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Tuesday, June 8

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

This post could also be titled,
'What I do when I should be doing something else.'

I have a to do list this month that is mind numbing, so what do I do?
Decide to swap 3 rooms out, beginning with my studio. My former studio space is now a library. 
(note the small child in the right corner dodging moving furniture)
Still some filling in to do, but you get the idea.

A little fluffing.

Even a little sewing. I've been so inspired by Sissie's runners that I made one for myself.  I trimmed it up with a piece of my vintage velevet ribbon, & even added a pretty pin. I love the fanciness of the ribbon & jewel against the rough burlap.
I can't show you the studio of course, you have to wait for Karen's party on the 19th!

My remodeling project suddenly took a backseat to the packages left at the door... return address Ann at The Tin Rabbit!!!

I love this girl so much, I mean her art just does it for me. I have been know to spend hours just looking at her flickr page.

This hanging pocket brought tears to my eyes.
She said she 'knew I was suppose to have it'.

The photo is 3 precious friends. The rosette in the corner looks like it was made from a sock?~ The texture is different from fabric I've seen.

3 wonderful pieces!  That was more than I ever expected, but remember.
There were 2 boxes!
2 giant ledgers.

I collect quilted glove boxes, I especially love the ones that are loaded down with lace, white buttons & other goodies! LOL

Further examination.

A sisterhood collage??
Lots of treasures to incorporate into my art.

Ann is such a generous, sweet soul. She has helped me so much, sharing her techniques & tips. I love it all dear friend!  The best gift of all, was hearing that you have a good report from your tests!

Well, now that I've rearranged the house, hung Ann's art & fawned over my new pretties, I guess I'll get back to my 'to do' list. Maybe my nightmares will stop! Are you all getting ready for Where Bloggers Create?  I can't wait to see your rooms!