Tuesday, January 11


Finally the tree is packed away,
 old toys donated & new toys in their place.
Life is settling down to it's cozy winter pace.
I know it's mid January, but I'm just getting around to showing off a few of my Christmas goodies!
I've talked about my niece/child wrangler Chelsea before
She's graduating from UT Austin in May, where she studies art. 
This amazing portrait of the kids was a total surprise.
She nailed Philip's little smirk.
I love her unique style, she does all her work with colored pencils.
A close up of Lily & Owen, she totally captured their spirit.
This was by far my favorite gift of the season!
Santa totally tricked me with this next present.
New butcher block counters & a farmhouse sink!
I don't know when he managed to sneak off to Ikea without my knowledge.

What do you think about my back splash?
I call it 'faux finished'!
I'm debating over white subway tile & ceiling tile. 
Armstrong & Home Depot sells these lightweight sheets that you can paint & distress.
Anyone have any back splash suggestions?
You are a clever bunch!
And my sink.....
I love it so much.
I don't know why someone would pay hundreds of dollars for one when you can get them for $300 at Ikea.
Yes, the holidays were full of surprises for me.
On Christmas Eve I opened the mailbox & found this!

 I'm so honored to be featured again in Somerset Life!
It's another great issue from Christen & the gang, lots of beautiful inspiration.
I'm in some pretty good company too, including my friend

(thanks to Quill Cottage for the pictures)
The most amazing project!

Sandy's art & blog always inspires me!
As always I'm behind on deadlines,
 so much I want to do.
So little time to do it all!
I have a couple of exciting things to share with you, stay tuned!


Tina @ TinyBear said...

Love your new farmhouse zink Lisa. Ikea is just the best.
Congrats on the feature too. I love those egg box kits of yours. So so pretty.
xo Tina

Charlene said...

LOVE your new sink!!!! I ADORE farm
sinks. I wish we had put one in. I think the tin will make a great back splash! Congrats in being published AGAIN! I am so proud of you. I remember that shy friend that I urged to start a blog. She said she just COULDN'T!!!! Do you remember that day? I told you "You CAN & you will be great" Well... look at you! HUGS!

Beth Leintz said...

If someone had told you when you were 22 that you'd be excited about getting a kitchen sink for Christmas, would you have believed them?

I'm jealous of your sink and countertops- did Kevin install them? They're so warm and cozy.

Heidi said...

The sink is a keeper, and I'll throw in my two cents...subway tiles are a classic...like your sink. (Heck, you can always do the ceilings with the tin, right?) The Somerset Life looks yummy ~ congrats!

Debra@Common Ground said...

The portraits of the kiddos are just darling, what a keepsake! Love the new sink and I think the "tin look" sheets fit in better with your kitchen. very vintage looking. And those cabinets, wow! Have fun playing in your "new" house,

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Wow.....you DID have a great Christmas. Love the portraits of the children, what a special gift!

I'm super jealous of your sink and countertop...both of which I've been wanting for a while.....enjoy!

Take Care,

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I saw your article, congrats to you! It's always fun opening a magazine and actually saying "I know this person"!! Well deserved. And that surprise of having your kitchen redone, what a great honey you have.

Storybook Woods said...

Wow, the drawings are amazing. I am sure you will always treasure them. I was going to do tin tiles for a backsplash but came up with a cooler (and only $15.00) idea. I will be posting about it soon!!! oxoxo Clarice

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Hi Lisa, I love the portrait your niece did of you children, she's very talented, and what a very special gift!!! And my goodness you must have been a very good girl, Santa really was good to you... I love your new counter tops and absolutely love that sink... I really like the tile that you showed too that can be painted, it's very pretty.. and last but not lease a big CONGRATS on being featured, how exciting!!! Hope you are having a wonderful week!
Blessings~~ Daphne

Anonymous said...

Lisa, first, congratulations on the feature!!! Yay!!! I'm going to open the magazine in B&N and tell everyone "I know her"! lol!

Also....what a great sink and countertops! And I love the textures of the possible backsplash in the lightweight sheets. It's YOU.

And the portraits...precious! Something to always make you smile when they're all grown up!

Oh...our Etsy shop...thank you for all the compliments! I have to admit not all the "stuff" is mine. Holly created much of the more artsy pieces. Mine are the frou-frou things!

Hugs to you!

Netty said...

Gorgeous Artwork and so special. Thank you for showing your great butcher block and sink and Congratulations on getting published in the magazine, your contribution is gorgeous. Annette x

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

That pencil drawing of your kids is fabulous. What a treasure. The sink is pretty cool too!! You had a great Christmas!!

Tara said...

congrats on somerset life! i think the back splash is kind of cool the way it is.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Lots and lots of wonderful tnings to be happy about....yes, I like your sink as well...and love the idea of the "ceiling tile" backsplash...in fact it gives me and idea for my own backsplash.

Congratulations for being published once again..how proud you must be.


Vicki said...

What beautiful portraits she created for you! Love the sink and think subway tile would be great wtih the butcher block. Congrats on Somerset Life. I can't wait to get a copy.

Pam said...

A sink is such a great Christmas present. You get to see it everyday. I would love to see how the ceiling tile works out as a backsplash. I was sort of into the tattered look that you have right now though.

A Cottage Muse said...

The counter and sink look wonderful! I am in love with those glass tile back splashes that come in tons of color combos!

Dorthe said...

Oh ,Lisa --Santa was good to you, what a wonderfull counter and sink, and the drawings from your niece wonderfull.
I can`t wait to see your beautifull egg-box creation, in Summerset Life,- how lovely it looks , dear friend, and full of gorgeus goodies.
Hope your day is joyfull, sweetie.

Rachel R said...

aaahhhh Lisa, you're my new best friend! I've been wanting to install a farmhouse sink for quite some time now and decided 2011 was the year I was going to bite the bullet! I've been searching and searching for just the right sink at the right price and...low and behold...I check out your blog today! And the funny thing is that I was also leaning toward wood countertops! Did you get those at Ikea too? I'm oh so excited now I can't even tell you!!! Rachel (aliceandelsie.blogspot.com)

Miss Sandy said...

Love the new sink and counters! You are so sweet, no need to mention me in your post. Congrats on your feature, it is beautiful! Happy Tuesday!

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

That sink is to die 4. I love it!!!!! And the kids, I can see why that was your favorite. Pictures are always the best. Glad you all had a wonderful Christmas. Oh yes, I'm kinda thinking ceiling tin. I love them. I'm off to the mall to put some things in and will be there from 2 to 6 tomorrow.
Hugs, Pat

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Congrats on the magazine, I haven't had a chance to look through it yet. Its always great to see friends in there.

LOVE the fun drawings of the kids and am hopelessly jealous over that sink. We don't have an Ikea and those sinks were way too expensive at Home Depot a few years back when we remodeled, so I didn't get one.

sissie said...

Hi Lisa,
Happy New Year to you sweet girl!
I'm so happy about your new sink and counter tops, I just know you will choose a perfect back splash.

Love the drawings of your little darlins!

Can't wait to hear the news!


Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Lisa ~
I LOVE LOVE your new sink and
countertops ~ I think that
would be awesome as a back
splash too !
Congratulations on your
feature in Somerset Life !
You ROCK !!!


Rebecca said...

Such wonderful gifts, love the portraits and your sink is awesome. Whatever you decide on the back splash will be great. I put up tumbled marble... I haven't tired of it yet.
Congratulations! you are such a talent... can't wait to hear what you have up your sleeve

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Lisa:
Congrats on being published again! I love your new sink and countertops. I love my butcher block counters and I'm sure you will, too. I'd go with subway tile if I had the option.
Catcha later, girlfriend.

The Feathered Nest said...

Hey sweet girl!!!! I'm so proud of you Lisa but not surprised one little bit ~ your taste is amazing and I love, LOVE your ideas and artwork...I have GOT to go buy this issue, I'm so excited about Sandy's artwork too!!!! That Kevin is a doll and the fact that he surprised you with this gorgeous sink and counter top makes him MORE amazing!!! ~ tell him he did GOOD! I'll talk to you soon...I've actually been WORKING - UGH. xxoo, Dawn

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh, and please forgive me Chelsea...your gift to Lisa and Kevin is GORGEOUS and such a wonderful heirloom!!!!! xxoo

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Lisa, Yeahhh! Congratulations on being published again!!! That's fantastic and I'm very happy for you :-)!
Your new kitchen sink is wonderful. I have such kind of a sink on my wish list too. That would make washing the dishes so much more fun. Well, maybe not, LOL, but I just love the look of it.
Your niece did a great job with those portraits of your kids.

Rose Brier Studio said...

Congratulations on all the good -- new sink and article in Somerset Life! Back splashes are good. I don't have an opinion apart from that. My counters & back splash are formica and I LOVE them!
Happy New Year,

trash talk said...

I feel like a kid who's been put in a round room and told to go stand in a corner...I don't know where to start. I got such a giggle outta Beth's comment...ain't it the truth! Love, love the sink, but oh mylanta...that artwork. How precious is that gift.
Congratulations on the mag and btw...love your bedroom redo! Ya did good kid!

lala said...

Fantastic sink - what a great Christmas surprize!!! I have tried various materials for a backsplash and I find that the tile is the best and most practical option. Maybe it's just me, but I tend to get yucky water everywhere when I am by the sink, so just having to wipe down the tile has been a lifesaver for me.

LizlovesVintage said...

Great sink! I say subway tile;)
I'm doing a bath reno as we speak. Decisions, decisions. Hope I helped you out! Good luck.
hugs, Liz

June said...

The portrait of the children is such an awesome gift. It will always be a treasure.
Your hubby just made big points with me Lisa. What a sweetheart.
I don't know Lisa, that backsplash you created there just might catch on. You might want to cover electrical and let it be.LOL!
Your feature in Somerset Life was so wonderful. Congratulations, it was beautiful. I get so excited when I see your artwork!
hugs to you from here...

vicki said...

Well - you certainly DID have a wonderful Christmas - the portraits are spectacular - they are priceless! And who would not LOVE that awsome sink - oh my gosh it is wonderful. You will come up with something totaly creative for the backsplash I am sure. Love seeing all the pictures - they are a true delight!


Barbara Jean said...

hey girl I was just on Google loking for Teabag Gift envelopes and it listed you as having them.
Can you show me the way? =)


barbara jean

Lovey said...

Whoo Hoo! Love the sink and your gift...priceless!! Congrats on your feature again! You deserve the best Lisa!

Erica said...

The new counters and sink look great! We redid our kitchen a year ago. We debated the Home Depot faux ceiling tins for the backsplash too, but the sales person told us they look bad if anything splashes on them. We went with a crackle-glazed subway tile that we found at Marazzi tile in Fort Worth. It has age and depth, exactly what we were looking for.

Lindy said...

I love your new sink and counter. They look so good together. I think either backsplash would be great -- both are very classic.

Linda said...

Love the portraits, such a sweet gift! The sink and countertops are wonderful, Lisa~ can't wait to see what you do with the backsplash! Congrats on your magazine feature!!

Shopgirl said...

I bought the magazine without knowing it was you, you go girl!
I have gone through the pages over and over. Everything is so lovely.
Hugs, Mary

Collected Vintage Charm said...

Your feature in Somerset is truly beautiful. It was my favorite! I'm so happy to have found your blog. You are a wonderful inspiration.