Wednesday, July 24

A Mountain Wedding

Hello friends!
We just returned home from a fabulous 2 week trip to Colorado & Wyoming.
First stop on our trip was my cousin Morgan's Colorado mountain wedding.
She met her mountain man Pete in Steamboat Springs where they teach high school, ski and climb mountains.
The week long festivities took place at Midnight Ranch, about 30 miles North of Steamboat Springs.  The 105 acre ranch has a huge trout pond & 3 cabins. They had BBQs, kayaks, hiking trips & a bunch of other activities planned to keep everyone busy. 
 It was really a gorgeous place.

The morning of the wedding was spent transforming this enormous tent into Morgan's dream space.

 She had spent months planning & designing every wonderful detail.

By 4pm we were hiking up to the ceremony spot.

It was a perfect summer day.  Clear skies, 80 degrees and no humidity!
Just like Texas.

I was expecting a carriage ride up the hill for the bride, but I about died when I saw a tractor in the distance.

There's more than one way to get up a mountain:)

The ring bearers were adorable in their suspenders and hats.

Then came the junior bridesmaid pulling a goat cart with twin flower girls.

Morgan was a beautiful bride.
She is not a fru fru type of girl and had a hard time finding the right dress.
In the end she settled on a very simple but elegant vintage style gown adorned with pretty French lace.


They wrote their own vows and the friend who introduced them years ago officiated.
It was all very sweet and I cried through the whole thing.

Everything from the cakes to the band were created & contributed by friends & family.
Everyone worked together to bring Morgan & Pete's wedding vision to life.
Somebody call security.
Who let these goons in?

Morgan's principal roasted a pig. It was delicious,
but Philip was thinking it might be a good time to become a vegetarian.

My contributions included a guest book, & the ring bearer pillow.
My gift to the couple, was a vintage wedding book.

I was in such a hurry to get it finished in time that I forgot to take pictures.
Here are a few from my iphone.

The book is filled with photo's from past family weddings, I left a page blank for their own wedding.

I was inspired by Lori Oles & her wedding book that was featured in Sew last month.

The picture above is my Grandmother & Grandfather.
Unfortunately I have no pictures from their wedding.

The little people on the right are my Great Grandparents.


Howard Stern crashed the wedding.

A row boat carried the new couple to their wedding suite, a tent done up 'Out of Africa' style.

The sun set and the party kicked into high gear. 

Next Stop, Grand Lake! 


Marilyn said...

I love any Colorado wedding. This one looks like the best!♥♫

lhjpaintingaway said...

Love it, Lisa. That looks like a wedding that will always be remembered:) Great wedding book!

Dorthe said...

Lisa, what a wonderful special wedding! I love the tractor arriving with the bride, and her father!! and the tent as wedding suite , hehe-- so romantic!!
Lily looks a bit tired but oh so grown up!! and I can relate to Philip not feeling the need to eat the pig laying there :-)-- well I`m sure it tasted wonderful!!
The bride and groom looks beautiful both and so happy ,too!
And dear, your book made for them looks amazing,- such a beautiful gift from you !She must be so happy to recieve it !!!
A fantastic "farm" wedding- !!I guess you are well home again, Lisa, and wishes you a lovely rest of the week.
Hugs from Dorthe

The Feathered Nest said...

What GORGEOUS photos Lisa!!! Looks like you guys had the most wonderful time and that book you gave her was absolutely beautiful!! I know she will treasure it forever ~ Your cousin was so gorgeous in her wedding dress...what a doll. And I LOVE your hair btw!!! Great post girl, I love it ALL! hugs and love, Dawn

Unknown said...

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Laurie said...

That was beautiful! I felt like I was there! And you sure had a fabulous day for it!

trash talk said...

What a rocky mountain high thrill ride of a wedding! Gotta say though...I'm with Phillip. thank you to the roasted pig!
I swear up and and your brood could be a movie poster for Deliverance II! Cue the banjo comes the Macs!
Beautiful...just beautiful.
I miss you!!!

Curtains in My Tree said...

What a fabulous wedding, I just loved all the pictures,
it was just perfect out the in the wild blue yonder

thanks for sharing

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi Lisa, What a wonderful wedding. Outdoor weddings are just so romantic, aren't they? Morgan was such a beautiful bride and I love her dress. All the best for the sweet couple!
Your wedding book is gorgeous. That was a wonderful gift and I'm sure they loved it.
Happy weekend and stay cool!

Rhonda said...

Oh Lisa, the bride, that tent, the honeymoon tent but most of all your gift to them, all so gorgeous. It sure looked like a fabulous time was had.

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Lisa
Now I know why you have been so busy!
What a most wonderful farm wedding! In fact, to my eyes the very best!
Loved everything about it probably because I too live on a small farm and will be hosting a Vintage garden wedding here in November!
Loved how Morgan arrived on the tractor - her dress - the little goat cart carrying the flower girls but of course your Vintage Wedding book will be a dream for Morgan with all that family wedding history to reflect on.
Those memories will stay with you for quite some time to come.
All so GORGEOUS! and no doubt a great holiday for your little family.
Big hugs from Wintery Australia,

A Magical Whimsy said...

Hi, Lisa
I am new to your blog and loved every bit of this beautiful wedding. Morgan's dress was divine! And the vintage wedding book you created was absolutely amazingly gorgeous! What a treasure to have.
Gosh! It was all so very lovely!
Teresa in California

June said...

Morgan is gorgeous!!! Everything about that wedding is gorgeous except of course the roasted pig! I love that she arrived in the tractor's loader bucket :) How much fun this wedding must have been Lisa. I'm so glad you shared it with us.
I hope your summer is going great and the trio are enjoying their time out of school.
much love...

Vicki Boster said...

Lisa- what a beautiful wedding-- your photos are magnificent. Your babes are growing up so fast-- make them STOP!!! What a lovely gift you made for the bride-- she will treasure it forever! It really was a beautiful and perfect day :)

Sugar Lump Studios said...

what a gorgeous setting to have a wedding! I love the theme they went with - and Morgan is stunning. Her dress is one of the most pretty gowns I have seen in a long time.
thanks for sharing it with us!


Dortesjs said...

What a wonderful wedding, in denmark we can only dream about the faboules and gorgeous natur and wedding, amazing with stunning nature. and i simply adore your gorges adorabel book with laces and all waueeeee

Eugenia Maru said...

Hermosa boda campestre. Muy lindos los novios. Me encantó. Que sean felices siempre.

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Rebecca said...

Hey Girlie
What an awesome trip and the kiddies look like they were in hog heaven... well maybe not Phillip and I am with him on the hog!
Loved Morgan's dress and hair, she was stunning. It all looked wonderful, so glad you enjoyed yourselves

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Cocoanlace said...

You lost me at Roasted Pig.

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