Friday, July 30

Witch 'Craft' - A New Class!

A long time ago.........
A cavernous house sat upon a lonely hill; broken & mysterious, a mystic ruin. There were rumors a coven of powerful witches inhabited the place.

Sometimes, when the moon was full and the wind was silent you could hear their chants as they conjured up trouble for their enemies.
From the Salem witch trials to the Wizard of Oz we’ve been both frightened & intrigued by images of witches. They’ve left a trail of superstition and fear throughout history, and have appeared in many forms.
Personally, I’ve always preferred the Dark Siren over prettier, more innocuous versions.

I’m a history fanatic- (aren’t we all?) I think it’s why I’m drawn to anything old. In middle school I was captivated by the story of the Salem witch trials. I remember feeling both fear & pity for the women, children & men who were accused & ultimately martyred to satisfy the paranoid bloodlust of a community.
A year or two later, Macbeth was required reading for new freshman. Macbeth’s witches were quite different; instead of victims, they were predators; they meddled & instigated trouble, cooking up potions and spells that spelled chaos for the wannabe King.
"Double, double toil & trouble"
- MacBeth

Created for The Wicked Tea, my assemblage titled
Witch-" Craft".

It was a challenge dreaming up a Halloween themed project in the middle of summer! The cabinet card with the ladies gathered on the porch has been in my stash for ages. Once I re-discovered it, the rest just came into place. 
I will be posting much more about this cool event soon!
But I gotta tell you, I am over the full moon about working side by side with Lesley Venable, Ann-Denise & Cindy.
Registration hasen't opened yet, but check out the
 Paper Cowgirls blog for information.
***creative credit to my niece Chelsea for the awesome word play in my post title***


TinyBear said...

So very cool and wonderful Lisa - I love how you made the little corner with the lace and key and the tiny book is perfect.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
xo Tina

Dorthe said...

how I wish I could be one of your pupils, this project looks real cool -and exiting,
your fantastic photo, of the 13 "witches" is wonderfull----wonder what those wemen ,did there together!!!! and the "witchcraft "bottles" -netting, and book makes it all look like a diary from one of those sweet witches.
A wonderfull workshop I`m sure Lisa.
Have a ,lovely week-end sweet friend.
Hugs,Dorthe said...

That cover is really interesting, looks like something that would be fun to learn to do. Great class idea!

Grace said...

I can't wait to make this!!! So many wonderful classes. Grace xoxo

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

This is the coolest thing I've ever seen! Wow, I love every little thing about this...appeals to my dark side, hehehe!

Oh, and more bad news on the phone front, check your e-mail.


Katsui Jewelry said...

I can't believe there is more going on with Paper Cowgirls. It looks and sounds like the coolest event!
I love this piece and think the MacBeth book in there is pre genius.
Way to go, Lisa!

Netty said...

Hi Lisa, loved reading the narrative, brilliant, and this is absolutely terrific, love everything about it. Annette x

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Lisa,

Mmmmm this sounds really really interesting. I look forward to hear more about it. Highly intriguing!



Sugar said...

Oh that is beautiful!

sissie said...

Ooh Lisa, put a spell on me please!
Make me suddenly create art as beautiful as you do. And while you're at it make me 20 years younger!

I just love the bewitching story and the little book of spells. The photo is priceless. Interesting stuff for sure and the way you have put it all together is enchanting!


Tales from the Deep South said...

I just found your blog and am glad I did!! Love the post-I will be back~

June said...

Oh Lisa, this makes me want to dust off the old broom and go for a spin around town tonight!!!
Well first of all...I love that picture of the women in black and it makes the perfect coven. Second...I love scary movies with witches and such in them. I have never been afraid of the Wizard of Oz (I have friends that hate it 'cause it scares them) are they weird or what))? and watch it every Fall. I'm always kidding around with my son-in-laws that I could make them very sorry, if they ever make any of my girls cry. (Evil laugh here)
I'm so happy to hear that you will be teaching again at Paper Cowgirls. What a lucky bunch a girls that will be.

I have to comment on those AMAZING pillows you made. They are the prettiest ones I have ever seen,no kidding! I LOVED the one (of course) that is Bolton inspired. I have that picture in my inspiration file too.(I'm sure that is no surprise to you) I have been saving the pockets from old suitcases ever since. hehe. I never do anything with them though. This is such a great idea for them. You are such a rock star in my world!
Thank you so much for your truly beautiful and heartfelt message to me. You made me cry. Yep, you did! I think that you give me waaay too much credit..but thank you for your sweet heart. It is so appreciated.
hugs to you from here

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

oh, how i love the look of this class.
i've already posted on the p.c. blog about not being able to come. I'm just so sorry that i can't because i could use some "lisa playing teacher" time with me as the teacher's pet.

hope you're well!!

Patti said...

I just love what you create! I just found your blog and I am crazy about Halloween, also.
Looking forward to more of your creations!

Anonymous said...

I love this, Lisa. The handwritten page...something about script that really adds to the charm of it!
Your 3D effects are always amazing.

Jamie said...

I can not WAIT!!!! This is an awesome art piece Lisa. You really should be proud!! We are going to have so much fun Sweetie! Love, Jamie


Fabulous...very creative and unique!!! Looks like a great class. ~ Angela

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Lisa ~ I am pretty much sitting here in awe at what you have come up with ~
Wow girl it is amazing !!
You are sooooo uber talented !!

sweetpea said...

you've been blessed with an endless supply of talent and creativity Lisa! I am just in awe of all you do.



sweetpea said...

you've been blessed with an endless supply of talent and creativity Lisa! I am just in awe of all you do.



Miss Sandy said...

Congrats on the class and the new artwork, sounds like loads of fun!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Beautiful project Sista!!!!
Your class will sell out the second it hits the Paper Cowgirl site :))))
I know this because I've already seen it in my crystal ball. And my dried garlic coated chicken hearts have verified it.
So be ready...
All the witches scratching to get in your class will cause quite a stir in blogland. The cobblestone streets leading to the cottage will be covered in blood and only the mightiest, fearless witches will be in attendence :))))
I miss you.
Now I'm sick with a stupid summer cold I guess. I knew I shouldn't have ran around The Myrtles all naked in the rain.
Damn it.

The Feathered Nest said...

Lisa, this turned out so dadgum AMAZING!!!!!! I love all of the touches...each is wonderful alone but together these elements create a perfect, SCARY piece!!!!! I just wish I could be there for the class....hugs and love, Dawn

Robin Thomas said...

I think You outdid even yourslef on this. I met some of your fellow texas girls at the Gilded Nest event. Really enjoyed them. Hope to cross paths with you someday.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...
















Hurry girls, go stalk the Paper Cowgirl blog for opening day. Pitch your tent and be's a guaranteed SELL OUT in 10 minutes, maybe less!!!!!!!!!

~don't say i didn't warn you~

the cajun witch

The Market in the Glen said...

I was able to see Macbeth at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London this summer and they literally brought those three ominous witches to life unlike anything I could have imagined. I loved it and have been riding the wave of darkness that entire play creates in my own personal art work.
I love all the ephemera you include in your work! It really satisfies the need to create stories and characters when you have such great old photographs.

Tammy said...

Oh I love your assemblage. It's very clever and intriguing.