Friday, January 17

Dream Kitchen Reveal

Welcome to my Bi-Annual blog post!
Last time I checked in we'd just returned from our Colorado vacation, since then life's been a Texas size roller coaster ride!
In the midst of it all we finally finished our kitchen re-do.
It's been almost a two year odyssey that began with this sink.

 Let's go back a few years.
When we moved into our house the kitchen looked like this.

 I was especially fond of the powder blue counters.
So here's the story of how we went from this......

 To this!
All done ourselves and on a very tight budget.

Two years ago Santa bought me a farmhouse sink and butcher block counters from Ikea.
Finally I could kiss those baby blue counter tops good-bye.
Because of money & time we did the remodel in stages.

With 5 people in our family the galley kitchen was cluttered and tight.
 I thought by removing the soffits and upper cabinets the kitchen would feel big, light and less cluttered.
 It was a little scary going from cabinets to open shelving, after all this is real life, not Pinterest.

This wasn't Kevin's first Rodeo, he has remodeled and updated the entire house.

I waited years to replace the built in oven and cook top with a free standing range.
The cost was not in our budget so we opted for the double oven instead of the confection/oven combo, that saved us around $300. So we sold the old stuff on Craigslist & bought this beauty when it went on sale.!

I am so in love with range hoods. I devoted an entire pin board to them!
 I knew I wanted a nice fat ledge to display my silver trays. Kevin took my wish list and built a beautiful custom range hood.
He's not big on following directions or plans, he just kind of does it his way, but if your interested there are lots of tutorials online.

He started with an el-cheapo hood from Lowes, mounted it over the range,

then finished it out with bead board and a wide shelf.

Open shelving sounded good but when we really started mapping it out we decided to anchor each end with a glass fronted cabinet.
 I could store glasses and dishes there & have fun styling the shelves.

 Our old cabinets were crap so Kevin built the new ones himself.

 I am a very lucky woman to have someone who can take my ideas & make them reality.
They usually turn out even better than I imagined.

The next step was putting up a pretty white subway tile back splash. We went back & forth deciding on grout color and tile pattern but settled on white & bright.
(Can't find a picture of the installation)

My favorite element in the room is this light Kevin made from a piece of old dairy equipment.
I'm not sure what it's original function was but now it's an awesome pendant!
He antiqued the cord with black paint and used the base of an old lamp to mount it to the ceiling.

We had a 35 inch space to fill after removing the double ovens.
 My first idea was some kind of industrial cart, but after searching flea markets I realized they were out of our price range. So I did what any good junker would do, I shopped my garage & shed.
This cabinet is exactly 34 inches. Plus the shelves slide out, perfect for pots, pans & even wine!
 The best part was the price, free off the curb.  

Above that cabinet hangs one of my favorite finds ever.
This beautiful Gothic style cupboard was a display piece at Lonestar Antique Mall. Every time I went I'd check the booth and see if it was for sale. One day I asked the manager if she'd call the vendor and ask if they'd consider selling.  It must have been my lucky day because they said yes!
It just goes to show you, just because it says's NFS ask anyway!
Now it holds my spices.

Coincidentally those pieces matched the wood tone on the old pantry door perfectly. We liked the contrast with the white and metal so the oak Ikea counters were stained dark to match.

Now that the hard work was done I could play!
I pulled all kinds of goodies from around the house and tried different combinations.

I tried some graphic black & white.

Then used my collection of ball jars & rose paintings for a 'romantic' look.

But in the end I decided on what I call a 'French farmhouse' look. I'm neither French, nor have a farmhouse but I like the way it sounds:)

For our eating area I downsized the table to a round $15 garage sale find.
 The chairs are from World Market, purchased on sale for $99 each.
The sweet hutch I've had for ages. I painted them all with DIY chalk paint, I found the recipe here
I made some pleated curtains using this great burlap from & Miss Mustard Seeds easy & free (love her) tutorial.

So there you have it, our 18 month, budget kitchen remodel. 
Want to see it again?

We sold this house & moved over Thanksgiving. Now we're living in our new dream house!
 This kitchen remodel 'sold' the house for us.
Some of the pictures from this post (the really good ones) were taken by my wonderful agent.
 If you want to see the entire house look here.

60 comments: said...

I hate to think of leaving that kitchen behind, but I'll bet what ever you do to the new one will be equally wonderful! Good luck in the new house.

Storybook Woods said...

Wow, Lisa, just beautiful. You must be over the moon. Clarice

Vicki Boster said...

My goodness!! That is one of the most beautiful kitchens I've ever seen! All that beautiful space! I can't believe you sold the house-- but I know you are just so happy in your new home.

Your ideas and creativity made that kitchen just gorgeous--

Homespun Hugs and Calico Kisses said...

I love every detail! You've inspired me, Lisa!!

time worn interiors said...

Looks awesome.

Rebecca said...

Hey Sweetie
Loved seeing your kitchen, how is the new house coming?
Nice to see you here again, even though I came from fb... not here much myself.
Love you!

Marilyn said...

Your selling this home was a complete surprise, but I'm thinking you took the best parts with you to your new home. Plus all the experience is a bonus to use anytime. It looked great! Thanks for sharing.♥♫

The Feathered Nest said...

Lisa, it is so GORGEOUS!!! I love everything about it. You and Kevin make a great team girl!! I always love your style, xxoo, Dawn

Createology said...

Your kitchen is beautiful. How wonderful that you and your husband did all the work. Priceless!

Beth Leintz said...

Oh yeah, the powder blue cabinets caught my eye right away! I love how you showed the step by step of your redo and how you improvised as you went along. The result is great- it's clean and open and full of your style.

Can't wait for July and your next post!

Dorthe said...

Lisa, dear,
this is not only for you, but I guess for almost everyone, a DREAM kitchen.
Kevin is fantastic with using a hammer and saw,-- and your visions so gorgeous, coming to life like this. There are somany special spots, and ideas I love,- like the dark pantry, and the cupboard , they look so beautiful among all the white.
Your curtains are a great idea, too Lisa. I so wish for you, you could have taken all this beautiful kitchen with you, to your new home, dear friend.
Sending you big hugs and more wishes of happines for your new life, in a new home and street.
Love from Dorthe

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Swoon! Oh my gosh Lisa your new kitchen is made for the magazines! Love love love it and thank you for sharing the worth it! :)

Rose Brier Studio said...

What beautiful work you did! I trust the new dream house is just as lovely. I hope you will post pics of the new house when you can!

Linda Hahn said...

I don't know why I haven't seen your kitchen redo in the belongs there! I can see why the kitchen sold the house!
Good luck in the new house1 Can't wait to see what you do with it, especially the kitchen!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

The kitchen turned out so beautifully! I can see why it sold the house, too! I love how you mixed cabinetry in for a very custom look! Looking forward to seeing your new home!

Erica said...

It's beautiful! I think we put the same fridge and faucet in our new kitchen. I'm looking forward to seeing the new house!

trash talk said...

Girl, I love it, but I think I may love your Knight in a shining tool belt more! To take your ideas and not say "I don't think..." is my kinda man.
Y'all did an amazing job and I more than a little jealous. Just call me Kermit...ribbid!

Rhonda said...

OH LISA, how wonderful, your kitchen remodel has me thinking!!
It turned out gorgeous! I just knew you were up to something grand!!!

Congrats on the new home, I am so happy for you. Cannot wait to see it, as well.

suziqu's thread works said...

Well my French Farmhouse girl friend - you and Kevin did such an amazing job on that kitchen redo - WOW! My Jeff is a builder so I really know what you guys went through - so much blood sweat and tears but hey wasn't it worth it?
Love the special additions like your antique cabinets which work in so well with the new timber bench tops, the silver plated ware, pretty rose paintings and that industrial type overhead light!

Hope you get to catch your breath and have a good rest before you attempt another one like this in your new home - that's if it is on your redo list!!! Hope you are starting to settle in and are getting that studio in place!?
Great to see you back here Lisa and I
will be in touch soon!


{Bellamere Cottage} said...

FANTASTIC! I LOVE it... and I can see why it sold your home... Best wishes for your life in your digs!


Stacey said...

Your kitchen is fabulous! I really like the way you incorporated the old pieces over to the side. Your open shelves are pretty special too. Love the accessories you chose.

Pallas said...

I really like the kitchen redo, and that sink is to die for. But, I was surprised at the end of the post that you sold it and move. Ha! It is a beautiful home, and I can see why someone would snap it up. Your decorating style is great.

Burlap Luxe said...

Your kitchenette looks amazing, jealous, jealous.
You an your husband couldn't possible do mine, could you? :)
Really, is amazing when we use our resources as much as things are these days, we still jump for joy when a piece works adding the right kind of rightness to a space and FREE! The pendant light is great, my big plan on a galvanized funnel For farm grain to use it much like yours.

Just divinely unique.


Something Special said...

Oh I love it. All the things you have in there remind me of the things I love to display in my kitchen. so very much improved!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Too bad you had to leave that kitchen behind. It’s gorgeous, no wonder it “sold” the home for you. I guess you’ll just have to make the new kitchen in your new house into a dreamy one too. How does the new kitchen look like, btw?

Paul Klassen @ Pinnacle Renovations

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