Thursday, August 27

More bottles

Every spare minute I get, and there aren't many lately - I'm doing this...

Here are my latest creations.

I like the long slender shape of this bottle. Perfect to show off an old tin type wrapped in solder. The mesh is fun to work with, I bought it from shabby cottage studio. She has lots of cool stuff for crafting.

This little bottle has been sitting around my studio for a long time just waiting to be dressed up. It didn't need much, some tattering of cloth and a pretty Victorian rhinestone button.

I love to work with religious images and icons. I'm still working on this one.


My Arts Desire said...

I'm so glad Dawn featured your beautiful gifts in her blog post today. She is the Queen of Wonderful in my book. Such a sweet, caring person. Your creations are absolutely gorgeous! The sparks of creativity and ideas zipping through me right now after seeing your work is truly inspirational.

Glad I found you, I'll be back!

Charlene said...

Very COOL! Love what you are doing. I want to do some bottles too. But, I want to do some with shells on top. You will have to just humor me until this seashore/mermaid thing passes. Can't wait until tonight. I think I will be there early. See Ya.

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOh, I love the bottles! Very nice and unique. I found your blog through Dawn Edmondson. Isn't she the sweetest thing? I love the banner you made, I want to do something similar now. You are a very creative lady.

Collected Treasures said...

I am truly proud of you....xoj

Dorthe said...

Hi again,
love seing your new bottles, they are great , and have exatly that little extra I love.

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Lisa! I came over from Dawn's and boy am I glad I did! Your stuff is wonderful and these bottles... Oh my!! The banner you sent her is fabulous. I can't wait to see what you do next.
My Desert Cottage

Halo Hill said...

That was so nice of you to send those beautiful things to Dawn! How do you do it all with triplets? Good heavens!

I am a collage camper with KC too! AND I solder,and learned from Sally Jean as well!!

Hugs to you and I LOVE your work!!


ann said...

Hi Lisa,
I just found your blog from Dawn's blog...I just love the vertical "Faith" banner that you made!!! Do you take orders because I would love to order you sell on ETSY??? Your bottles are gorgeous too! Please let me know...ann

Hudson Goods said...

very creative! love anything with a vintage look. Thanks for stopping by!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Lisa ~ Those are just amazing !! You are doing a wonderful job ~

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Lisa~ Your bottles are awsome. I had so much fun the other night. I think this group is going to be a blast. I'm thinking about Halloween, so maybe I can come up with something.
Have a great day.

Barb said...

Loved the FAITH banner you sent to Dawn, the feathered nest.

Your art bottles are wonderful too

barbara jean

minnamarika said...

Absolutely amazing work of art, again! Love them all!!!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I jimmied the charger, saw your blog, had to comment, want to buy the bird bottle and the light bottle for a vignette for my mantle. I thought everything was great. You're so talented, and I'm so glad you are.

Anonymous said...

PS-Your little note about my bottle made me fill up (because of course)
Love, Mo

Anonymous said...

LISA- not sure how i got here...but love the soldering work you are doing. i'll send a link of your blog to jeanne. we enjoyed soldering with you last year. michele jones