Wednesday, September 22

Singing the Praises

Thanks to Lori,
(& Katie's Rose Cottage)
 I got my hands on an advanced copy of the new Somerset Life.
It's one of the best ever, so many yummy pictures & great artists.
Including one of my favorites The Tin Rabbit herself, Ann.
Making her publishing debut with not 1 but 2 features!
She wrote a great how-to article about her memory pillows.
Then Kelsi Maree Borland wrote a wonderful piece about Ann's hanging luggage pockets.  That sweetie Ann made one for me awhile back, I blogged about it here.
I feel so proud for her, it's pretty great seeing your art in print.
Way to make your publishing debut girlfriend!

I've been in love with Ann's art & amazing style since I discovered her blog & flickr page ages ago.  I am very inspired & influenced by her work. 
Many of my pieces are now adorned with one of her signature seam binding wads.
I blogger stalked this poor soul for months before a mutual friend convinced her I wasn't crazy.  Now I am proud to call her friend, & on November 6 I will meet her in the flesh at her Tin Rabbit Sale.

Speaking of stalking....I eventually wore this sweet girl down too!
Life has devoted a few pages to Karla's beautiful pieces. 
Oh I love these peat pots...

Especially this one!
In exactly 3 days I'll be partying with Karla & her partner in crime Beth, in Round Top.
(Okay girls, I wanna see you score a church lady hat for $5. there!)

There's another pretty cool feature in this issue! LOL

Remember these?

I taught a second group of gals my 'Elements of Collage' at Cottage Panache a couple of weeks ago.
Maureen did such a great job remodeling her darling shop & designing the perfect classroom.

I am surprised & humbled that people would actually pay to take a class from me.
I know times are tough & workshops are kind of a luxury. Because of that I work really hard to meet my students expectations, pulling out all the stops with great vintage supplies & sharing every trick I know.
But after seeing their finished pieces I wondered who was teaching who!

precious picture from Charlotte's childhood became her inspiration.
She use a vintage wedding veil as the skirt of her piece & generously shared bits of it with all of us.

Diane combined many different elements & scraps of lace to create her lovely collage.

My Paper Cowgirl buddy Sherry also used a family photo to personalize her work.
She has a great blog Lace And A Few Button's, go say hi!

Another Paper Cowgirl alum Linda, used a pair of Dawns slippers to embellish her collage.
I love how she framed a page from a Victorian autograph book with lace.

My running buddy Charlene from My Hearts Ease did an outstanding job on her collage.
 (of course, all of her art is beautiful)
Like I said, who was teaching who?
I'm very passionate about teaching & do it for totally selfish reasons.  It's certainly not about the money.  If I added up the time spent preparing, the supplies & everything else that goes into a workshop I would go crazy. 
 Also deadlines are not my friend, so I'm usually busting my booty into the late hours getting it all together. 
Around this time I tell myself this is the last time!
Then I set up the table......

the girls arrive & the process begins.
In the end we've spent a glorious day sharing  ideas, stories, supplies & laughs.  It's so rewarding, I learn so much from everyone & float away feeling totally renewed!
Thank you Charlotte, Linda, Charlene, Diane & Sherry for spending your day with me!


TinyBear said...

All those collages are awesome Lisa, and no wonder with such an awesome and talented and inspiring teacher. I would LOVE to be able to go to one of your classes.

The new someset mag looks wonderful. Can´t wait to get my copy. I love Anns art too and she´s a great inspiration for me too. Just wish she sold her pieces online :D

Wishing you a wonderful and creative day sweet Lisa
xoxo Tina

trash talk said...

They are all so beautiful and their creations ain't bad either!
P.S. I just want to know who perjured themselves by saying you ain't crazy? I beg to differ!

Me! said...

I wanna come play!

Sandy Navarro said...

OMG, congrats on being published again! I am over the moon proud to tell everyone I know this amazingly talented girl! I love eveyones' projects from your class and can't wait to see Charlene's in person; is it October yet?

Have a great time at Round Top & can't wait to hear all about the fun you're gonna have!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...


Everyone's creations are over the top!!!! (sigh)
Y'all are SO talented. When I grow up, I wanna be just like y'all!!!

As for the magazine...

I can't wait to see your article in "real life"!!!! And as always, you better sign a copy for me. I hope to retire one day soon!!! :)

Congrats to Ann...I want to meet her one day too.
And Congrats to Karla...they should just call all Somerset mags "Karla's Life"...what do you think? ;)

Y'all are all so talented. I'm always humbled just knowing I'm programmed in your cell phone!!!!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Oh, that looks like a wonderful edition of Somerset!! I love Ann's beautiful pillows and pockets and of course Karla always makes gorgeous things! I would SO love to take one of your classes someday! I love seeing all the lovely creations from the ladies in your classes!
Michelle said...

I haven't got my copy yet, so am really happy to see it here and see what amazing company my little fairies have in the magazine!! Wow, I'm thrilled to be on the same pages with y'all.

Did I say that right? I'm trying to get ready for Texas with some Y'alls and Yee Haws.

See you Friday!

Betsy said...

Oh my! My eyes can't get enough of all the beautiful creations here. The pictures in the magazine jump right out. Such wonderful talent and inspiring work. Have a good time in Round Top:-)

Dorthe said...

Hi my dear,--
CONGRATULATIONS Lisa, with being in Summerset Life with your sweet and beautifull little ballet shoes---
turning my head, here where I sit ,I see the pair I bought from you, hanging on my wall,-- I love them.
The mag looks so wonderfull, with Karlas fantastic fairy,- and the other, beautifull things inside,- I am soooo looking forward recieving my copy.

The "students" in your class did some wonderfull collages, and I am sure they are all very creative , but you sweetie ,offered beautifull materials, and loving guidance.
It would be the big moment in life, If I ever could be a student in your workshops.
Hugs from Dorthe

Createology said...

Speechless is what I am looking at these beautiful collages and the wonderful art your students and you have created. Absolutely breathless...

kana said...

Thanks for sharing all of the beautiful projects with us! Congrats on the magazine, you have me wishing that I had mine to look at right now!!

The Tin Rabbit said...

I want to come to your class! Everyones art is so beautiful! Lots of talent there...How lucky they are to have you for a teacher! Congratulations on your upcoming article!!! I am so glad to be in this issue with you! I will have my copy ready for you to sign~ have a great time in Round Top!!! Love Ya~ Ann

Inspired-Simplicity said...

Looks like a great class. I'm heading for Rountop in AM. Hope you girls have a great time.

Erica said...

Congrats on another published piece of art! Have a great time at Round Top. I just got back from Junk Bonanza last weekend. I bought as much as I could stuff in my suitcases!

She Uses Her Words said...

I'm so glad you have another piece of art published! I love your work! I just buzzed over to the Tin Rabbit and Lace and A Few Buttons and became a follower of them both! Thanks for sharing! I have been a quiet follower (sounds better than lurker) of yours for a while now. I enjoy your blog and would take a class from you in a heartbeat!
xo, Karen

Linda said...

Congratulations, Lisa! I love your little ballet slippers! This will be a fabulous magazine with all of you talented ladies being featured!! Your class looks like great fun!!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

Oh...I want to spend a day with you!'d take a MINUTE!!!!! you are that FAB! :)

sissie said...

Hi Lisa,
I'm so jealous that I can't be one of your students. I'm not surprised these girls created such lovely collages with you as their teacher. You are the one that helped to awaken their creativity and encouraged them to create!!

I've got to get a copy of this magazine, can you believe I've never seen it. Knowing you've been published is all I need to know and I'm buying it!

I'm proud of the other artists too.

Congratulations Lisa, you are the best.


Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Hey now!
Did I know that you were being published again????? I'm sure you told me...anyway, BIG freakin' congrats, my friend!
Just remember that you're BIG and you're taking me with you, right? ;-)

LOVE my prezzies tonight, I'm sooooooo happy! See you Saturday!

Lurd Love,

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Congratulations Lisa girl !
Your sweetest little
ballet slippers are adorable !
I am glad I have some that
are actually hanging right above
my computer right now ~
I am excited for your next class :)


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

I certainly remember your cute ballet slippers :-). CONGRATULATIONS on being published again, Lisa!!! You deserve it so very well and I'm so excited for you, girl!
Your workshops must be a lot of fun and your students came up with beautiful creations!
Have a great time in Round Top!
Big hugs to you,

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Lisa, from the magazine to the craft table and everything in between -- gorgeous, fabulous, wonderful and truly inspiring! Best wishes, Tammy :)

Terri said...

Beautiful art and photos! This class of yours looks amazing. I wish I could take it!

Brenda Kula said...

I told my husband yesterday that I was letting most of my magazines go, so I wouldn't feel guilty about the expense of ordering Somerset Life and Somerset Home. Love those two!

Rebecca said...

Hey you... a big fat congrats on your publication... again!
Can't wait to run out and buy it, it looks amazing and I will have to hop over to the Tin Rabbit (no pun intended) and congratulate her too, I have missed all of you!
Wish I was going to Round Top, thought about it but decided I better skip this one. Are you going in the spring?
Call me

Storybook Woods said...

Daer Lisa, I hope life is a little sunnier xoxoo Congrats girls. I can not wait to get a copy. Ohh beautiful work. I bet you are a wonderful teacher Lisa xoxo Clarice

Katsui Jewelry said...

Congratulations on being published! It looks like a great piece. I am anxious to get the new issue but that will have to wait.

I love what the people in your class did. They are all unique and they are all totally stunning! I would pay to take your class in a second. It is the plane ticket that would probably get to me! Maybe as the triplets get older, you can do more traveling or teach as some of the big art gathering (and charge the big bucks!)

I look carefully at all you do and all your students do. I wish you would offer an on-line class. Any chance, Lisa?


Karen Valentine said...

OMG LIsa, where do I start??? First of all congrats for being (once again) published in a Sommerset publication! All your work is so beautiful it is no wonder they keep wanting you! Second, I am so happy for you that you are getting teaching gigs! I would love to be able to take one of your classes. It's really hard to be here, when all my favorite bloggers are over there!!!!

I will be keeping my eye out for this magazine as it is so chock full of wonderful art by some great women.

And last... have a wonderful time at Round Top. I look forward to hearing all about it, and I will try my best not cry from disappointment that I did not come out this year.


Gracefully Vintage said...

Love It all, when ever i need some inspiration, here is one of the first blogs i go to.. Thanks so much..
and how exciting to be in a magazine.Yikes, coudlnt even imagine

June said...

My dream in life is to take one of your classes someday Lisa. Your art speaks (no yells) to (at) me. I won't rest until I do.
I don't think I can stand to wait till this issue comes out. But I will busy myself with other things so the time will go by fast. I am so excited for you!!!
hugs to you from here...

Rebecca said...

Hi Sweetie
I am so jealous! I wanted to go with you guys!!!
But it is just too much and I need to regroup. I hope you have a blast and say hi to the stalker for me :)
Love all these collages, you are such a wonder - would love to sit in on one of you classes! The girls did such a great job.
Will talk to you when you get back and I want to hear all the details.

Lovey said...

Oh what beautiful creations! I love them all!

Rustique Gal said...

Lisa, I wish I could be there for a class-what lovely pieces they all made! I must use more lace and fabric now! And I must run out for my copy of Somerset Life.
Have a great week!

Miss Sandy said...


Your teaching is amazing and it shows it the quality of the work your students are doing. Congrats on the article, so exciting!!!

just a little bit shabby said...

Lisa, It was nice meeting tonight at the blogger party. I have read your blog a lot so it is nice to put faces to the blogger! i'm just sorry my visit was so short. (of course if I'd had more time I'd been tempted to spend money I shouldn't, there is sooooo much to see at RoundTop!!!!!!!!

Feathers and Flight said...

Your Work is Absolutely Beautiful! This is my First Visit and I am So Happy to have Found You!
Thank You for Sharing your Wonderful Talent!And Congratulations on being Published in Somerset Life!
Have a Wonderful Day!
I Hope its Ok.I Grabbed your Button for My Blog.

cindy said...

Congrats on the wonderful piece in the Somerset Life! I want you to sign my copy when I see ya! :D

Also, you did a fab job of teaching and your students did a wonderful job as well.


Anonymous said...

Lisa, I'm late to the party, having just gotten home from the Windy City. You know, none of us are surprised that people want to take your classes, girlfriend. We all love your work and your generous spirit.