Monday, August 31

DIY Project #1

I'm really blown away by the encouragement I've received from everyone since I started my blog. In an effort to give a little something back I am going to start sharing some of my favorite DIY projects. I was going do it once a week and call it something clever like 'DIY Friday' but soon realized with 3 kids and my schedule it would end up being 'Can't get it together Saturday'! So let's say I'm going post these little projects as often as possible.

I found this cute rusty top to a birdcage awhile back and knew immediately that it would make a great hanging light. I've made these birdcage lights in the past and they seem to be a hit so I decided to add a new one to my booth. It's a really easy project that takes about 1/2 hour.


electric screwdriver
drill bit or hole saw attachment
light kit (I get mine for $5 at Ikea)

I think little details can really elevate a good project to greatness. These antique style light bulbs really make this birdcage light great. I order them from They cost more than your standard GE but the look is awesome!

Now use your hole saw or drill bit to mke a hole in the top of the birdcage. The light kit I use from Ikea comes apart allowing me to drop the socket down into the hole with the lip of the socket keeping it from falling through.

Now you screw the bottom part of the socket into the top sandwiching the cage between the socket parts. There is a wide variety of light kits available, Pier One also has a good one for $10. Just make sure that you understand how your kit works and how will be secured into the hole.

Now just plug it in and voila !! I added a muslin cord cover, a couple of tissue paper flowers and an old picture to embellish.


Susie said...

Great project! I love unique lamps and lighting, and it's hard to find ones I like. You've encourged me to try to make one..I'll post when I do. I posted today about Gorilla Glue..if you've never tried it, it's really good stuff, FYI.

Collected Treasures said...

It's wonderful....can't wait to see it in the store....and HEY, let's start DIY Friday.......I think that is a great idea!!!!!! xo jana

The Feathered Nest said...

Lisa I just LOVE THIS!!! Thank you so much for sharing how you do it too! Those light bulbs are amazing ~ I love the vintage look they have. I hope you're having a wonderful week sweet friend, xxoo, Dawn

Dorthe said...

Hi Lisa, such a wonderfull share.
It looks realy great,love the little things you attatched.
I`m sure it will dissaper very quickly from the shop.
And sorry for not finding you ,I must have been very tired,after just returning from Copenhagen,and my family.
Wish you a lovely week.
xoxo ,Dorthe

Then & Now said...

Too Cool Lisa! Love the DIY project idea. I will look forward to future projects.
See Ya Soon,
Carolyn H.

Then & Now said...

Just corrected my heading on my last comment. Forgive me I'm trying.

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Love your lamp and glad to find out about the light bulbs. DIY friday sounds good.