Thursday, September 30

Same Pictures, Different Camera

Ok, I know you’re probably sick of seeing this same picture.
I promise it’s different though. 
 If you look closely Jodie is standing on my right side & Karla's eyes are open!

(Beth, Baby Jane Nathan, Me & Jodie)
I thought about skipping my round up of Round Top
because I'm so late in posting.
But please humor me & play along like you’ve  never seen any of  it before.
This was my second visit to the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’.  The first time I went for the STUFF.
 This time I went for the PEOPLE!

My girl Anne & her honey of a husband met up with us on Saturday.  James (Mr. Twig to his groupies) really set the bar for Junk spouses.  He was the perfect flea escort.

The booths we saw that day were amazing!!!

No matter what your style, there is something for everybody.
Do you like it prissy???
 Or do you like it grungy & prim!
Perhaps a little rust??
The dealers in Warrenton are top notch.

The Seed Box was one of my favorites.

And Miss Gloria of  Sweet Pea so nice!
Her collection of linens were the yummiest I've seen. 
 I've got to get myself to Winnie & Tulua's & find a few pretties for my wish list.

Her displays were over the top!
A perfect marriage of luxurious fabric & mother nature.
 Honeycomb place mats-Brilliant!

All that sweating & shopping really works up an appetite.

So we headed to Royers for the most incredible lunch ever. 
Beth was a good girl & had salad, not me.....

I had the best fried chicken in the world, & I topped it off with apple pie 'a la mode.

Karla had this delicious salmon topped with shrimp in a buttery sauce.  If you get the opportunity to eat there do it, it's worth the wait!
After fueling up we were ready to PARTY!

The main reason I came on this trip was to attend Theresa Cano's famous blog party. 
I was dying to meet the girls I've been stalking following for years & I admit, I was a wee bit star struck.
TOT is someone I've admired for so long.  She is a huge inspiration to me, & I made the creepy doll head cake plate their holding in her honor.
The cake plate was my entry for this years party competition.  The contest was to bring an appetizer & present it in a cool way.  Look how cute it is displayed with Karla's awesome crown cloche. 
I thought we had it in the bag, well.......
 we were ROBBED!

Lost to a pair of melons!
Seriously, the entries were beyond clever & the party a blast!
Theresa Cano's booth blew me away. She is such a huge talent & has a heart of gold.
I was happy to finally meet the sweetest little Pea in blogland.

My only regret was I couldn't stay for Marburger so that I could see Shelly & TOTs booth.
Shelly was one of my first blog friends & meeting her & her handsome hubby was a highlight.
My home-girl Charlene was there with Diane Cook & art club pal Joann. I would love to take a class with Diane someday.  Her jewelry is fabulous.

Pretty girls all in a row!
 I was a blob of sweat, & they look as fresh as a flower - all of them!
From left to right, my friend Susan, Elizabeth (Suzanne's beautiful daughter), my sweetheart Jodie (see she doesn't always wear shorts & crocs) & Suzanne of Pink Roses.
I was so busy gawking I didn't get to take a lot of pictures.
 But I'll wrap it up by saying it was one of the best weekends EVER! 
Thanks so much Jodie for putting up with my messy self, & to Karla & Beth for driving 13 hours to see your Texas friends.  I'm already thinking about the Spring show!


Storybook Woods said...

Wow, what a trip. I am overwhelmed looking at the pictures. I can only imagine being there. But I am mostly jealous you got to met Karla. I have known her soo long, so day I will meet her xoxo Clarice

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Lisa....everything looks SO AMAZING!!!! I know you all must have just loved meeting each other at the blog party ~ so many wonderful junkers were there! I can't BELIEVE those melons beat you girl!!!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Whimsey Creations said...

Wow - you about had me drooling on my keyboard - I'll take one of everything! LOL I have one of those same typewriters (although it's a little rustier) in my garden holding two wee little mums in the striker bar area. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures!

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

I really enjoyed your photos! Never get tired of those . They made me feel like I was there(except I didn't get to buy anything). Loved your cute shirt! Thanks for the tour. ~judy~

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

I enjoyed very much taking the tour with you, Lisa! There seems to be so much great stuff in every corner. That event is absolutely amazing! Meeting with all the girls must have been a lot of fun too. I just love your cake plate! It's so cool!

Tammy said...

Lisa- I love your doll head cake WON in my book!! Just love it! The blog party looks like a ton of fun! I love seeing all these ladies pics...
I hope to make that show next year and meet all of the bloggers I follow here in Blogland!
Your pics are so great... I would have lost myself in all those grand booths!
Tammy :-)

'odd and old' Linda Dacey said...

How fantastic to share your passion with likeminded souls; I am always alone when sourcing delights over here in France, but honestly never lonely! lovely images, give me rust and crust anyday... said...

I'm still jealous about the can holders. I didn't achieve kitten status like you and Beth!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

My Lisa are so funny!
I love thee do I count the ways?

ok...enough bs!
You WERE robbed!
BUT IT WAS SOOOOO MUCH FUN that I'd do it all over again tomorrow! (not today though...i'm still tired)

Have you rested up? unpacked? Loved the kids enough? loved Kevin too? mailed my birthday present???

As you can tell, I'm delirious. I'm driving the homecoming float this afternoon. I hope I don't lose anyone off of it. I promise not to text while behind the wheel.

Loved the post and now you need to concentrate on your Wicked Tea party...get busy

T's Daily Treasures said...

Fun! Fabulous! So nice to see familiar names and faces! Absolutely wonderful! :) Hope you are having a great day. Tammy

Petite Michelle Louise said...

oh what fun! i wish i were a southern/western gal..y'all just seem to have such a good time. we yankee gals don't get out much i guess!

Dorthe said...

Lisa, dear-
your doll cake plate, is the most gorgeus thing, -how on earth did you manage to put that together?it`s fantastic.And all the wonderfull places you 4--(with more) have seen-all the bloggers you have met, and goodies bought-this have been a dream trip I`m sure.
I just got my copy of Sommerset Life and read your wonderfull story,about the ballet slippers.
It is so beautifull photografered, and written,too Lisa, --beautifull artickle, sweetie.
Love to you,-Dorthe

Tina @ TinyBear said...

everything is so amazing Lisa - I just can´t get enough of the photos from your wonderful trip. Oh - what a great time you must have had with those ever so amazing friends too.
Hope you got some great stuff with you home too.
Thanks for sharing
and wishing you the most wonderful day
xo Tina

Claudia said...

I'm jealous. There - I've said it!

Seriously, it looks like you had the best time! I dream of visiting Round Top someday. Thanks for all the wonderful photos of your adventures.


Beth Leintz said...

Robbed, you were totally robbed, I've already filed a report with the FBDHI (Federal Bureau of Doll Head Investigation). This will not go unnoticed. There may even be a pilot of TV series or a made for TV movie in this miscarriage of justice.

Betsy said...

Everything here has me drooling. Yes, I like prissy, grungy, prim, rust, and everything in between. Love that doll head tray. Thanks for sharing. I want to be there;-)

Lululiz said...

Fabulous photographs! And more pics of some of my favourite bloggers, can't be bad, lol. The doll head cake stand is awesome!

Linda said...

WOW, Lisa! What a great time...I feel like I was there, too! Wonderful eye candy booths and so fun to see all of you having a wonderful time!! OH, and I LOVE the doll head cake stand!

sissie said...

Hi beauti ful Lisa! I'm back from my trip to see my sister and we were bad, I mean bad. We talked about people, laughed, giggled, ate too much, looked at tons of decorating books, shopped every junk store in town and spent a small fortune in an antique shop!
It was great! But, I missed you and all my bloggerettes.
I'm glad to see you've been having some fun too. Love your picture, you are looking so cute!
Gosh, what a wonderful time yall had, the only thing missing was me!

Darn, you would have had to drag me away from there because I would want to buy everything! Such good stuff. I would have to meet that Cat Daddy that everyone swoons over! LOL!

Big ole hugs.


Hope Filled Living said...

Wow Lisa,
This looks absolutely amazing! You must have had such a great time.
All of these women are so talented, it's just overwhelming.

Erica said...

Welcome Home! Looks like you had a wonderful time. Although, I must say - he is probably a close second to my wonderful junker's husband, who even goes to the scrapbook store with me :)

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Ohhh girlfriend ! I was dying to see your post and take on the whole weekend so you go for it !!
It looks absolutely beyond amazing ! I have to drag my butt there soon just to SEE !!
What a blast it looks like you all had ~
Your plate is amazing and over the top but that totally does not surprise me ~


Anonymous said...

So how did you gals get all your loot home? Who rented the pickup? ;-) Or tractor trailer?

Hugs!! Diane

Rose Brier Studio said...

I've seen the posts from all your cohorts and I'm still not tired of the pics! I've heard about Roundtop for years. Thought it would be fun to go. Your posts make me sure I want to go. I may just use the excuse of visiting my boy, who just moved to Austin, to take in the show.
Thanks so much for sharing!

Karen Valentine said...

I don't get sick of hearing about the your trip at all! I love seeing all you gals together and happy and I can never get sick of looking at all those amazing booths!!! Someday I will join ya'll!!!!

June said...

Lisa, I'm sitting here with the biggest pouty face you've ever seen on anyone. But then I saw your picture and a smile started to creep in. and then when I saw sweet Shelley...well that did it...back to pouty, because I have wanted to meet her so bad for so long. Isn't she a beautiful lady? Inside and out! Just like you.
This must have ben the best experience. I am so happy you got to meet the girls.

A Cottage Muse said...

Wow...what fun you had!!! I love every style you showed and would happily feather my nest with a little from each booth!! Someday I'll get there...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Amen sista, you WERE robbed!
Had I been there at the blog party, the winning entry would have met with an unfortunate accident (mmmuuuwaaahhaaaaahhh!)

Great pics, and many thank you's for posting any of me and my nasty sweat stained self!!!

Mrs. Buggy Bitch

Rebecca said...

Hey Lisa Girl
If you go in the Spring I am there!
Looks like you gals had a blast!
Hope to talk to you soon
Love ya

trash talk said...

Hey were robbed, but then how about me? I mean c'mon...white trash in a diaper trash pail? At least you got a concilation prize (make that booby prize)! You are now on C.D.'s offical kitten list. Aren't you special!
It was great fun seeing you even for just a bit!

Kelly_Deal said...

My mom and I have dreams of visiting Round Top someday..........Your pictures are amazing!

Sandy Navarro said...

What a great time and you were totally robbed! Did you get to take her back home or did you have to leave your creation there? I'm so looking forward to meeting you in person in a few weeks and then mak'in the road trip from NOLA to Round Top in the Spring w/Jodie.

Rustique Gal said...

Oh, Lisa, I'm droolin over these pictures and the food! What fun you had. Happy weekend!

Shopgirl said...

I have been absent, so had missed all your lovely posts, but here I am and this post is just beautiful.
Can you believe it is fall, Hugs, mary

Debra@Common Ground said...

Incredible photos Lisa! loved seeing them and LOVE seeing Gloria's space. I'm crazy about that brown fabric. just beautiful!!
I think your baby doll cake plate should have won...sorry melons...
Can I borrow your photo of the Seed Box?
love ya bunches!!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

whew.... so much fun... i so wish i could have been there too.

warm blessings,

Lisa Phillippi said...

Hi Lisa...I admit I have been stalking your blog for a while. I just had my first trip to Warrenton on Thurs and I was totally overwhelmed! I never even made it to Round Top....but plan to go again in the spring- Im hooked!

Attic Rat said...

I can never get enough pictures of Warrenton. I went my first time last September and have been back every time since.

Don't feel bad about losing to a pair of melons. It happens. When I was in High School, I lost the regional Lions Club Queen contest to a girl who shoved falsies in her gown.


Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

I enjoyed looking at your pictures of warrenton.
I was there two days the first weekend and then the Tank went back with me this past Friday to check out a piece of furniture I was interested in buying.
His one word to describe the entire experience was, "bizarre".

I have done an entire guest room with custom bedding and window treatments from Sweet Pea and I can attest to her prowess at the sewing machine. Amazing.
And, my three boys add so much to the room when they come home for visits.

Sorry I didn't get to see you there. Didn't even know you were there until I was gone!

Maybe in the spring,

Peridots Garden Blog said...

So many gorgeous/talented women, neat niceties, food and positive life experiences all in one place at one you think the Earth's axis slightly tilted during that time?

I love the photos! Love living vicariously through your experiences and THANK YOU for sharing!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Lisa, I'm sorry your great work of art didn't win at the party, it was all the guys (and some gals too) that voted for the melon bra. Of course TOT loved your beautiful dish creation, as did I, and I loved teasing her that you had really given it to me. Thanks for coming out and I know you had a blast hanging out with your sweet friends. Hope you found lots of treasures to take back home. said...

WOW, WOW, WOW!!! What great inspirational photos. LOVE them. And how fun to be with such creative ladies too:)
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

LizlovesVintage said...

Take me with you next time! Looks like a lot of fun. Great eye candy. Hugs, Liz

sweetpea said...

hello sweet lisa! the pleasure was all mine darlin' to meet you. you are just as sweet as i thought you would be.