Wednesday, February 23

Still here

Well lets just say my kids & I have been spending a lot of 'Mommy' time together.
Imagine, I thought kindergarten was going to free up my days!
Yeah, right.
Besides running a mini hospital, I've had a few other irons in the fire!
My latest collaboration with Mary Green,
began yesterday!
Mary's gluebook is the first project up & luckily I had the supplies needed already in my stash.
In fact the kids sat at the table & made their own little gluebooks while I worked on mine.
Mary gives very detailed information, lots of downloads & examples.
Next week is Hope's lesson, I am crazy about her journals & cannot wait to learn her methods & style.
I'm steadily working on my contribution to the class.
It's not easy writing up these lessons. I tend to use a lot of techniques & elements in my work.
Here is a sneak peak from my class
 'Altered Fabric Book's'.

If you haven't signed up check it out here!  I think it's a fantastic online class, chock full of everything we love!

Have you heard??
I'm so excited & honored to be invited back for my 2nd PC weekend!

 A peek at my project.
Cindy assembled 13 amazing women this year, including my friends Karla, AD, Lesley, Jennifer & Sandra
Lisa Pace author of Delight in the Details is our guest speaker/artist.

I love her book & can't wait to hear her speak.
I wish I could show you all the class projects,
but I only have a few more minutes before the
Tylenol/Benadryl cocktail I gave the kids wears off!
But please go check out the Paper Cowgirl blog, registration begins today!!!!
After stalking Barnes & Noble for the past 2 weeks I finally got my hands on this............

 My beautiful friend Ann's home featured in the new
Flea Market Style magazine!
Y'all know how I feel about Ann.
She's an angel & I love her to pieces.
I'm so proud for her success!
I hope your having an easier week than me, I promise I'll post again soon. I have more to share with you!
~ Lisa


Rebecca said...

Sorry to hear the kiddos are sick again... must be the weather.
So wonderful you are teaching again, it looks like so much fun!!!
Wishing you all a healthy and fun week

Petite Michelle Louise said...

wow...those are some high temps there. poor kiddos. i hope they are feeling better soon (for everyone's sake!):)

j'adore your sneak peak..that fabric book looks like it is going to be amazingly beautiful..but then again.... everything you do always is! happy to hear from you again! :)

Netty said...

The fabric book looks as if its going to be amazing, thank you for showing. Hope the children will soon be better. Annette x

Bohemian said...

Dear "Nurse" Lisa *winks*... sorry to hear you've had to pull double shifts with the wee ones. I can relate... we're raising G-Kids and the 5 year old has suddenly had a host of nightmares which = her squeezed inbetween Granpy and I in our bed! So I had to smile about your comment of assuming you'd have more free time... I wonder... does that EVER happen except in our dreams?? *LOL* At least you have surrounded yourself with beauty and Art... that always lifts up the Spirit when we're knee deep in the challenges Life brings... Hope everyone gets well soon. Blessings... Dawn... The Bohemian

Dorthe said...

Lisa, I`m so glad you are back- I thought about you today, that I would write, if not hearing something soon :)
But sweet, I can see how bussy you are -and have been for long--those poor kids, they have been hidden with this for long now--hope it will soon be over,dear.

Lisa, I`m in the class, and so happy for that- I can see, it will be a wonderfull week, when you are on, in there- for now I try Ma`ry`s glue book!
--It is wonderfull for dear Ann that her beautifull place is featured in this mag- and I will try to order it.
Just lost the "thread" because of your BEAUTIFULL slide show-Lisa-
Warm hug-
Dorthe said...

I can't wait to take your Paper Cowgirl class!

Charlene said...

Sorry the kiddo's are sick. That is sooooooooo hard when they pass things back & forth. GOOD LUCK!

LOVE your projects shown. I am so overwhelmed with events & swaps right now I just couldn't sign up for another thing. I am off to California & then 6 days at Round Top!!! With company thrown in the mix. Gotta get the guest room fluffed. Sandy has her knickers in a twist that Karen is staying in "HER ROOM". :) Karen is just laughing. When we get back from RT Karen wants a play day with you. Check your calendar for that Thursday or Friday. OK? HUGS!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

A wonderful peek at your class, Lisa! I am very excited to learn about your techniques. Your sample pages are totally mesmerizing to me. So much lace, buttons and fabric put together so unusually. Very beautiful!!

Vicki said...

Those are some really high temps! Yikes. I hope those kiddos are on the mend. I'm signed up for Mary's class. Work is busy and so are kid's sports so I haven't started my gluebook yet. I can't wait for your section. Love the sneak peek! Take of yourself and the family.

sissie said...

Hi Lisa,
I thought that we were going to have to send out the rescue squad to find out what happened to you!
When the kiddos are sick, I'm sure it's very difficult to do anything else but care for them. They need their Mommie more than ever.

It's wonderful to hear about your teaching classes and the gluebook project. You are so wonderful to share your talents.

Take care and I hope the kids get to feeling better soon.


You asked me about the painters cloths I used for curtains. I found them at Lowes and they were already a creamy white color. Keep checking and you might find them.

Cindy (Junque Art) said...

Hope the kiddos are better soon! Looking forward to your class!!!! I'm all signed up! It will be great to see you again!

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

I hear ya on running a mini hospital.. there has been a steady stream of snot, sneezes, coughs and diarrhea going around here since fall. The first year of school is apparently a cesspool of germs.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Oh Lisa Marie, I hope the chillrrrren get better soon. I still don't know how you do everything you do. I've just come to realize that you MUST be Superwoman in cognito!!!! I'll be wishing for a speedy recovery :)

As for your ALWAYS have the best techniques and ideas. I'm sure your class is already sold out as you're the talk of blogland girlie!!!!! The sneak peeks are beautiful!!!!!

Miss you much~

Susanne said...

Just got a copy myself. I looked and looked at B&N and was just about to give up after one last look through and there was a stack! Someone must have just replenished it cause I swear it wasn't there the first time I looked.

Wow! It's cocked full of good stuff!

Hope everyone is feeling better and stays that way,

Lovey said...

Oh how I understand, my 4 year old has been battling a nasty bug for about a week. Here's best wishes for your babies. The book class looks like so much fun...going to check it out!

Creative Wings Boutique said...

hi lisa,
so here i am commenting for the first time although this blog has been one of my favorites since i started reading blogs.
I am dying to go to paper cowgirl but realized most of the classes I want to take are at the same time? would u be willing to sell me one of the fabulous kits since I cant seem to make a decision on what to do.
I would have attended karlas event since she is only 40 min away but she has her precious puppies which makes it a no go for me.
My kiddos have been sick since christmas and i tell u sick kiddos makes it impossible to get any crafting done.
i just LOVE what u are going to teach and am totally bummed that they are not offering the classes in more than one time slot.

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

I just signed up for your class, Lisa! I can't wait, it will be so much fun to meet everyone and finally be a part of Paper Cowgirl.
Hope everyone is feeling better!
Cheers, Andrea

kana said...

HI Lisa,

Hope your kids are better....there is nothing worse than kids being sick! I am looking forward to your 4Artist class and about to gather the supplies soon. I also will be in your Paper Cowgirl class!! It looks awesome and I believe it is sold out. Great for you!!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Lisa, I'm sorry to hear that you run a hospital again! Hopefully the kids will be doing fine soon. It's amazing that you are still able to create and prepare workshops additionally. You are such a power girl!
Have a great weekend! I hope the snow is now gone in your area.
Hugs to you,

The Tin Rabbit said...

Poor babies, I hope everyone is feeling better by now~I think we need a spring break to get everyone well~! That bug keeps going round&round here~ WISH I could be there for the class,looks like so much fun~you're a busy girl~! Love Ya, Ann

Storybook Woods said...

I am so sorry everyone is sick, it is sort of the same here. I am praying it will get better soon for you and your family. Beautiful work by the way!! Hey did you get my e-mail about the back splash. If you did, disregard this comment. Take care sweetie xoox Clarice

just me jan said...

Lisa....sheesh! Why don't you just throw in the towel and go to nursing school? You've almost put in one quarter worth of misery already! I hope the triplets get through this downturn soon...for EVERYONE'S sake! On a happier note...I managed to snag a seat in your class at Paper Cowgirl...that is if Paypal didn't screw things up for me again!
just me...wishin' you normal temps, no vomit, and clean nostrils...jan

Lisa Phillippi said...

Hi Lisa....I'm signed up for your class at Paper Cowgirl and Im so excited- I have been a fan of yor work and a stalker of your blog for a while and can't wait to meet you! I will be hunting for vintage goodies at Warrenton & Round Top at the end of March -any tips of what to be on the look out for?

Rustique Gal said...

Goodness, I hope you're all soon in the pink! Your latest projects totally tickle me. You set fire to them? Very daring! And they are sweet!
I also love the nature pouches. You give me some great ideas. Looking forward to getting out of the deepfreeze of Massachusetts and into spring soon, I miss walking in the woods looking for little natural additions to my collections.
Happy days!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I love Lisa Pace's book! I have devoured every page of it! Wow, you get to meet her! How lucky is that!

All I can say about your week is that your kids are also lucky to have a mom that likes to get involved in messy crafting projects! 'Way to go!

Hugs, Diane

Rebecca said...

It has been such a long winter, and we have seen no signs of spring here. In fact we have a winter advisory out today...
I hope the kiddies are all well by now and you are getting back to your normal routine. I hope you can join in on Sunday Studio when you have time, I would so love that.
I am preparing for my spring shows, hopefully this week I will get something done as last week was a wash, I have been down with a cold and fever...yuk.
Wishing you a great week

sonya said...

Hi Lisa,
Your poor babies, sick again?! Sounds like your hands are full and then some.
I would love to take Mary's class but I am busy up to my eyeballs too!
Would love to have you enter my giveaway, if you have time.:)
Sending get well wishes your way.