Thursday, October 7

I'm back

Thanks to Dawn,
 (the blog whisperer)
 I'm back from Picasa purgatory.
Thanks for all the advice & support.
I have just one thing to say..... look at your google account & check your storage space!

I held my 50th last garage sale last weekend. 
I had to pay off my Round Top debts.
Look who I used as bait!!
I was still a little short so I had to farm Lily out to 'Merry Maids'.
Honestly I showed a lot of restraint this year. 
 I passed on the set of 4 lace panels now hanging in Karla's dining room, but I couldn't resist this!
This gorgeous crocheted lace valance is over 85 inches long.  I'm not sure where it's going to live, but for now it's over my mantle.

Anne told us about an amazing dealer in the fields who sold piles of linens for cheap, cheap!
I originally thought this was a coverlet until I got it home. 
And buttons.
I had to, they where all old, white & only  $12 for the jar.
I never look too closely when I buy sewing kits or buttons.
I have my ritual. 
 I wait till I get home, then I can spread them out & sort through each one.
Okay no judgement, I know you have your little quirks! 
 Back to the stuff!
I played personal shopper to Jodie & found her an amazing celluloid album, but I settled for this sweet cabinet card.
Below..... 3 days worth of picking.
See the hat up in the corner?
Found by Karla for a mere $6.
There's a little story behind it.
Well, in an earlier post I threw down the gauntlet & challenged Karla (AkA the hat whisperer)
to do her magic.  I really thought her skills had been highly exaggerated, like an urban myth.
But over & over I witnessed it with my own eyes. 
 It was downright eerie
She found a dealer with a whole basket of corsages - good ones.
Karla asked her - 'how much for the lot'? 
I swear the woman's eye's glazed over & her head wobbled a bit. 
The next thing you see is this.
That poor lady is probably still trying to figure out what happened to her basket of flowers.
But the sweetest thing I brought back from Round Top wasn't for me at all.
Back in June I hosted an art challenge to alter a soapbox
Beth called her box 'Lily of the soapbox' because she thought the image looked like my daughter. 
 She brought the box to Round Top & asked me to deliver it to her muse. 

 Lily thought that was pretty cool!
Before I go I have one more wonderful thing to show you.
My dear friend Judy gave me her Mothers secretary. 

(who put that bag of trash & froggy in there?)

Her own children didn't want it....can you imagine?
I love being the beneficiary of family heirlooms.


Claudia said...

Lisa, so glad you're back! The secretary is lovely - reminds me of my grandmother's secretary. I always loved sitting there as a child playing with all the little slots and nooks inside the desk.

You definitely found some wonderful treasures. Is it just me, or are your beautiful children getting taller before my eyes?

Oh, and what did you end up doing to solve your problem with Picasa? I'd love to know because I'm sure I'll be faced with it in the future.


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Lisa:
Welcome back! Missed you like crazy! Looks like you had a wonderful time at Round Top. Gosh, I might have to consider relocating. lol Weather has finally cooled down here and life is much more comfortable. Love Lily's soap box, too. Beautiful and perfect for her pretty face!

Petite Michelle Louise said... now I'M the one drooling over YOUR finds! Incredible! Welcome back and have fun sorting though all your "tresors" mon amie! (now to wipe off my

Diane Cook said...

Oh my head is wobbling! I am looking at your finds, and looking at mine~realizing yours took 3 packed days, and mine was in oh, lets say about 4 hours! Not enough time, but circumstances prevailed. I did have a GREAT time (little that I did for shopping), and fully expect (hope with all hope) that we are able to spend more time together next Spring! Let's as they say...Just DO IT (check)! LOL.

Curtains In My Tree said...

That secretary desk is wonderful and fabulous and every other thing good. What a gift.I know you are thrilled to have it.

Love the pictures from Texas trip.

Janice said...

Beth's collage does look a lot like your Lily!

Ha! You didn't believe me,huh? I can find a decent price hat anywhere. All it takes is a ..... oops, almost gave away my secrets!

I'm off to check my google account.

Linda M. said...

Glad your problem is fixed with your photos. Thanks for sharing all the great shots. Looks like lots of fun and you are so lucky to have sooo many treasures; The linen, the desk, and those three adorable kiddies. Have a wonderful day!

Storybook Woods said...

Oh my gosh what amazing finds. You scored. That is soo sad about the desk but I know you will treasure it xox Clarice

T's Daily Treasures said...

Love that secretary. It is exactly what I am looking for but not to be found this side of the world. What a great friend Judy is to just give it to you. I'm sure she knows you will treasure and take care of it. Lots of lovely loot from Round Top and looks like you had great help for the garage sale. Hope you are having a great Thursday. :) Tammy

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Looks like you found the best items for yourself and others. Love the secretary! How special to have a friends family piece!!

Tete said...

Don't we have to sell to support our habits? It's the circle of life.
Love the kids- they are just so cute and selling lemonade at their little stand- who could resist that? Excellent marketing stradegy!
I have my grandmother's secretary and wouldn't think of parting with it- amazing what people get rid of. Looks better in your home anyway!
Love the little cubbies inside!
Hugs- Tete

Tina @ TinyBear said...

SO glad you´re back and got everything solved Lisa (better go check mine too).
Great stuff. I love those crochet pieces and all the buttons. Awesome
xo Tina

Thespa said...

What a great post! I love all those wonderful things and spied quite a few things in your yard sale I would have bought in a heartbeat had I been there! That valance is the MOST AWESOME thing ever! MAJOR SCORE! And the soapbox is just precious! So sweet of her to give it to your Lily. I had a lot of fun with your soap box challenge. My soap box creation was traded to the president of the One Soap Company for a big box of One Soap Company products. I was thrilled to try out all the different things they make and wanted to thank you for inspiring the use of their great boxes! Hope you have a great week!

Halo Hill said...

Oh my goodness, sorry to hear that! Yet another unknown tragedy can befall me! Ugh. Glad you figured it out. Your kids are still dollies! Hope your summer was good!


A Cottage Muse said...

Oh I am loving the secretary!! You are a lucky girl!

Suz said...

Lisa...That secretary is unbelievable. I cannot imagine anyone turning that down. I am glad you are the lucky recipient. Lily of the Boxtop (Soapbox) sounds like a saint's name ;-) It is so much fun to see your treats. The buttons look fabulous. I always wait to open them. It is like a little surprise...or not! Glad you are back with us!...Suz

June said...

Who could resit those sweet faces??? I would be such a sucker for them. Great bait Lisa!!!
I can't imagine the fun you had at the shows. You did get some great stuff. I would have gone and had to take a second mortgage out on the house. (that's why I don't go,hehe)
Karla looks thrilled with her loot too. isn't she the cutest?!

Charlene said...

You did do much better than last time!!!! Good girl!!! I'm sure Hubby threatened you with no phone calls to deposit cash. What a good time we had that first time though. I still smile when I think about it. It was great to see you at T's Party. Good to see Jodie, Karla & Beth again too. Your LAST garage sale??? Who believes that? Girl I think you just have sales in your blood. Cute assistants though. HUGS!

Vicki said...

Hi, Lisa. Glad you are back. I'm a long time blog stalker now follower. I've joined blogland officially thanks to the help of Karen Valentine. Love your finds, especially the valance. Beautiful! Lots of good deals. I'm so glad to see the secretary go to you. She'll be in good hands. Next best thing to family! Love your blog and your art work. Take care!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

I see some fabulous stuff for sale in that front yard! A wire dress form, seriously?

Loving all your finds, and wondering when you're gonna put the free child labor on a Greyhound bus and send 'em to me.


Home and Heart said...

Welcome back!!All that great stuff AND mopping help??!!! SCORE!!

Brenda Kula said...

I often think it is Karla's dimpled smile. You got some great stuff! I would have snapped up those buttons meself!

Anonymous said...

Well you had fun! What can I say! I assume the yard sale was to make room for the new/old stuff you just acquired? ;-) I have to say...all those buttons for only $12!? Wowsers!

Enjoy all of your finds!
Hugs, Diane

Jennifer Rizzo said...

I just had to upgrade my account as well and pay the $5, I guess they mean business!!!

Rustique Gal said...

Oh, my! You did make a haul! I'd be in debt too, so lucky I don't live near RoundTop! Tho I'm close to Brimfield and have never been yet. I think I have to feel rich before I go and it's probably not gonna happen!
Enjoy the goods!

Dorthe said...

Hi Lisa girl,
what a fantastic gift you recieved, UUHHHH wonderfull, and so are your great items,bought, the lace oh what a piece,I see why you hade to say goodbye to some other ngoodies...Is that your frontgarden,and house--looks beautifull,dear-and all those sweet helpers, you lucky mum.
I sooo understand Lily loved the gift.
Good you got your space back, so wee can see all your lovely pioctures.
Love and hugs,Dorthe

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Ain't dawn just the smartest?
Ain't Karla just the prettiest?
Ain't beth the most creative?
Ain't Judy the most generous?
Ain't those kids just the cutest?
Ain't I wishing that I lived in your hood so I could have picked up some of those cool sales? YES!!!
Glad you're back in service!!!!!

Tammy said...

Great finds!
and I love that secretary!
Tammy :-)

Cottage Panache said...

Lisa, I LOVE those ribbons/medallions or whatever they are. Looks like you made a great haul ~ I can't even imagine having someone bestow that wonderful secretary. Lucky Ducky!
:) Maureen

Whimsey Creations said...

Wow you got some great finds! Those buttons - all those for $12 - whee! I can't ever find buttons for that good a deal. I have to tell you a funny story though. A friend of mine once found a tin of buttons and brought them over - said to take my pick and she'd keep what was left. So we dumped them all - and among the buttons were some teeth! Yes, single teeth - not dentures. UGH UGH UGH!