Thursday, August 5

McKinney - Part 1

I played hooky yesterday from my Motherly duties & made a 'freedom run' to McKinney.
Waiting for me there.....3 friends & tons of goodies!
I took so many pictures that I'm breaking this post into 2 parts.
Part 1 
Antique Co Mall & Patina Green

As soon as I walked in the door the hairs on the bad of my head stood up!

Over 25,000 square feet & 150 dealers!
Think you could find some pretties?

I'll show you Theresa's booth first.
It was picked pretty clean from weekend shoppers, but her amazing style & a few choice pieces were left.  Word has it, she's bringing in a new haul soon.

Can you ever get enough ironstone?
Not me.
Love the really stained crackled pieces.

Oh & I LOVE this old botanical.
As soon as we entered the mall Nancy from Ella Elaine, became our personal shopping guide.

A bit french, a little bit naturalist, a lot cool!
Everywhere you!!

Clever ideas,
And inspiration!

The gang in Nancy's booth.
Angela, Cindy, Nancy, & our designated driver
Valerie (Ang's daughter).

So much to see, so little time!
Carolyn, picker extraordinaire, is the creator of this awesome booth.
She actually has a few spaces within the mall, & I found great stuff in each!
( Unfortunately no blog, she's too busy hauling treasures across the US)

Very unusual garden, sports & childhood themes.

After a couple of hours our pocketbooks were lighter & our bellies empty, so we headed over to Patina Green for a snack.

I have lusted over this store (online) for quite sometime.
 I have to say, seeing it all in the flesh was pretty darn cool!

It was kind of dark inside that day, I wish my pictures would have turned out better.

It's often described as a Euro-market, cases of beautiful pasteries & treats were impossible to resist.
The food was beyond yummy! Locally grown veggies, a huge variety of cheese, both imported & local to Texas. 

Luann & Kaci have such passion for what they do & it's obvious.  
Their restoration of the building is unlike any I've seen.

Listening to Kaci describe the process was fascinating.  Discovering forgotten windows & ancient brick behind old walls.
Their style is perfection, every detail completely thought out.

I would love to know how many yards of burlap it took to make this drape!
I hope you enjoyed the tour. 
Stayed tuned for Part 2,
I've got more shopping & a few things I couldn't leave behind!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my booth and yes I have a load coming really soon. I hope you'll come back then. Don't you love Patina Green? Can't wait to come back and eat there again.

Beth Leintz said...

I swear Texas has the best antique malls and the most creative dealers. We may have lots of auctions and estate sales in KS, but too many antique malls are full of doilies and tea cups

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

What wonderous places you have to shop there in Texas! Thanks for the tour and can't wait for Part 2.

Judy said...

Oh! So beautiful!
Almost made me want to cry from the beauty of it all.

sissie said...

Hi Lisa,
Oh, how I want to go there! They would probably have to throw me out at closin time!

Great stuff, can't wait to see Part II.


TheSmithHotel said...

Wow! Great pictures! I would love to have a fun day of shopping and eating there!

Can't wait to see more!


sugar Creek said...

Man talk about heaven! I wish ours looked like that around here! lots of awesome things!! Oh I love that bathroom too!

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Oh Lisa ..I'm in Antique Envy right now ..I was able to go to the antique mall last October ..Ella's booth was there and I feel in love ..What Great style she has ..!!!

You girls get the best stuff back there ..put's mine to shame ..we just don't get all that good old stuff out here ..

I'm looking forward to more pictures and drooling over the ironstone !!!

Blessings ..Sara

Netty said...

Fabulous things and great pictures, loved looking at them. Annette x

Jane said...

I visited that antique mall when I was visiting my sisters in Dallas last April. It was a wonderful store and I could have spent hours there. I managed to help the McKinney economy on my visit there!

sweetpea said...

wow, what eye candy! so glad my pal T is off to a great start. patina green looks heavenly.



Anonymous said...

Whoa! So much inspiration, loads of great ideas. Beth is right - doilies and tea cups as far as the eye can see.

Gail said...

Oh my how I wish I was with you girls on this trip. Awesome pics and really cool things. I just may have to come to Texas some day.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand it! I'm getting on a plane and coming right down there!
Oh my! I'm drooling. Get me a napkin, girlfriend!
Hugs, Diane

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

I see so many pretties I would love to have brought home! I haven't been to McKinney in ages. I remember I bought a gazing ball and stand there once.

afistfullofweeds* said...

BOO HOO..Whaaaaa...Sniff Sniff...I want to move back to Texas!!!!!!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

I am so stinkin' jealous.
Why do all my peeps and homies have to live in North Texas, hmmm?

I want all of you to head down to Fredericksburg and we can do a Hill Country version of the day y'all had in McKinney. Only it'll be a whole weekend!

Great stuff, Lisa!

Lovey said...

Oh what fun!!!!

Leanne said...

That third photo with the clock frames -- my gran had a clock like that (that I think belonged to my great-gran, and now my mother has it. It has Westminster chimes which I love)

Sandy Navarro said...

Ok, here's what I NEED you to do . . . turn around and go back and pick up that "Clutters Last Stand" burlap strap for me; OK? I know you saw my post on WBC II Day and I NEED it for next year's post! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEZE!!! Ya know you want another kido-free day and ya know you want an excuse to go back!

My name is Sandy and I AM a hoarder!

trash talk said...

Did you not want to just set up a bed in La Toilette and move in...I did! That ceiling...the furniture...the sink...2die4!
I'm glad y'all had so much fun.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Thanks for the tour, Part One, Lisa! I'd loovvee to tour and shop these places. oooooooo.

Charlene said...

AND YOU WENT WITHOUT ME?????????? Now my feeling ARE hurt! Looks amazing! You'll have to take me back there. HUGS! Charlene

Harriet said...

Great photos! Looks like you had a blast.. I can't wait to visit Patina Green. I've been following them. I think I'll wait until it cools off a little. Thanks for sharing. Love the Colorado Haul. Cool stuff.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

I would just love to hit an antique mall with you, Lisa. I know we would have so much fun looking at all the vintage treasures and bringing home some of them. Thank you for the tour and I'm looking forward to seeing what you couldn't leave behing :-).
Happy weekend, girl!
Big hugs,

Vintage Style Downunder said...

An antique mall?? never heard of such a guys/gals! are soooo lucky (blessed? ;))...what amazing stalls...simply loved the bathroom with all its peeling paint, exposed brick, sacking curtain, brown papertowels next to white linen...oh my...wish I lived in th US!! Love you blog...simply blown away by your artwork..the flicker photos of your books and altered bottles...truly inskpiring and gobsmackingly fabulous!!!about to become a follower!! thanks for sharing..xxJessie, Nelson NZ

TinyBear said...

That is one amazing place Lisa - I would LOVE to go hunting in there, soooo many goodies- sign... :D
Wish we had placed like that over here - I wanna come live with you -lol.
Thanks for sharing
xo Tina

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

I thought you were my friend.
HOW could you go there and not take me with you?

It's almost 4 a.m. (I can't sleep) and I thought I would come here and visit, relax, soak me in some Lisa...


Instead your little Cajun friend here is all green with envy plotting a way to kidnap the trips.
WAIT! no...that would be a good thing for you (I'll think of another plan to get back at you)

In the meantime, this window shopping was wonderful! So many cool things and even cooler ideas!!! I love that "hope" sign! Now I know what to do with all the wheels I got from our LURD Jamie!

I want to go there just for the bathroom. It's the most beautiful potty I've ever seen! Love the little white floor tile and the exposed brick.

Gosh girl, I have to get out of here...I am PATINA GREEN with envy.
Plus...I miss Cindy and Angela too!

You have ALL the fun Lisa Marie ~ NO FAIR!!!!!!!!

it's a good thing i love you so much!

~La Rustique Market~ said...

Wish I lived closer,,,I'd be there everyday soaking up all that yummy-ness.


Jo said...

Oh my, I got goosebumps just seeing the photographs, so goodness knows how you felt being amongst all these scrumptiousness!!! Thank you so very much for sharing.
How I dearly, dearly wish we had something similar in the UK - your country seems to have a much greater passion and appreciation for heritage and time-worn treasures than here. Ho hum! But slowly things ARE a-changing!!
Hugs xxx

Kathy said...

I love that store!!!!!!!!!!!! Why can't we have something like that around here???? Thanks for posting, can't wait to see more.

Susan said...

Oh good grief..........I am so jealous I can hardly stand it. I'm getting in the car right now and driving to Texas! Put the coffee on. Susan

glimpse of my world said...


Outofmymind said...

In the 10th pic there is a big metal thingy that I would LOVE to use as a frame with a subway art board in it. Rough it up to make it look vintage as the metal thingy around it.Wouldn't that be CUTE!!!

Debby said...

Hi Lisa,
WOW!!! I picked the perfect day to finally check in on my fav blogs after a nice rest from blogland. I love everything you have shared with us, so much inspiration. You are so lucky to live close to so many beautiful shops.Thanks for sharing. Have missed you.

The Feathered Nest said...

GOOD GRIEF GIRL!!! How in the world could you stand all that wonderfulness?????!!!!! I see bits and pieces that I would love to get my hands on too ~ the junkier, the better :) I so appreciate you taking the time to take all the photos too sweets, if I can't be there at least I can drool on the keyboard!!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Dorthe said...

Sweet friend,
I can`t believe my eyes,,my goodness, that there are places like that ,is unbeliavable... My eyes would fall out from starring, as soon as reatching the door, Lisa.
What an adventure it would be ,taking a day there with you,sweetie.
But as Dawn sayes, --when we can`t be there , it is great you takes us with you, -here. Wonder what you brought back with you ???
Have a lovely evening,dear Lisa-
Big hug, -Dorthe

Erica said...

Well, I didn't know what I was going to do this weekend. But now I must make a trip to McKinney!!! We haven't been in a few months and it looks like the antique mall has some fabulous finds just waiting for me.

nancarts said...

Lisa! The pics are great! I would love to be there! I could do some serious damage to my cash!LOL
Loved looking.
Smiles and Blessings,

Karen Valentine said...

Oooh that was fun!! I can imagine how much better it would have been in person! That Hope sign was pretty fantastic! I've never seen anything like it before. Wish I could have been there with you!

Linda said...

OH Lisa...I could definitely find goodies in those shops! Looks like such a FUN day!! Looking forward to seeing what you found...

A Cottage Muse said...

Sigh ~ thank you for sharing! So much to see in each photo!!

Miss Sandy said...

Can't wait for part 2! You gals must have thought you had died and gone to heaven to shop and dine in such chic style! That "hope" sign is the most stinking cute clever thing I have ever seen! I think I feel a copy cat moment coming on ;)

Nancy @ Ella Elaine said...

Thanks for the incredible post about your trip to McKinney. I have been away from a computer for a few days, so I haven't been able to tell you what a pleasure it was to meet you. Next time you come, let me know ahead of time and we can visit even more.

cheryl kuhn said...

I want everything I see in those pics, especially the clock cases. I could easily go broke in there but it would be worth it!! Thanks for sharing with us...smiles,Cheryl

lynnlbe said...

HI lisa from lynn in south dakota! (in your pc class this summer). back north now but I visit McKinney each time I come down to my REAL home, Texas. I also go visit all those places but guess I missed Patina Green.. next time. You also need to visit a new great one next time, Diggin' It, off the square on Tennessee its worth the trip, and Bear Market nxt to Antique Co Mall, friendly & fun! thx for the photos; i took some of the same ones! Blessings, Lynn

Anonymous said...

Wow, I haven't visited your blog in far too long....I'm enjoying all your delicious pictures! So much display inspiration (I have a couple antique mall spaces) I feel like I need to tear everything of mine down and start over.....anyway, I'll be a more regular visitor from now on!

time-worn interiors said...

I am so glad you left a comment on my blog, I thought I had lost you forever!

I am so happy you showed some pictures of Patina Green store, I have been dying to see all I can see of that place! That mother, daughter team is so talented!


Bohemian said...

OMG, just discovered your Blog and am scrolling through all the beautiful posts... this one particularly made me swoon!!! That Salvage Art Sign that says HOPE is so creative, never seen one like that, what a great idea.

Dawn... The Bohemian