Tuesday, October 13

Finally Fall

I finally got around to unloading all of the autumn stuff this past weekend, I can't seem to catch up since Round Top. I love getting all of the Halloween doo dads out of storage & 'fluffing' the house for fall.
Unfortunately we don't have a farmhouse in the country, just your typical brick home circa 1980. We are making into our 'right now' dream home, one project at at time.

I have a disclaimer, my house NEVER looks like this.
I bought the alphabet platter at Target last year, the old books are a mystery series by Ken Holt, and the birds nest if from our backyard.
My entry hall is probably my favorite place to decorate. It's the first thing people see when they come inside & it always sets the tone. I try to change it around seasonally. In fact it's a running joke when my in-laws come over, they always have to stop and see what's new, what's changed and what is missing. I know you all can relate to that.
I collect these wicker picnic baskets, they hold my obsessive collection of Christmas books. That's a whole other post.
This is our kitchen, the dining room is now my studio so this is where we do everything. You can't really see the autumn banner in this picture. I made it 2 years ago, it's a bit tired. I need to work on a new one for next year.
The caramel apples in my centerpiece look so real my husband almost ate one! I bought them from dragonfly treasures on Etsy. I can't find her blog, if anyone knows please let me know. Her stuff was really cute. I bought a box of old flash cards at Lonestar antique mall, love them - use them everywhere.
Most of my decorating is what I would call 'the art of disguise'. I'm not big into skylights and we have 2, so this gate is how I distract from the big hole in my ceiling.

Crows have been a reoccurring theme with me this year. Actually all kinds of fowl. This one sits in an old tattered cage by our kitchen table. I switch birdcages out seasonally too.
Here's a close up.
The ledge over my kitchen sink holds my favorite Tyler candles and some awesome china that I found at a flea market in Wyoming years ago. I love the pine cones, they have that stained crackle throughout that only comes with time.
My 'spells' spice rack, a design I gleaned from an old Somerset mag. My stuffed mallard from RT lost part of a wing so I stuck it in here, looks weird and cool I think.

I love dish towels too!
Ironstone lids on my soffit spell out 'spook'.
A ledge in my living room holds my altered crow bottle, a ratty old parasol and our pet rat 'Harry'. Just kidding, I bought him from Amy at Bloom and Bee Swanky.
No roses in this house, just fowl and rodents!
In my living room, Ikea couch, garage sale coffee table, and a striped down filled chair that cost more than everything combined!
Love the old shoes! I wish I could tell you these were my Great Grandfather's and that's his picture but it's not. I just thought they looked good together.

More birds.

Giant horse apple. What are they really called?

My cute little hutch I found on craigslist. It has original tole painted flowers. The bark cloth panels cover a pass through window into the playroom. Again, the disguise.
Judy Hill duck, I'm looking for a cloche big enough to cover him.
In pictures the inside looks teal, it's not though. It's actually quite lovely.

Bought this chair from my favorite resale shop and recovered it with a damask bed cover from Tuesday Morning.

I love this table, I paid $40 for it. Painted and distressed it myself. This is were my kids eat snacks and watch TV.
This fireplace is my Achilles heel! It is our next big project. I have a huge sheet of beautiful ceiling tile to use behind the mantel and I want to knock out all the bricks and replace with old wood. I think I have hubby talked into it.

Okay, I guess the tours over. I can untie the kids!


Anonymous said...

Oh my what a lovely tour and you have dressed you house up so for Halloween! Had fun seeing all your pretties!

Karen said...

Love your home!! What a great tour. I'm so impressed with all you've done and be a mom to three such cute kids!
I'll be checking back often.
Ladybug Creek

Then and Now at Collected Treasures said...

Everything is adorable, just like I knew it would be. I always look forward to your postings. You never disappointment me. Your awesome!

The Feathered Nest said...

Lisa! I love your home!!!! It's absolutely GORGEOUS!! Your coffee table reminds me of mine too...my house kind of looks cruddy right now but I'm working on it :) Thanks so much for sharing and what a cute little bundle of babies you have!!!! xxoo, Dawn

Wizard of Was said...

Okay, that gate is such a great idea. Love you vignette of clocks and thos great baby shoes. Thanks for the tour of your lovely home, but I cracked up when I saw your last picture! I didn't see that coming..how fun
My Best

Maggie said...

Thanks for visiting my new blog, Lisa! Yours is wonderful. I love all your pictures from Roundtop!

Dorthe said...

Thankyou for a wonderfull tour thtough your lovely home.
Everything looks so cosy and great, I love the way you live dear.
Hugs, Dorthe

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Your home is charming Lisa...love the eclecticism! I have a bunch of those wicker baskets too...I keep napkins in mine. I have a LOT of napkins. LOL

And how cute are your kids...love that last picture!

time-worn interiors said...

Spell spice rack is my fav.! Everything looks great.

BeeSwanky said...

What a great experience for your children to grow up in such a creative environment. I wanted to thank-you so much for mentioning me and super glad the stroller found a great home. I hope you can come back and visit again soon to see the shop not tore up. We have tons of surprises in store for our upcoming holiday open house preview party Nov. 12 5:00 pm carrying on through the weekend. Maybe you girls can come.

DO you know about the Homestead Antique Fair Next weekend in Hico? Some of the best Dealers will bee there and maybe that isn't too far of a drive for you girls. I look forward to visiting again with you soon. Bee Blessed!

Miss Gracie's House said...

Hi Lisa,
I finally made it over and what a *fun* place. I love all of your pretties...and your triplets:) I gave my DIL your message...she was glad to hear it! They are on the verge of walking so watch out! I'll be back often!

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Hey, Lisa...really enjoyed your post. I love seeing how everyone is decorating for the season. I have been wanting a new sofa and have considered the Ikea one. Are you happy with yours? The price is so reasonable and replacement slips are really cheap too! Also, I just posted about a decor 'brain cramp' I am having and would love if you could stop by and offer your opinion...Thanks a bunch,
P.S. Everyone loves my banner..thanks again..love it...

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

I so enjoyed the pics of your home! So many things that just caught me eye, especially the table in the living room with the three little chair for your kiddos. And the windows in your kitchen. Best of all was the last one of you little ones all tied up. Sooooooo cute.
I really enjoyed you coming over, it was fun. Lori came today, she wanted to get some lace. We went to a couple of garage sales in Arlington.
Hope you have a good night and come back over anytime.
Hugs, Pat

Fields of Linen & White said...

Love your blog, thanks for stopping by and visiting me, I love visitors. I spied a cloche in your pics.
Can't wait to browse your blog posts

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

What a wonderful home you have! It's very cozy and everything is decorated so lovely! Thank you for the tour! Julia :-)

Collected Treasures said...

Love the gate below the skylight....great idea....thought you were coming last night?????????.....and "having the booth in the back" doesn't hinder you any....with only 3,000 square feet customers don't tinker out.......they see it all....xojana

Karen Valentine said...

Lisa you crack me up!!!! I was rolling along looking at the cool photos of your Halloween decor. (I especially love you spells spice rack) and you finish me with a great chuckle at those adorable kids!!! Thanks for a great tour!

My Desert Cottage

Jena Williams, Not So Shabby Interiors said...

Oh, I just love your beautiful home and my favorite is the birdcage....love it!

Have a great weekend!

Anne~fiona and twig said...

What a great tour of your house! I love your style, you have so many nifty little vignettes.
Have a fab weekend!

Charlene said...

Adorable!!!!! Your tour was divine. There are so many things I want to comment on... 1st what happened to the duck & the wing????I love all the white in your house. I envy you the white sofa. That is my next wish is a neutral sofa. Love the new little hutch with the flowers. The "horse apple" is from a bodark tree. I saw a bunch of them today but the weeds were too tall to go through without chiggers & who knows what else. But, I have my eye peeled to get you some more. It's late & I'm tired & we'll discuss the rest of this tour on the phone soon. Untie the kiddos & give them candy or cookies (then they may tie you up hee hee) HUGS! I miss seeing you.

Storybook Woods said...

Love the lid idea, great reuse. Clarice

Mona @ la la by mona said...

Thanks for the great tour! Oh, and love the kitchen set - my daughter has the same one!!