Friday, February 4

Redneck Snowsuit

 Let me just begin by telling you I'm not a homebody.
In fact, I'm a little claustrophobic.
 I get really anxious in traffic jams & when flying.
So being house bound the past 5 days,
 (first with sick kids & now with weather)
 has taken a toll on my fragile physique.

 But today we finally got a break from the wind chill & could venture outside.
Since we live in Texas not Vermont, we're not equipped with real snow gear.
So we improvise.
You know what a redneck snowsuit is?
Your brothers Spiderman PJ's under overalls. And if it's really cold & wet you can wrap garbage bags around your legs!!

It works.
 Every night during the news I see the school closings running at the bottom of the screen & I break down & sob.
Does that make me a bad Mom?
I miss going out shopping, watching bad TV, & having a little time to myself.
The good news is this forced quarantine has given me lots of time to work on some projects.
Last year I went on a felting binge.
I'm crazy for wool & am finally using some of this enourmous stash!

I'm working on a camping blanket made from a stack of old Pendleton jackets.
I cut my squares, I'll start sewing tonight.

 And more altered books!
This was in the dollar bins at Michaels.  The cover was just tied on so I took it all apart & created something more my style.

The inside cover.
 I did a packing tape transfer over  gesso'd cardboard.  Embellished with buttons, both homemade & vintage.
I hope you are staying warm, cozy & inspired this week!!


Linda said...

Redneck snowsuit LOL! I love it! 33 degrees's a heat wave! Seriously, after -20, it feels so warm! Fun post! Your altered book is beautiful! Inspires me!

Miss Sandy said...


I am right there with ya honey, I feel like I live in a snow globe and we southern gals are just NOT equipped for that! I am sobbing too, no flea market runs, no craft store browsing, just snow. The poor hubs came home to find me huddled under three blankets watching the snow scene from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, he was alarmed, wanted to know if I was sick. I only watch that movie when I am sick. I told his yes, desperately sick, sick of snow and I joined in the warbling chorus of Spring, Spring, Spring! Wishing you warm spring thoughts and a few less school closings ;c)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Lisa! If you finish that woolen blanket, I have a feeling you'll be using it SOON and not just for camping! ;-)
All that gear does work and looks pretty danged cute too!

Grace said...

whahahaha I laughed so hard a redneck snowsuit!! It looked too cute. I am in NY so I hear you!! lol every week we get 1 to 2 storms hellooo Spring come soon. Hope it warms up in Texas soon so you can go out and do your thing. Grace

Home of 6 said...

OMG when we lived in Texas it amazed me at how y'all don't know what to do with it. But it is killing everyone this is such a buzz kill. And no you are not a bad mom- when I see school delayed I get a bit who gave them permission to steal my sanity saving hours?
hang in there the sun will come back out in Texas and everywhere- it just has to.

Debra@Common Ground said...

They are just so darn cute!! Are those ears I'm seeing on your boy? too funny! Your blanket is going to be great. Can't wait to see it completed.

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Lisa ~
Oh my goodness your kids
look absolutely adorable!!
No that does not make you a
bad mom ~ I used to say
God made school for
a mom's sanity :)
You have done good getting
stuff accomplished with
three kids home ~
You go girl!!
We really need a celebration
when this is over with ~

Lori said...

That is going to be one cozy blanket!!

I never work with gesso. I wish you were staying a whole week so we could play in the studio together!!

Shopgirl said...

Your kids are adorable and I can't stop smiling. The pictures tell the story so well. I just love your blog, and all the idea's.
I live in Idaho so I understand that feeling...I call it cabin fever. We are gray and our high was in the high 30's most of the week. I would love to see that quilt when you are done. Stay warm, Mary


What a hoot! I'm sure the kids are enjoying all that snow moreso than you are! Fab book creation. And hurry up with that's cold outside. As if you didn't know..... ~ Angela

Diane Costanza said...

Here in NY it has to be at least a foot to close schools, but even then, its usually just a two-hour delay.

I love your improvised snow suits. Very clever!


diane cook said...

Yep, I love a redneck snowsuit Lisa! It has been so cold here too, but not nearly enough of the white stuff...too much ice.
Great altered book...likey alot =))

trash talk said...

If you really want to make all the other kids jealous...put baggies over the boots for a really good look!
Speaking of good looks...your art is fantastic!

A Cottage Muse said...

Loving your creations...especially the ones in the red neck snow suits!!

Beth Leintz said...

I've been wearing my spidey pjs, too.

Your kids are too cute- if you decide you want to trade them, I'll give you a whole bag of watch parts and throw in a stack of tintypes...

(love the Pendletons)

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Lisa, o.k., forget my question! I see now that you do have snow. I feel with you, girl! This is not much fun but at least your kids seem to enjoy that kind of weather and they look so cute in their snowsuits.
I love your newest creation. The packing tape transfer looks great. I haven't tried that yet but you might have inspired me :-).
Have a great weekend and I will keep my fingers cross for you that the snow will thaw soon.

Charlene said...

LOVE the altered book! So YOU! And laughed my fanny off with the Red Neck Snowsuit. I bet that others don't know that Red Neck sleds=Trash Can lids. Hee Hee. I bet the kids had a ball. HUGS!

LuLu Kellogg said...

You have a lot of great projects going on!

The children are adorable!

Hope your weather gets better soon!


Vicki said...

I grew up in Maryland where we definitely get snow. My mom refused to buy us snow bibs when we were little because we out grew them too fast. So, she created redneck snowsuits for us too! Do you know my mom?? lol

Jean said...

Such amazing goodies! Love the redneck snowsuit. Too funny.

Dorthe said...

Dearest Lisa,
I`m a bit late here, so I hope your snow, have dissapered by now, -even the kids may be unhappy with that wish :)
---Uhh yes , one can use everything , to keep warm in that cold, out there- the spiedermann pj`s I`m sure works fantastic-for both big-and small .

Your carpet will be great for all kind of weather-inside and out-a wonderfull idea,-and the other creations are beautifull- I love the transferred boy- Lisa.Great pin!
Hope you have the kids go to school tomorrow again, so you will have some adult time, with yourself, and your alwayes beautifull creations.
Big HUG ,Dorthe

Lovey said...

Funny! Stay warm you all...

Anonymous said...

I am so sheltered. I just can not imagine snow in Texas. For the record - bread bags work great over socks in boots.

I've been snowed in for over a week, fortunately not with kids. Going a little batty here.

Love your projects.

time worn interiors said...

This weather has been nuts! We got another 2 inches of snow this afternoon! My grandson has missed several days of school. They will have to give up their spring break! Look funny to see that much snow in Texas!

Karen Valentine said...

I know what you mean about not being prepared for really cold weather, although we didn't get snow like you did! I think the redneck snowsuits are great! Hey, whatever works right??? The new books are really great too. You are always an inspiration. :)

Carole said...

Lisa I'm in awe of you .....everything you create and with kiddos to boot!
You're a super star in my book!


Rhondamum said...

How funny! I forgot all about those trash bags around my legs. Where in Texas do you live? Your street looks just like the one I lived on in Richardson (Dallas) when I was little. I said that in my head when I saw the pics, and then saw that you live in TX. On another note, I LOVE your altered work. So detailed! I need to learn how to do that who tape transfer thing! Enjoy your "me time" when you get some again. And I can totally relate to the school closing thing. Heck, I'm ready for school on Monday after a weekend! Does that make me a bad mom, lol? xoxo Rhonda...

Dee Dee said...

This was such a fantastic post. It cracked me up, and inspired me. :) Thanks!

vicki said...

LOL!! How I loved this - all Moms feel this way my friend - they just wont admit it!! Your children are just so precious - love seeing them in the snow having fun~~

I simply adore the idea of that camping blanket - it will be fabulous when you get it made! Love the colors and the mix of plaids - wonderful!