Wednesday, October 5

Fear of Flying

October 6 is my our 15 year wedding anniversary!
(wow, that's a long time)
Kevin surprised me with a trip to Boston.
He arranged everything, even farmed the kids out.
There's only one problem.......
fear of flying!
Thank goodness for Valium.
I've tried to keep my mind off things by staying busy.

Remember these?
The cover & pages Beth made for our round robin,
'Her Life in Stitches'.

Aren't they beautiful?
I spent almost a month staring at them & deciding how I would continue 'her' story.

My jump off point was this card I've been saving for just the right project.
My page is about a girl named May, she is a dressmaker.
The little crocheted bag has been in my collection awhile too.

I think Beth will like this old velvet button.

I adore the silhouette Beth made for the cover.

I imagine this is May as young girl, perhaps the picture used for the silhouette.

Because May is a dressmaker, I used a piece from an old doll skirt as the base of the page.

All done in Beth's 'low color' style.
This project is so fun, I can't wait to see my book when it's done!

 Last week I got some great news.
I won Diane Knotts give-away!

Diane's hand work is perfection!
I had to examine my wonderful pincushion heart up close, under a magnifying glass.

 Such lovely detail.

I didn't expect so many goodies along with my prize.

My favorite are the Diane Knotts originals for my collection!
(she really is a star)

Love these cool pod thingies.

A bundle of sweet laces.

And some vintage papers.

Thank you for spoiling me sweet friend!
All of it will be put to good use, I promise.

I finished up a project for a new class.

Playing with beeswax.

I experimented with some stenciling, & used some cool fabric designed by Tracie Lynn Huskamp.
You can find them in her on-line shop here.

Well, please pray for good weather & a smooth flight for me!


oldecrow said...

Congratulations on your 15th anniversary! I'm with you girlfriend, I am terrified to fly! The only way I'll be tempted is a trip to London! I love the work you did on the book for your round robin. It is beautiful. Round robins are a lot of fun. please share when you get yours back, I bet it will be fantastic!
Olde Crow Mercantile

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

What a beautiful collection of artwork, Lisa! Both yours and everyone elses, I so wish I was gifted in that way.

Wishing you and the Mr. a very Happy Anniversary! And yes, hooray for Valium, LOL!!!


sissie said...

Happy Anniversary Lisa. Forget about the flying thing and just go have fun!

By the way, your art pieces are so lovely and so are the other talented artists.


Rhonda said...

Oh how I feel your fear of flying pain, Lisa. It doesn't matter how I try to trick my mind, unless it's a smooth flight and those are few, I'm not a happy camper flying.

How grateful I was that my trip last April to Paris went so smooth, as if angels were surrounding the plane.

I will say a prayer and when you land you will soon forget your flight, as Boston is so beautiful!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

Boston?? you're coming to Boston?? oh my...for how long?? I am a hop skip and a jump from there! ;)

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Happy Anniversary! You'll be just fine on the flight. I'll say a little prayer for a quiet and uneventful plane ride for you.

Your fabric page is wonderful! Such a talent and inspiration you are, my dear.


June said...

That is so sweet of your Kevin to do! Oh yeah, I hear you on the flying, I have to take a sedative too before I can fly. I didn't used to when I flew more, but now I have the fear. I know you will do just fine. My daughter's family fly several times a month and the kids are so good about it. No fear at all. Their dad flys, and they are so used to it.
Your lovely seamstress is amazing Lisa. I love it. And I also love your win from Diane. Her heart is just yummy.
I wish I could collage like you girl...I love the beeswax.

sending hugs from here...

Laurie said...

Happy anniversary Lisa! I love everything you showed us -- what a lucky duckie Beth is to get that beautiful skirted page for her book! Have a wonderful trip and I can't wait to hear about it!

Linda said...

OH what a beautiful piece, Lisa! Love all the beautiful and special elements you combined...Hope you have a wonderful anniversary!

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Hi Lisa, I know how you feel about the flying thing, I'm the same way. My husband thinks it's the safest way to travel. We flew to Charleston back in April.... my husband and our friends did great.... as for me not so well. I'll be sending prayers for you. Happy 15 Anniversary, it will be so much fun in Boston, can't wait to hear about your trip when you get back.
Your art work is beautiful as always!!!
hugs~~~ Daphne

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Lisa ~ Have so much fun!!
You will do good flying ~ remember those pilots have tons and tons of experience and training ~ One time my husband told me that they loved it when it was super bumpy because it was fun for them ~ That cracked me up since everyone in the back of the plane is freaking out ~

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Happy Anniversary, Lisa! How sweet of Kevin to take you to Boston. Once the flight is over you'll have lots of fun and enjoy the city.
Your additions to Beth's book are gorgeous and your class project is very beautiful too.
Congratulations on winning Diane's heart and the wonderful goodies!
Have a crab cake or a lobster sandwich for me in Bosten :-)!
Big hugs,

suziqu's thread works said...

Lisa I know exactly how you are feeling about flying ...I used to be terrified but now these days I am getting much better and more relaxed about it! It will be over very quickly I'm sure and it is only a small part of the whole time. Have fun in Boston.
Your addition of May to Beth's book is just gorgeous. What a wonderful project!
Georgeous also are the gifts from Diane!
And the collage is beautiful finished in wax.
Wishing you many Happy Anniversary Hugs,
Suzy xxx

Dorthe said...

Dearest Lisa, happy anniversary, so sweet of Kevin to take you on this tour- You will enjoy when flying is over.
Oh Lisa what you added to Beth`s book is gorgeous,your material use, is stunning and all so wonderfully your style.
Also your class pieces in a bit more colours are wonderful.
I am blessed with some artpieces from Diane also, and love them-congratulations on winning this beauty.
Hugs and love dear.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, have fun with your winnings! Have fun on the plane. Take a flask! LOL! The book is looking beautiful!!!

Hugs, Diane

PS: I don't like flying either. 1-2 hour flights aren't bad, but the long ones - ick!

LizlovesVintage said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!!
You will be fine. I'm not crazy about flying either. I chew lots of gum. Ha, Ha. Enjoy!
xxx Liz

time worn interiors said...

Happy anniversary, have fun on your trip! Don't worry about the flying!

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Happy Anniversary...your creations are gorgeous!
I hate to fly also. But you really will be fine. Take your pill, get a new magazine that you don't even open until you are in the air...
I have to fly the end of the month...I am not thrilled, but I gotta do it if I want to enjoy time away...Have the best time!!

Lululiz said...

What a lovely post, jam packed with with gorgeous creations.

Anonymous said...

Such a great post with so many beautiful things it's hard to know where to start! So first I want to say Happy Anniversary! Your page looks lovely and I am sure she will love it! It goes well with the cover she made and the story is perfect. I really like the picture of her as a young lady and how it was framed and added to the fabric. Also, wow! What a great giveaway! That heart was amazing and she was so sweet to send all the extras. Wonderful post with lots of eye candy :)

A Cottage Muse said...

Happy Anniversary!

Have a safe are in for some beautiful weather here!!

Createology said...

Happy Anniversary. Your trip sounds wonderful. The artwork is precious with all the vintage lace, buttons and photos. Many many more anniversaries...

Parties by Kristen said...

Those pods? They are milkweed pods. We have them all over Colorado and they are the only variety of plant/flower Monarchs will eat. I love your beautiful work and keep an eye on your Etsy site as I hope to pick up a piece or two. Enjoy your vacation!

Aunt Kristin said...

That is very PRETTY. You should feel proud.

Happy Anniversary!


Little Leslie said...

I love your book, and your page in particular. Love the doll dress finish. What a great project. You'll have a good time, even on the plane, just knowing you are on an adventure. happy anniv.

Tina @ TinyBear said...

Happy Anniversary Lisa - I hope you had a wonderful day and trip to Boston. What a great surprice from your husband.
Love your page for Beth book - all your books are goind to be so amazing.
Wishing you a wonderful day.
xo Tina

vicki said...

Oh Lisa- no one understands this more than me-- I am not a comfortable flyer either-- but I love to travel and go to new places- so I make myself fly. I stay busy knitting when I fly- it really does seem to help.

You really are statying busy- the beautiful book- all the lovely notions you are using-- it's going to be incredible..

You are so lucky with that fabulous win from Diane- she certainly is generous- lovely treasures!!

Have a wonderful trip- it will be a special time I am sure. I'll pray for good flights for you--

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Happy Anniversary to you! I hope you had a wonderful time. I haven't flown since 1998 - and doubt I will ever do so again.
Your latest creations are AMAZING! so many beautiful embellishments and treasures!

Cottage Panache said...

Happy 15th Anniversary to you Lisa ~ and your dearest! Don't fret too much about the flying ~ I think you might enjoy it! I have - the boat in large body of water fear!!! No cruses for me! Love the book, divine as always!
Sending a big hug for you on your flight!
;> Maureen

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi dear Lisa,
belated Happy anniversary!!
Love your gorgeous dressmaker pages for Beth and the collage!!Oh,Boston - we could have met up there:)Congratulations on winning Dianes beautiful heart.
Have a wonderful day.
Sending big hugs,

Barbara Jean said...

Fun post! Loved it all.
Fall decor all so cute!! Love crows!

barbara jean