Saturday, October 3

What I bought, who I saw & a bird - Part 2

All 3 kids are sick with fever and sore throats so in between dosing & naps I've finally finished this post. The sights at Round Top/Warrenton where awesome but it was really the people that made the trip memorable. Starting with my roommate and partner in crime Charlene. We shared a lot of stories in 3 days & nights, & a lot of laughs. Thanks Charlene.

There was some excellent opportunity for people watching at the shows, I called this cool guy 'dapper Dan'. I think the producers of Marburger must have hired him to provided ambiance. I wonder how many pictures he's in?
Me & the mega talented Judy Hill.
Okay, I'm a geek. I brought Carolyn Westbrook 'Home' & asked her to sign it for me. She was very gracious.
Unfortunately it was impossible to capture every booth on film. One that I really regret not photographing was the lovely Linda's Willow Nest. Not only were her displays extraordinary, but she was truly one of the nicest people I've met. Really willing to share her secrets and stories, really a classy lady.

I bought this beautiful lace panel at Cole's Antiques.
I'm a sucker for old boots. I think this is my 4th pair, they look so great put out in the fall.

Love the old shoes too, it doesn't matter the condition. I'll find a good use for these.

These were one of my favorite finds. This dealer at Warrenton buys up old lodges. These were worn by the Shriner's. It is impossible to capture the exquisite trims and tassels that adorn them. I have paid 12. and up for trims like these. A couple of these lapels I only paid $3 for. I have already disassembled the damaged ones, the others may become embellishment on pillows.
All of these yummy flowers came from 2 hats.
I got a great deal on 4 beautiful floral panels. They were another favorite find. They aren't bark cloth but they have a nice heavy weight to them. The colors are shades of pink & lavender with a pretty sheen.
Country Garden Antiques were in this great old building in Zapp Hall. She had the loveliest things & I bought a bunch of them. This old & tattered Victorian scrapbook was my first purchase & I LOVE it. The cover is hanging by a thread & the cloth pages are frayed but the illustration's are still beautiful. I intend to scan these & share them with everyone, they are so precious.
I think this page is actually wallpaper.

This picture of the fairie does not do her justice.

I collect old albums to use in various art projects & for my own family photos. Clutter had a great variety and with great difficulty I narrowed my selection to 2. Both of the albums were from London circa late 1800's & filled with wonderful cabinet cards. Most of children. This big album has the prettiest pages with nature & floral designs.

The graphics on the back of these cards are so cool. Photographer to the Queen! Gotta use those for something good!

Check out this stack of cards, love the girl on the swing.
I'm really interested in these little memory or sweetheart pins right now, saw a lot of them. I am using one of them to embellish an altered bottle . Love the printers stamp with photograph.
I had to buy this old clock case for a future assemblage. The previous owner added the railroad tracks. The small clock will make a neat home for something too. Laying beside is an assortment of watch parts.

This was such a sweet surprise. I bought an old bag of 'odd doll shoes' for $5 based on a single little high topped roller skate identical to an orphaned one I own. That night I after opening the bag to investigate, I discovered inside all of these tiny socks were 3 pairs of faded pink Mary Jane's. I don't know why, but I'm so taken with these little shoes. I spent an hour during Dora stuffing the toes with tissue to puff them back out.

Look at the detail in this little Barbie shoe. The flower is perfect.

Like I said earlier, I met the coolest most unpretentious people on my trip. At Marburger I found myself in a booth looking at The Most Beautiful french textiles and letters. One thing I was really hunting for on my trek were old letters. These were dated 1869 in perfect French script. I also settled on a handwritten music card. The owner of this fabulous tent told me she is married to a Frenchman & lives in Paris. We had a nice talk, I didn't know until after the transaction and she gave me a moo card that it was Corey Amaro. I have read so much of her, especially in the Stampington books. When I got back home I saw she had visited my blog & left me a comment. Thanks Corey!

A funky find from Judy Hill & neat little mini books.
Lot's of transferware in every color and very good prices. I stuck to my fav, brown & white.

Found this beat up old stroller for a song at Bloom & Bee Swanky in Waco. This will end up in my booth as part of a display. Amy has a darling shop, lots of eye candy and good prices. That was our last stop before home and I'm glad we stopped. She is a sweetheart and very talented.
I couldn't resist these cute vintage child's ski's. Love the chalet in Maine on the tips. They would look great on my porch with the Christmas decorations, but I keep reminding myself this was a buying trip.

Okay, I put this one off until last. Hope I don't lose any followers. Judy Hill did THE coolest vignettes with these ducks. She had them on platters covered in huge cloches with fall leaves. I thought they looked amazing & had to have one. They sold out before the first day was over. I should have a disclaimer: I did not harm this duck, he came this way.

It's funny now that I look at these pics they are all little things that can either be altered or displayed. I did buy a few chairs, tables & whatnot to use in the booth, but it's this stuff that really speaks to me. Hope you enjoyed it.


The Feathered Nest said...

Ahhhhhh!!! I LOVE IT ALLLLLLL....I'm sitting here drooling all over the place ~ you. did. amazing Lisa!! I just love your taste ~ I'm so glad you and Charlene were able to go and I appreciate you sharing all the lovely photos! I hope your babies are feeling better, seems they always get sick around the changing of the seasons ~ xxoo, Dawn

Dorthe said...

I can only add to Dawns ohhhs and ahhhh`s -these are fantastic buyes Lisa, so many wonderfull things you came home with---it`s not nice to envy someone-is it???---
can`t wait to see your future art,using all these lovely stuff.
Hope your small ones will soon be ok again.
Have a great sunday.
Hugs Dorthe

Then and Now at Collected Treasures said...

AWESOME girl! I know you will do some amazing things with your new treasures. Your taste always keeps me wanting more......

Hill Country House Girl said...

Just stumbled across your blog and love it! It is such fun to see the different things we are each attracted to, and your photos from Warrenton/Marburger are great!I did snap some photos of Willow Nest and agree about Linda - she is a doll. Glad you had such a good time!

Charlene said...

EXCELLENT POST!!!!! And it was my Pleasure to be your partner in crime!!!! Everything looks wonderful in the photos. You have such a knack for display & have a great eye. I wish folks could have seen you sitting over in your seat on the ride home snipping all the flowers off the hats.

I TOO HAVE A DISCLAIMER... I WAS NOT WITH HER WHEN SHE BOUGHT THE DUCK! And I have teased her unmercilessly. HUGS! Hope the kiddo's are better.

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Wowwwww Lisa !!! I am pretty much dying now ~ what amazing finds !
Ohhh girl I want to see ~
Thank you for sharing pix with us ~

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Everything looks soooo wonderful. Love all the books, pics and cards. I am going to start me a fund for the spring. You two had too much fun for me to miss again. Hope the kiddo's are all better.
Hugs, Pat

Collected Treasures said...

good, good stuff...the shoes melt my heart. can't wait to see how you use it....xojana

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Oh wow, I'm drooling over all your fantastic finds! Thank you for sharing all the wonderful pictures! It looks like you had a lot of fun. Julia :-)

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hello, wanted to stop in and say hello. I was at Zapp Hall, but wasn't sure if you stopped in. Isn't Judy Hill the best, I consider her a good friend and Carolyn is so talented as well. You mentioned Amy's shop, isn't it the prettiest. I was wondering where your shop or booth is located? It was also great meeting Corey. I'll be doing many many posts on the Antique shows and hope you stop by, Theresa

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I meant to also mention I bought the other duck that was in Judy's space. I just love it!