Friday, November 6

Glamour Girls

My favorite movie of all time is Breakfast at Tiffany's. New York city in the 50's was so ultra glamorous, so romantic. I just love the music, fashion and style of that time. I love the 40's too, if a Joan Crawford movie is on TV I have to watch it. I pay as much attention to the movie set and costumes as I do the story & acting. It's no surprise my favorite show on TV these days is Mad Men, I think it's brilliant. Besides being well written, the style of the show blows me away.

Poor tortured Betty, so beautiful, married to a rat.

I was raiding a friends storage unit for fabric last week and came across some artist renderings that caught my eye. I don't know if these came from an advertising agency or where just amateur fashion sketches, either way I think they're wonderful.

There is a set of 8, all done in gauche & ink, signed simply Robert.

I did a google search on Marquise Originals and found a pair of 1940 pumps on Etsy for $78.

It seemed like such a romantic time.

Love this Air France ad, can you imagine the days when you dressed like this to jet off to Paris!

The same raid produced this student handbook from a beauty school. The 'Lee Self' school of hair design in El Paso was doing some pretty 'progressive' designs for their day!! It must have taken 1000 bobby pins to achieve these do's. Remember pin curls?

Did you ever watch 'Creature Features' on Friday nights? Don't these ladies look like they were in 'Cat Women From The Moon'?

Love the coif!

I'm not sure what I'll do with all of these, but they inspire me the way the old movies do.



Can't wait to see what you design with the fabric you find. I'm sure those artist renderings will be used in something fabulous too! Do share ~ Angela

Dorthe said...

The sketchings are great Lisa, I`m sure you will do something wonderfull with them. And the hair dress -Oh my- such a torture back then, as very young I slept with hair curls -those round stichchi ones, the whole night to look "pritty" next day.
Hugs, Dorthe

Collected Treasures said...

these are as wonderful as you described.....they need to be displayed.....just divine! jana

sissie said...

I love these sketches. I think they would look wonderful framed and hung in a bedroom. They look like drawings for newspaper ads.
Anyway, you made a great discovery.

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

I remember those pin curls in beauty school. Love all the fashion pics.
Had a great weekend! Sooo tired.
Hugs, Pat

trash talk said...

Fab U Lous! My g'mother was a hairdresser during this time period and I remember her giving ladies these same dos back in the day...finger waves and all. Those drawings are style with a capital S!

Ticking and Toile said...

love the glamour girls post! wow ~ I guess we are lucky these days to be casually comfortable, huh?

I really enjoy your blog & have passed along the Kreativ Blogger award to you!

See my blog for details~


Liz said...

Did you see the season finally? AWESOME! Love Mad Men.... I love old advertising. Cute post!


Charlene said...

Oh I do LOVE the Air France one! They are all wonderful!!!! I know you will do something super special with them. As for the hair... I remember how they would pin those waves with the bobby pins. OUCH! And the perms... We sure don't do the same for the name of fashion these days. I miss seeing you! Mom's gone & the house is quiet again.