Thursday, October 14

My latest book review!

A long time ago I saw the cutest banner on someones sidebar.
The old fashion silhouette caught my eye & with a click of my mouse I discovered Clarice & her Storybook Woods.

Her blog is like a journey to a simpler & more romantic time.
Together with her beautiful, fun daughters Chloe & Auberne', they bake lavender honey shortbread, do nature crafts & celebrate Tasha Tudor's birthday. 
I was thrilled & proud for Clarice when she announced her latest book a fictional tale titled Wren Bay.

Her story brings her beautiful blog to life through the eyes & experiences of a young Boston socialite named
Wren Bay.
At 19 young Wren marries Delvin & moves to his 200 acre dairy farm in Massachusetts.  The newlyweds are soon separated by war, but Wren vows to use this time apart to turn Bay Farm into her dream home.
The book is part novel, part cookbook as Clarice has incorporated wonderful recipes into each chapter.
I can't wait to try Jam Hand-Pies, Cider Cake & Orange Honey Ice.  But for this post I decided on the simple
Overnight Oat Cakes
Clarice suggested I add some nice chocolate or orange rind to the mix so I did, & they were absolutely delicious!!
You can read the first chapter of Wren Bay right here,  or you can order a copy for yourself right here!
It's a yummy book in more ways than one!

I have got to put my books down & get my kits finished.
I cannot believe the Wicked Tea is only 2 days away!!!!!!
Why can't I be a more organized person??


The Feathered Nest said...

ohmygoodness girl!!!! I want some of those muffins!!!!!!!! Clarice's book looks so precious ~ I love that she combined a novel and cookbook in one....and the Poe tag is PERFECT! I love the oval shape ~ don't worry, you'll make it under the wire just like you always do!!! :) hugs and love, Dawn

GlorV1 said...

Very nice post, nice recipe. Your blog is very stylish. Have a great weekend.

Dorthe said...

Hi Lisa,

that book looks realy lovely,-
I have tryed to find some of them you showed in last post, without luck, but maybe they are out of production !
Sweetie, your tag are gorgeus, love it,- and I`m sure you will be finished and prepared,- to much joy for all the lucky women ,that arrives to your workshop.
They will have the most wonderfull time with you.
Hope all went well yesterday?.
Hugs, from me.

Vicki said...

Love this post and the book is so intriguing..novel with recipes. I'll have to read that first chapter tonight since I'm blogging instead of working the day job right now. Fortunately, I'm the boss (it is good to be Queen). lol Have a wonderful time teaching this weekend. I am going to make my way to an event in 2011!

Suz said...

Thanks, Lisa. This is good all around! I always forget the name of Clarice's blog and I had heard about her book and wondered if it was a life I know it is mystery/cookbook. How nice to have Clarice stop in, too! You are right on top of things, Lisa. Too cool!


Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Sounds like a wonderful book! OMG those Oat Cakes looks so yummy!!! hugs~~~ Daphne

Anonymous said...

I love silhouettes, I've displayed a couple of my favourites on our old desk.

Anonymous said...

Distractions... the bane of creative people! :-)

Vicki Boster said...

Lisa- this is such a beautiful post - I am love with the idea of this book - a story- recipes and so much more. I think I must have a copy for myself - those muffins look wonderful my friend!

I love your gift tags - so clever - best of luck to you on your tea party and crafting - I know it will be superb!


Mary said...

I LOVE your blog! I stumbled on it thru Cabin & Cottage~ I can see I need to spend some time here! This book looks delightful & your oat cakes look delish :-) said...

Clarice writes so well, her blog is always interesting. She has unique recipes too, I'll bet the ones in the book are wonderful!

Brenda Pruitt said...

Probably because you're a mom! Why you can't get organized, that is. I've heard of this book. Clarice is so talented.

Amy Huff said...

Just found your blog and am totally bummed to have missed the Wicked Tea as I'm also a North Texas girl.

I'm off to see more of your gorgeous work and posts.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and I just ordered the book a few days ago! Can't wait.

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

I too enjoyed Clarice's "Wren Bay" and can't wait to try the recipes. It was such a cozy atmosphere to visit and the characters became friends.