Sunday, January 17

Studio Makeover Part 1

Remember this?
My art room is all of it's glorious mayhem.

 I sat on Santa's lap, told him I'd been a good girl & asked for a makeover.  My studio is actually our dining room, and it's the first thing you see coming in the front door.  We plan on selling in the next year or two so I was somewhat limited in the changes I made. 
First thing we (AKA Kevin) did, was to scrape popcorn off the ceiling,  (every room in the house is done now) then retexture & paint.  I wanted a neutral color that we could use throughout the house. I chose Eddie Bauer 'Wicker', it looks great with the white trim & plantation shutters.  Finally, a new light fixture.

This is what it looked like for a week. 

Now that the grunt work was done it was time to go shopping!
Six hours later, we were ready to go home & assemble.

After days of editing, donating & organizing, I've come to believe...I have a lot of stuff!  Notice I didn't say 'too much stuff' , cuz it's never enough!

This is my art table, my favorite thing in the room & defiantly the most useful.  Kevin found it for me at a consignment store in Grapevine.  I think it may have been from a school, possibly an art or sewing classroom.  There are 4 work stations & 24 drawers! I've never seen one like it.
At one time I had cute tags identifying the contents of each drawer. One by one they were pulled off by the kids, so now I just kind of have it all memorized.

Speaking of storage, these window frame boxes from Ikea are so cool, no need to label.

The small windows above the shutters have always been a decorating challenge for me, I have a big collection of oval frames so I decided to put them to work. I wanted to put something up there with them, I'm trying out the hydrangea's , it's still a work in progress. If anyone has any ideas...hint, hint.
I have much more to share, so stayed tuned!


Linda said...

Now this is a room to create in! Makes me want to come over and play! Wonderful!


AMAZING! What an energetic doll your hubby is to have all this work done in so little time! Love the photo of y'all at IKEA - girls in a shopping frenzy, guys sleeping through it. TOO CUTE! The studio is fabulous, your one of a kind work station is enviable, to say the least. ~ Angela

Sylvia said...

You have a very nice work studio and that art table is to die for! I want one too....Thanks for sharing.

Brenda@ **Dragonflys and Stars** said...

What a fun place to play! Love the work table--what a great husband to know that you should have it. Nice work!

junkdreams said... timely is this post...I am painting my studio space this weekend! What an amazing space you wonderfully organized and inspiring.
Happy day.

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

WOW-WEE...amazing. Oh, doesn't it feel so good now?

Hopefully, you're not like me in that it will all be a big mess with my first project.

Your art table is too cool...never seen anything like it.

Enjoy your space and look forward to our future creations!

Have a great day.

Mona @ la la by mona said...

I just love it! The colors are wonderful and everything is so pretty and organized. That will free your mind up for all kinds of fun! And your maniac compliments it all perfectly!

BeeSwanky said...

Wow - you leave me so inspired when I needed it the most. It is amazing you do all you do with your children. I call my studio / office the storage closet - UGH! Thanks for sharing and the lessons. My opinion on the oval frames is to go back over them and layer wtih more making it like a window covering sculpture. I look forward to visitng with you again soon. Bee Blessed!

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

How fun! Not to mention how inspiring for the rest of us to persevere [aka:work hard!] in our quest to organize our creative spaces. On the other hand, seeing your double potted green McCoy planter with the yellow bird sent shivers of seller's regret through my veins! I sold mine years hoo.

Love your blog redo as well...and the IKEA shot of the boys crashed in the cart is PRICELESS!

Thanks for a fun visit!

The Vintage Attic said...

Wow! what a wonderful space. With everything in a place you can surly create now.


melissadc76 said...

Lovin the oval frame collection.

Christina said...

The room looks great! Would love to have a space like that to create in.

Cathy said...

Oh my...what a gorgeous room!!! I would never leave!!! How much fun you must have in there creating and just hanging out!!!

You have done a wonderful job carving out a space for your it!!!


Love the frames over the window...beautiful!!!

Me said...
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Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

You Studio is Beautiful ~ Love Everything in it, Especially the Work Table (So Cool!)the tall white narrow drawer & the way you hung the Oval Frames ~ I can almost picture a long lenght of Tulling, Bunched, Gathered & Knotted above the Frames, then tuck in a few more Flower Heads.....
But then again, It is Perfect, Just As It Is~ Thanks for Sharing....

Charlene said...

EVERYTHING LOOKS DIVINE!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THE NEW LOOK!!!!!! Oh that was so much work but, soooooooooo worth it! I can't wait to come & see it in person. I have a sack of goodies for you from JoAnn. There is some gauze fabri that just said LISA!

I had a wonderful time in Round Top this weekend. The B&B was great. I had a big piece of pie for you at Royers. Cherry this time. Ala mode of course!!! HUGS! Charlene

Rustique Gallery said...

Oh, I envy you! I have a corner of a room at this point and it's an avalanche. You are inspiring me to spend a couple of weekends at home with a screwgun and get those shelves up and loaded! Keep Creating!

Linda said...

I like the way you used the hanger with vintage clothespins- fun spin on the idea- another one I have seen are the large metal pants hangers with four levels of clips- I have done a whole display with one of those!

T said...

It looks super cool! The perfect place to create if you ask me! Im gonna be getting in contact with you cause I have an idea I want to run by you. Talk to you soon!

BellaRosa said...

Lisa amor, looking at your studio redo...all I can say is Oh My Stars!!! I am so happy for you! It came out beautiful...I see soo many gorgeous treasures in there...hmmm if I could just come and look around..I would be ever so happy lol and you are soo right..we should start a support group for people like us and I also think that you nailed it on on using the flea market as our "meeting" place lol I mean think about it, we can hold swaps for stuff we are tired of that maybe isn't inspiring us like it used too :) can you imagine...Anyways I digress lol I love your studio...I am just sitting her enlarging picture after picture and just getting greener and greener :) Besos, Rose

missliz said...

Wow! How beautiful! I love the oval frame idea, the art/craft table and the color. Looks like alot of great projects will be coming from this space. I can't wait to see! Enjoy! Liz

BellaRosa said...

Oooh how could I forget! I LOVE that artist work desk! absolutely love it!(actually I loved EVERYTHING in there..who am I kidding!) Besos, Rose

Then and Now at Collected Treasures said...

What an awesome job you'll did. Who couldn't be creative in that studio? Love the picture at IKEA of you and the kids..PRICELESS

icandy... said...

I LOVE your new art room! Mine looks like a bomb went off in there! LOL :) I need to revamp and edit, that's for sure! Thank you for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Oooo, i likey! I like your carpet. Had to get that out of the way ;) I love the picture frames up high there. The re-do is so tidy, wow. That's one great work station ya got there.
I agree with one of the other comments...white or cream tulle bunched up and tucked would be real pretty in amidst the picture frames.
Also, love your stacked vintage suitcases :) I'll be checkin' back with ya to see what else you worker-bees have accomplished.

Kim said...

Hello Lisa, This is my first time here at your blog and what a wonderful first post for me to read and see! Your makeover is amazing and very inspirational. Love the oval frames over the windows, very creative. My question to you is "how long will it stay looking so neat?" I know when the creative spark hits me I have things flying everywhere and even if i just organized hours earlier every thing is a mess again! Hope you have more discipline than me! Kim

June said...

Lisa what a beautiful makeover! What an awesome place to create too. That work table would be my dream come true for sure. I loved the pictures of the 'during' process. It was fun to see you guys out doing the shopping. So funny!

Anonymous said...

How did I miss this post? It's wonderful! Yay! I'm look forward to reading/seeing Part 2!!!

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Lisa1 Your makeover is fabulous!!! Last year I hosted the Where Bloggers Create party in July.
This year it's going to be in June and Where Women Create is helping me!!! It's going to be HUGE! You should definitely plan on taking lots of pics and joining in on the fun!

As far as Sedona goes.... It is one of my favorite places. (Well, Oak Creek Canyon anyway...) A few years ago we used to be able to drive up on the weekend and park along the side of the road, climb down into the Canyon and spend all day in the creek. Now you have to plan ahead and get a permit from the Park service. Oh well. Progress.

Have a great week!

My Desert Cottage

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Am loving your make over. The desk is great. Love the frames on the window. How about putting siloettes in the frams. Either black (focal point), or that teal color of your box. Simple and Clean.

Come visit

Storybook Woods said...

Oh wow, I love it, all of it. I could spend days there !!!! Clarice

sissie said...

Oh, how I dream of having a room like this, that is all mine. A room like yours that inspires creativity and allows you to be surrounded by all your favorite things.
If I had your room I would want to be in there all the time. Wonderful!


stephanie said...

Your new studio is beautiful! I especially love the vintage frame between the bookshelves that contains all your inspiration images!

lifespassion said...

LOVE the kid at the bottom of the card - on sale at IKEA?? Great job!

lifespassion said...

LOVE the kid at the bottom of the cart! So young and carefree! On sale now at IKEA! Great job ~ love it all!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

What a lovely place to be creative and spend a day in. Lucky, lucky YOU!!! I wish I had a room like that...... *** sigh ***


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

PS: Tell your husband I said, "AWESOME job!!"

Barbara Jean said...

Oh, Here i am. Still drooling.
Makes me want to gut my place and start all over!

That work piece in the enter of the room is awesome!!
What a great find.

And oh do i need to borrow that picutre frame hanging idea! I have boxes and shelves of them, and every time i want one i have to dig through.

Thanks for such a wonderful and inspiring palce.
Oh almost for got. i better go sign up to follow!!


barbara jean

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

What a great studio...we could have so much artsy fun in there.

vintage tickled pink said...

your makeover has inspired me to go to ikea 15 minutes away yet i never have time to get there. and redo my mess. love all your organizational tips. thanks diane