Friday, July 31

I love blogs। All kinds of blogs। I live to create whether it's a gift for someone special, a dress for my daughter, or a meal for my family. It's who I am and how I show love. I get inspiration from many different sources, books, magazines, workshops, friends and mostly blogs. About 4 years ago a google search for 'vintage birds' lead to my first blog encounter "the feathered nest". A whole new world opened up for me that day. I linked from blog to blog until my head spun and my screaming babies brought me back to earth. Now I start each morning bright and early while the house is still quiet with my coffee and laptop. I guess it's my morning meditation. Thank you to the hundreds of bloggers who share their creativity and give me my daily dose of inspiration.


Charlene said...

How's it going now that you are on Blogger instead of the other service? Talked to Diana frey & got some great information about a new Art Retreat that will be in the Houston area. Yeah! Talk to ya later.

Cottage Panache Antqs Blog said...

Lisa, happy to see you got your blog up and running! Looks great ~ Maureen

Karen said...

Isn't it the best time of day?