Unknown said...

I love the bathroom and our bedroom is Shaker Beige - I LOVE that color!

And the cone is just gorgeous - that would be a lovely addition to my holiday decor :-)

Kathy L. in Utah

PattieJ said...

The bathroom came out so nice! I LOVE those bottles!! And Thanks for all the awesome links to check out!

donna joy said...

Love seeing everything you've done-i didn't decorate this yr-so it's nice to see what others have done~The cone is lovely too-count me in for the drawing too~thanks!

Tora´s Vintage Dream said...

Amazing work that you do, I love to look and reed your blog, and would so love to have your beautiful cone at my home.
I found your blog through The Feathered Nest blog :) and just became a follower to you blog.
Wishing you a happy holiday from Iceland

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Love all the bathroom photos...I would have taken alot too!

All your creations from the tutorials are to your pinboards to check some out!

Ruth said...

Ohhh, I love that sweet decorated cone!! And I just discovered your blog. Will be a visitor--often!

Axenia said...

First time I have seen your blog. And I love it. I will be back. Thanks for sharing your men's room!

Unknown said...

Just came to your post from Dawn at The Feathered Nest. Everything is lovely - your men's room is true work of art and love. Merry Christmas!

Jill Marcott-McCall ~Feathers & Flight~ said...

Gorgeous Lisa!What a Great Transformation! I Love your Family Photos. Especially the one of your Great Grandmother and Children she Nannied. I Adore your Vintage Altered Bottles. You have a Wonderful Eye for Composition and Detail. Yes Please! I would Love a Chance to Win a Piece of your Gorgeous Work!
I hear you are having a Girls Create Night with Our Friend Charlene, My Hearts Ease! I Simply Adore Her! I am sure you will have such Fun and a Wonderful Time!
Have a Great Weekend!

B. said...

merry christmas to you and yours.


Jean Bee said...

Wow, I'm overwhelmed - I'd be thrilled to own any one of your creations. I cannot believe how many things you got in that bathroom and it still looks fab!!
Please enter me in the giveaway!
Thank you.
Jean E from Wisconsin

Miss Gracie's House said...

That picture of your grandfather is awesome! Too cute!
I think my favorite christmas decoration is the photo with JOY...very creative!
Our styles (or my wannabe style) are so similar.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic transformation on that tiny space!! So many little details!

Saw the pictures the Dallas paper took of your lovely home!! How fun that you got to show off your home!

My those bottles are beautiful and I love the cones you made! I so wish I had this kind of creativity!!!

bee blessed

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Lisa,
what a wonderful transformation
of your bathroom - love it.Beautifully decorated too.
I too love old handwriting and use it in my creations a lot.
The cones and the bottles are to die for.You will make somone really happy:)Have a lovely Sunday and a very merry Christmas to you and yours,

Emanuela @ My Little Inspirations said...

I'd love to win this gorgeous hanging cone...count me in!!!


Laurie said...

It's a beautiful bathroom, Lisa! Your whole house is beautiful -- I saw the Dallas newspaper feature! I can't believe you're talking about making Dawn's snowmen -- I've been making them again, too, this year! Fun, fun!

June said...

Call me crazy but...I could look through ten posts just like this one of your little bathroom Lisa! I love the Christmas decor you did in the space. I LOVE your adorned bottles and sweet little cone with the fluff around it. You know I love all the art you make. And your cone is such an awesome giveaway gift!!!!
My favorite thing in this whole beautiful post though, has got to be the photos of your Grandfather and his funny photos of himself. Just seeing this makes me know he must have been a hoot. I bet I would have liked him!!!
hugs to you dear Lisa. And wishing you a blessed Christmas!!!

Vicki said...

The bathroom came out lovely! I wish I was one of the kids teachers! lol I like the collars on the tree. I think they should stay. Great eye kiddo! lol The new Etsy items and those gorgeous them! Hope you have a joyful holiday! xoxo

Cindi said...

You should be very proud of your tiny bathroom; it's gorgeous! I can see why it's your new favorite room. Such wonderful lovelies to ooh and ahh over in all your photos.

Kim Budash said...

Please include me in the drawing as I would LOVE to win this cone, very beautiful. Thanks for the chance!

Jamie said...

It all looks so wonderful Sweet Lisa! Beautiful! Love, Jamie

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I'm just getting caught on on your house tour posts, Lisa! Your home is SO beautiful...I just love everything in it! How fun to be able to take a tour of your home- thank you for sharing it with us! Congrats on the newspaper feature, too! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your adorable children!

Rebecca said...

Hi Lisa
Love your little throne room... I need to redo mine but mine is even smaller! I was thinking of doing a Venetian plaster on the walls to make it look bigger but I love what you did...the picture collage is great!
Lilly can come over and trim my tree anytime :)
Wishing you a most wonderful Christmas...
I hope your package gets there before Christmas.
and yes I made the drapes, they are dotted scrim. I hope there were no dust bunnies in the picture, those little guys pop up when you least expect them to!

Alisonrose said...

Oh MYY I just love your little porceline palace room. I have a tiny bathroom as well. You have given me so many ideas. I so need to start re painting and decorating mine after the holidays and would love something new to add into it. I have a pedestal sink in mine as well. Thank you for showing us all what you have done you have inspired me. Have a wonderul christmas. Alisonrose

Di@Cottage-Wishes said...

I love and bathroom and would love to have one of your creations! Merry Christmas, Di

Charlene said...

I can tell everyone that your bathroom makeover turned out AMAZING since I was lucky enought to see it in person!!!! Thank you again for the other night it was soooooooo much fun! I would love to have my name in the drawing for the cone as I love everything you make! Merry Christmas sweet friend! HUGS!

Kathy said...

What a beautiful home and lovely creations. I love your Victorian tussy/cone. It is really beautiful. Have a Merry Christmas!

Gayle said...

Bathrooms are SO hard to photograph, but you've managed beautifully! Thanks for the chance at your great giveaway!

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello Dear Lisa
I can tell how much you enjoyed decorating the "mens room"! There is so much beauty to view here again. I just love that special photo of your great grandmother and the children she minded. My mother adored children and was a nanny also for a long time!
Your altered bottles are so special and one of your trademarks too - just so beautiful and your cones also.
Have a Christmas full of joy and precious moments with your husband and children!
With the coming of the New Year may you continue to create and share more gorgeousness to inspire us all.
Big Christmas hugs,

HeARTworks said...

Off to your pinboard! I am sooo addited to pinterest! At least you use what you find! I just drool! I'd never post pics of my bathroom! A blessed Christmas to you and your family! Patsy from
HeARTworks said...

Oooh, you make pretty cuffs!

well, of course, everything you do is pretty.

Sandi said...

Just love your work, and that cone is so sweet!!!

Wendy said...

Your cone is just lovely! This would be the perfect pick me up to have! And like you said you could change it out with the seasons....just gorgeous! Thank you for the opportunity to win such a generous gift....

Art Studio 522 said...

Great bathroom. Love seeing your home. You have wonderful decorating ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Denton, Texas said...

I really love your family photos! I have a few and treasure them as well!

she dreams big! said...

Everything you do shows your special touch. Christmas is so pretty at your house!

Happy Holidays!

Shirley said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.......why have I never found you before?? (thanks to Katies Rose Cottage I will now be a dedicated follower) Can't wait to see more. Love the cone decoration!!

WhiteStone said...

Lisa, I've enjoyed reading your blog. And I love recognizing the family photos. I just finished a year-long blog of Lennie's 1898 diary and used many photos that he undoubtedly took himself. Click on over to read it....and I'm wondering if you could make us a print of Alma and her nieces/nephews in this post.

mslca said...

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