Friday, April 30

Little kids & Big Friends!

It's been a big week in our little part of the world. 
The kids graduated from Pre-K on Tuesday. WooHoo!
Oh, you would have thought they were graduating from college the way I carried on. But it was so cute, all these little ones singing their songs, lining up to accept their little diplomas.  I wish I could freeze time right now.  I know in a heartbeat it will be high school or college, & I'll think back on the day they were 4.

Wednesday was this little guys birthday.  You think my kids look just like their Daddy or what??  I'll bet my MIL looks at this picture & remembers it like it was yesterday.  She made his sweet little shirt.
Since my thoughts have been on wee ones all week, I spent some time sorting through my cabinet cards.  I picked out some favorites to share with you. 
I know everyone loves the sweet babies & girls, but I'm crazy about the boys.  Look at his boots, toes all scuffed up. Probably wishing his Mommy hadn't made him dress up in this outfit & stand still for an hour. 

This is one of the first I ever bought, ages ago.  I've digitally altered it , transferred it, photocopied it.  He has been a focal point in many projects.  Doesn't he look like a little magician?
Since I have my own sweet girl, I had to include little sassy pants!  That attitude, love it! Lily gives me this same look all of the time.
I'm putting these, & more of my favorites in my shop, under 'Free Stuff'.
Speaking of my shop, thank you SO much for supporting me in my new venture.  I never expected to sell so much. I'm hard at work listing & creating more goodies.
Here's a peak at a collage I'm working on.
You might recognize the image from Dawn's post earlier this week.
And speaking of busy weeks & blog-shops, one of my dear friends Rebecca has a lot to celebrate.  Her amazing, & I mean AMAZING studio is featured this month in Where Women Create.  She also opened her new blog-shop & it's packed full of wonderful things.  Not only is she mega talented, & owns her dream store, but she's gorgeous.
If you go check her out you can enter her new giveaway.

And another beautiful, talented friend is having a giveback,
Shelley, is celebrating 200 posts by giving away some serious treats!
I just love Shelley's blog so much, she is one of my first blog crushes.  You know how you look at blogs & they're beautiful, & then you see a blog that just stops you dead in your tracks.  It just screams 'YES'! That's Shelley for me. I'm going to Round Top in the fall & one of the main reasons is to see her amazing talent in person. 

Last, but certainly not least I gotta shout out to my girl Karen!
 Rock Star!
When I opened up WWC & saw her face looking at me from the pages of this amazing publication, I got chills! I am sooooo happy for her.  It's hard to believe that Karen just started her blog a little over a year ago, look how far she's come.  Magazines, killer blog parties, Jo's number in her cell phone (LOL), a new business.  What a great example of how blogging can change your life.  Karen is the most genuine, funny & generous friend a girl could ask for, & I'm thrilled for her. 
 I've been looking forward to this blog party for a year now (I wasn't blogging last year). I'm fluffing & foofin' away so I can show off my little space in June.


Anonymous said...

Oh these old photographs are just wonderful!! It make me so curious to know the stories behind the pictures!

I love your previous post on the Boltons also. I love this timeless style. I had to chuckle about the pages used as wallpaper. I guess it takes a while for style to get to my house. I just wallpapered the back of my china cabinet- geez it looks like I am a decade late on that style- either that or it takes that long for a style to get around as you see this all over blogland!

lovely lovely blog!

bee blessed

I too am wondering if there is a book out of the Boltons' work?


Love the photo of your wee ones...graduating! So exciting. Does that mean kindergarten next year? Is time really moving that fast? And they do look like the precious photo of their daddy and sweet gramma! Thank you for sharing the photos of all the sassy pants. You'll have to let me know about the scanning thing...I've got photos aplenty to share. Have a wonderful weekend. ~ Angela

Lululiz said...

Big moment for the little ones! Lovely photo of them. And thank you for sharing the old photos, they are great.

Angela said...

Those photos are too good!! Your litte magician looks like he's quoting Shakespeare to me. And Miss Attitude reminds me of my four year old granddaughter, lovingly known as Miss Priss.
Your children are just precious.

junkdreams said...

OMG---your kids are ADORABLE. It is a huge milestone when they finish Kindergarten and I can understand your excitement!! Congrats!

rebecca's rainbow kisses said...

Dear Lisa,
Oh, I can so relate! Our triplets will begin kindergarten in the fall and I'm sure I will cry, cry, cry that day. I am a stay-at-home mommy too and have enjoyed these past 8 years with our children (we have an older son too). They are fleeting, priceless days. Yes, I have very challenging days too :). Your children are adorable. We have two boys and a girl triplets born in Oct. '04.
Your blog is so beautiful! I keep coming back to check in to see what you post. Please check out my blog; I'm new to this blog experience.
Hugs and happiness,

marie said...

What a wonderful photo of your triplets! Each of their expressions is adorable! Hold onto the littleness of them because you're's gone inthe blink of an eye.
I really enjoy your blog and all the inspiration it has (love your inspiration boxes...oh my!).
Thank you for all the fun links today!

Rebecca said...

OMG talk about cute!!! Three little angels... all dressed up! Such a wonderful time for you - I so remember those days, hard but so rewarding... and so fleeting. My little angels are gone now they have transformed into butterflies and flew away but every once in awhile they dance thru my dreams... those little people I loved so much. Of course now they are my joy and companions but not the same.
Ok didn't mean to go there...

Rebecca said...

PS Thanks for the shout out, you sweet girl!

rebecca's rainbow kisses said...

Sweet Lisa,
Thank you for the wonderful comment on my blog. Yes, our oldest was held back a year and now, it's the triplets turn to enter school. Charlotte and Benjamin are ready, but Max is probably not. How do we hold him back?! He's a triplet, part of the trio! How will he feel about our decison when he's older? We don't want him to struggle along. What a quandry! Any suggestions?
Love, Rebecca

sissie said...

Hi Lisa,
When I saw you had a new post I once again tripped over my big feet gettin over here.
Your children are precious. Just think it won't be long before they are graduating from High School! Time does fly and it would be wonderful to keep them small.
Love your vintage photos too and your shout outs to all those wonderful bloggers.


Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Lisa, your babies are absolutely adorable! They show such character and personality in that photo, love it!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Debby said...

What a sweet post! The kids are so sweet and you are right, blink and they will be heading off for college. BLAH!!! I can tell you enjoy them everyday. Thanks for sharing your awesome photos, love them. Also thanks for sharing the blog link. I am sad as I am not sure I will have time to do Karen's party..sigh..fingers crossed I will find the time. Congrats on your fab shop, love it over there.
Have a great weekend.

Claudia said...

Lisa, your children are absolutely adorable. How proud you must be of them!

I took part in Karen's blog party last year and will again this year. It is awfully fun!


vicki said...

That is the cutest picture of the children - ever! LOVE the smirky looks on their sweet sweet faces! Total doll babies!


June said...

Lisa this post is jam packed with such cuteness! I always love to see your darling children. I could just hug each one of 'em.
Don't you just adore Rebecca! She has such an amazing talent in everything she does.
I love photos of wee ones too. I just love children period! The photo of your husband and his mom is the dearest thing I've seen in a long time. Isn't he just so cute! Aren't you the lucky one?

I can't wait to see your creative space. I know it must be special, cause all sorts of special stuff comes out of it.

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Lisa ~
Congrats to your precious babies ~ they are just adorable !! They look very much like their daddy but like you too ~
I am not getting updates on your blog posts anymore so I signed up again as a follower ~
hugs sweet friend !

Beth A. said...

Your babies are so sweet! I bet they keep you hoppin! Thanks for sharing your pictures. Your collage looks like it will be very cute. Can't wait to see it finished.

Linda said...

OH Lisa~ your children are adorable...the cutest little smiles, like they have a little secret! Seems like yesterday my kids were little like they are 35, 28, and 25...still my babies...


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Your kids are just so cute and how sweet that they had a real little graduation ceremomy!
Thanks for sharing those lovely images! The girl has really quite an attitude.
Have a great weekend, Lisa!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Looky at my little ANGELS!!!! I can't believe they give you any trouble Lisa...I think you are faking it when we're on the phone! They are waaay too cute to be bad!!!! ;)

Yes girl, you got some BIG friends!
Love Shelley, Love Karen, Love Rebecca, Love Dawn...what a great group of women!!!

Kevin's mother is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! That photo should be on the cover of something...anything...even framed and hanging over the couch! It's just the perfect photo!!!!

Keep creating are a hit! (and a hoot too)

So what kind of car did you say you bought the kids for graduation???

Dorthe said...

Lisa,dear, I love the photo of your 3 small wonders, they looks so sweet, and also:can and will ourself....what a wonderfull day for them and you, and what a lovely thing to do in school.
Tomorrow my daughter will be 33 years old, and I must agree with you, that time has just flown away,from she being same age ,as yours......
Thanks sweetie, for the amazing old images,they are great, and saved.
Many hugs,-and love,

Anonymous said...

Lisa, your three look adorable! And also love the little Miss Sassy Pants photo the best. What an expression on her face!

Busy lady! Three charming chilluns and all you accomplish besides!


sweetpea said...

Lisa congrats on a wonderful milestone with your family. Thanks bunches for your sweet words and for plugging my giveback. You are the sweetest and I feel the same way about you. Can't wait to meet you.



FredaB said...

I love the picture of the three of them and her with her pink pearls. Too precious. Are you still sane after surviving triplets?

I was enjoying the pictures then got to Sassy Pants and burst out laughing. I couldn't help it. She is so funny. You could tell what she is thinking.

I am enjoying your blog and have added you to my list.



Apron Senorita said...

ADORABLE!! The pcitures are gorgeous.

Gracefully Vintage said...

What A Great Blog- I love your pics of the little ones- Amazing how time flys By- My little boy is almost 15 and i can remember his first day of preschool-
Love the Vintage photos..
Glad i Found YOur blog

Lori said...

Lisa, your children are so adorable...and yes, i do see a lot of their daddy in their sweet faces...congrats on the sales from your new fabulous shop, that is great...OH! i just love that sassy little thing with her hands on her hip...that has to be one of the cutest old photos i have ever seen...thanks for sharing!!!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Gosh what beauty in your blog...such a joy to come here.
Wonderful old photo's....

Your ML looks like Shirley Temple did when she was the same age...she is BEAUTIFUL.

I can see the "attitude" in your cute ...but wait until she is a teen. JUMP BACK !!! The boys are so darling, we have twin grandsons...and our granddaughter was only 21 months older than they are.


Karen Valentine said...

Lisa, you are so awesome!!!! I'm so frustrated that I missed this post!!! You are the best! I am just unable to keep up with all that is going on around me right now. Between working on blogs, the party registrations and keeping up with my friends.... somethings gotta give and unfortunately is visiting all you guys! I'll talk to you later today!!!