Saturday, October 17

Countdown to Trade Days!

Next weekend is Trades Days at Collected Treasures & I've got the produciton team in full swing! I will have 2 booth spaces this time and both will be stocked full of great stuff.This is just a portion of the suitcases I've collected and a cute chippy white table that I picked up in Round Top.
I have LOTS of sweet vintage kid things, including these little cabinets that still bear the original Formica.
This old pram looks like it was hardly used, the upholstery is in excellent condition and the tires still bright white. Can't you just see it in a child's room holding stuffed animals, or at Christmas filled with gifts?

Lots of shutters, door pediments & other scraps.
I know nothing about Texas child labor laws!
My garage has been getting fuller by the week. Do people really park in these things?
My super supportive hubby has been painting all weekend. I have so much furniture this time around. Hutch, china cabinet, tables, multiple chairs, bed...the list goes on.
I will be covering these later tonight.
I'll show you the 'after' photo's in a day or two.
If you live anywhere near Arlington please stop by next Saturday and check us out. We have 30 awesome dealers participating. You can get specific sale information at


Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Things are looking great! I came home after seeing you and jumped in the shower. Felt soooooo good. I have been painting or fixing all day. I'll try to blog some of me things tomorrow. Looking forward to the Trade Day! But will be glad when it is over so I can get some rest.
Hugs, Pat

Barb said...

Oh so much great 'loot"!

Thanks for sharing

barbara jean

Collected Treasures said...

OMG, girl.....I want to SHOP your garage!!!!! Love, love, LOVE the birdcage...just have a thing for 'em....AND suitcases are my passion as well....I do love it all!......and train that little girl well.....we can use her in future This is going to be a fabulous sale....I can feel it in my bones :) xojana

Dorthe said...

Oh my, so many wonderfull things you are bringing with you, I`m sure you will sell alot. And how lucky you are to have a husbond helping you with all this.
Good luck dear.
Hugs Dorthe

Laura said...

Everything looks wonderful. I wish I could be there, but I am 8 hours away down here in South Texas!

Good luck,


Katies Rose Cottage said...

Lisa ~ So I am totally bummed because we will be in Kansas that weekend and I am dying to see what you all will have ~ it was so much fun last time !
Obviously I loved your stuff since I bought a bunch from you ~
See ya soon !

Charlene said...

Thank you for stopping to see me for Pink Saturday. It was our Annv. this weekend & my hubby surprised me & took me out of town. I had no now I am behind but, it was so much fun. We went to Tulsa to see the fall colors since we don't have much here yet. What a blast. WOW is all I can say about the stuff you have got put together! Love the photo of the child labor. She looks like she was having fun. Talk to ya tomorrow. He has been home for 5 days now & is my shadow!